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I know you are stuck, unable to live your best life because there isn’t enough money. You are stressed, sick of living paycheck-to-paycheck, and unsure if there is anything you can do to about it.

Is this just how it is going to be forever? Or are you going to decide today to do what it takes to finally get the financial freedom you need?

If you’re all in, you’re in the right place. I’m Val Breit, and I started The Common Cents Club for you.

Whether you want to leave your soul-sucking job and do work you love or stay home with your babies, you can. Let’s figure out how to make your money work for you, so you can spend more of your precious time doing what you love!

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Testimonials From Val's Book

I never knew writing a book could change so many people’s lives.

Readers just like you are going from lost and overwhelmed with debt to intentionally destroying one loan after another.

Here’s how:

pay your student loans fast book by val breit

“This book is a must-read for anyone with debt! I felt so overwhelmed with the amount of debt I had and by utilizing the skills I learned from this book, I have been able to pay off one of my husband’s student loans and I am very close to paying off 2 more of mine! I also highly recommend high school readers read this book before making post-high school decisions.”


“Not only has Val’s book helped with student loans, but also credit card debt as well. Val opened my mind to a new way of thinking to tackle our debt! We are almost there thanks to this book. It’s a great, easy read!”

-Amazon Customer

“Top 5 Books About Money and Debt Management. This book offers the perfect balance of guidance and empowerment, with some tough facts about the scary reality of debt and interest.”


“This is not just a book. This is a tool to success for anyone stuck in a debt-rut and desperate to find freedom. Val uses practical methods, relatable language, and real-life examples to get readers motivated and prepared to tackle not only debt but the pesky habits that created the debt in the first place!”


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