Best Stay At Home Mom Jobs – How SAHMs Make Money

Best Stay At Home Mom Jobs – How SAHMs Make Money

You badly want to stay home with your kids, but your family needs money too. This battle causes heart-breaking torment for many moms, myself included. Thankfully, I’m here with good news: It doesn’t have to be one or the other. I’ll show you the best stay at home mom jobs through a series of interviews with real moms. These will teach you how you can be home with your kids and make money too.

In this article, you will learn:

  • how stay-at-home moms make money consistently every month
  • real jobs you can do from home, online, on the side, and during naps
  • tips for fitting in babies, homeschooling, housework and earning money too

You may have read about 7 different ways I made money online during my first year staying home with my kids. But I understand not everyone has the same interests, strengths, and circumstances as me.

Thankfully, there are SO many ways to make money as a stay at home mom. Keep looking and you will find something that’s a good fit for you.

And instead of just taking my word for it, I asked some of my favorite stay-at-home mom friends to share how they stay home with their kids and contribute financially to their family too. Enjoy this series of the best jobs for stay at home moms called: Work From Home Moms.

You’re going to love their stories. These moms will tell you about how to earn money from:

  1. Multi-Level Marketing
  2. Teaching and Tutoring
  3. In-Home Childcare
  4. Handmade Goods
  5. Freelance Work

And much, much more!

Let’s begin.

Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a form of direct sales. Moms who get into MLM businesses often find a product or company they love, learn they can get discounts and earn commissions by sharing the product with their friends, become an independent representative, and voila! Their new home business is started.

These moms find people with a problem and show how the company they represent and the products they sell can help solve that problem. Here are tips for being successful in direct sales and common myths and misconceptions that I believed too.

Thankfully, Brigid took time from her busy day to teach me about her MLM business and how she helps families eliminate the chemicals in their home, all while wrangling in 4 kids and homeschooling her oldest too! Let’s meet Brigid.

Meet Brigid, Young Living Educator

best jobs for stay at home moms-mlm-brigid

Brigid Bergman of Wisconsin has a household of 6, including a husband who works construction, and four kids: ages 6, 4, 3, and 5 months. Sounds like a busy house, let’s hear how she manages to earn money in the middle of all that.

What Is Your Stay At Home Mom Job?

I am an educator and advocate for chemical-free homes and natural products. Technically, my title is “Young Living Distributor.” As part of my work, I teach classes about using essential oils and other Young Living products, both online and in-person.

My work also involves time on Facebook, where I manage a Facebook group, share ideas and recipes, answer questions, and works with other leaders in my group.

I’m also constantly learning myself. It’s important to keep learning about ways to use essential oils so I can incorporate them into my own family’s life, as well as those in my classes and group.

When new people sign up to buy Young Living essential oils or other products through me, I help them get started by guiding them along the way as they learn the ins and outs of oils and supporting them through their new journey of living with more natural products and fewer chemicals.

How Many Hours Per Week Do You Work?

I try to limit myself to 3 hours per day, which consists of planning, replying to messages, checking on my team members, educating myself, and more. During busy times in the business, especially end of the month and during special sales, I spend more time than that working.

How Do You Get Work Done While Having Kids?

Like many work-from-home moms, I operate during nap time, early mornings, and late nights.

If needed, I hop on the computer while the kids watch a movie or are playing elsewhere in the house. Sometimes my husband takes the kids out of the house for a while so I can have some quiet and really focus on my business.

Hiring a nanny or babysitter at this time isn’t an option for our family, so I’m working with what I have!

How Much Money Do You Make Per Month?


Online Teaching and Tutoring

If English is your first language, you already have a skill that many people around the world are willing to pay for.

Platforms like VIPKID and Magic Ears are two sites that will pay you to tutor about the English language virtually.

This is one of the best jobs for stay at home moms because it offers great pay with super flexible hours.

If you want to hear from one mom who makes more than $20 per hour as an online teacher, meet Whitney.

Meet Whitney, VIPKID Teacher

Whitney and her husband have been married for 3 years. They have a dorkie named Tinkerbell and a 19-month-old girl known as Scout online.

How Do You Earn Money From Home?

I have been teaching online with VIPKID for over a year. I am an independent contractor and teach Chinese children ages 5-12 four hours a day, six days per week. (You get to pick your own schedule.)

The curriculum is provided.

I’ve also been a teacher and recruiter for Magic Ears and Cambly. Magic Ears is very similar except it is up to four students at a time. Cambly is video chatting with people all over the world to help them practice English.

How Many Hours Per Week Do You Work?

24-30 hours per week

What Are Your VIPKID Hours And How Do You Get Work Done With A Kid At Home?

I teach from 4:00-8:00 am while my daughter sleeps. I sleep with her during naps sometimes to catch up on my sleep.

How Much Money Do You Make Working From Home?

I earn about $2,300-2,500 per month…


In-home Childcare

Providing childcare for others is another legitimate way to make money while staying home with your kids.

Many moms start an inhome daycare and find kids to watch through family, Facebook, or even or

Here’s an interview with a mom who has 4 little boys of her own and runs a daycare too!

Meet Danielle, Daycare OwnerMom makes money from home running a daycare

Danielle has been married for almost 10 years. She and her husband have 4 handsome little boys, ages 6, 5, 3, and 6 months. They also have 2 fur pets, Timon and Citra (a red fox labrador retriever puppy).

How Do You Earn Money From Home While Being A SAHM?

I run an in-home daycare full time. I watch and stay home with not only my own children who are too little for school but also one little girl full-time Monday thru Friday and a couple others who are currently part-timers. I watch these kiddos anywhere from 10-35 hours per week now and I will watch them full-time during summer months.

About How Many Hours Per Week Do You Work?

45 hours

How Much Money Do You Make From This Work From Home Job?

It varies, but usually, I make at least…


Stay tuned for more interviews from Work From Home Moms coming soon.

Best Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Thanks for sharing your stories! You’re incredible Money Making Mommas. 🙂

Side hustles like this can give you income to pay the bills, pay off debt, save for the future, etc.

Which stay-at-home mom job seems like the best fit for you right now?

Comment below and SHARE this post to show how real stay-at-home moms can be home with the kids and make money too!


Insanely Cheap & Easy Teacher Gift For End Of Year

Insanely Cheap & Easy Teacher Gift For End Of Year

Quick post today for a super easy and insanely cheap teacher gift for the end of the year–that teachers will actually like!

As the end of the school year approaches, you want to tell your child’s school or daycare teacher “thank you” in a cute yet inexpensive way. Well here’s a perfect idea that costs less than $2! This really helps if you have a handful of teachers, aides, etc. that you’d like to buy gifts for. Here’s the deal:

Step 1. Buy Burt’s Bees Chapstick

Burt’s bees chapstick is awesome and right now it’s super inexpensive. Like, the lowest on record! Get it from Amazon for just $2.88 for a 2-pack.

That’s only $1.44 a piece, which is insanely cheap. It’s a great natural, moisturizing, and smooth chapstick that both male and female teachers would use. These are regularly priced at almost $4 each.

*The chapstick is an Add-on item, which means need to add it to an order of $25 or more. So by the chance that there’s something on your wishlist or in your shopping cart already that you’ve been waiting to buy…as long as it’s in your budgetnow’s the time to buy. Snag this deal before it’s gone.

Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime to get free 2-day shipping. And sign up for Swagbucks to earn free gift cards to use on Amazon deals like these.

Step 2. Add a Tag or Thank You Note

Either use a cute printable or write your own card thanking the teacher for “Bee-ing” a great teacher or how your child was So lucky to “Bee” your student this year.

Add the chapstick and voila!

Here are a bunch of cute bee ideas and printables I found using the chapstick. Take your pic. 🙂

If you’d like to personalize the card, teachers love hearing special moments that stood out for your child this year. Those memories and expressions of gratitude mean the most to a teacher.

A quality tube of chapstick is just icing on the….lips.

Step 3. You’re Done

Cross that off your To Do List and have fun practicing gratitude with your kids and enjoying spring!

While you’re at it, add an extra set to your Amazon cart. I can’t be the only one that has chapstick in each vehicle, purse, the bathroom, my coat pocket…am I?

These can also come in handy for those Just “Bee”-cause gifts too. Snag this deal before it’s gone.

“Bee” smart with your money! Gift buying doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out this post for even more ways to save money on gift buying, insurance, food, tv and more.

Let your light shine,




Thanks for finding this chapstick deal SwagGrabber and MoneySavingMom.

How To Create An Intentional Easter Basket (Not Just Filled With Junk)

How To Create An Intentional Easter Basket (Not Just Filled With Junk)

Even though there are aisles and aisles of candy and trinkets in the stores, you can be intentional with your Easter gifts. You can create Easter baskets that involve learning, are practical, create memories, are fun and inexpensive too. I’ll share how I was intentional with our Easter baskets this year.

P.S.  My toddler is spending time with her grandparents, so I could actually get my Easter baskets ready a week early and without hiding in the basement. 😉 Thank you, Grandparents!

We spent more than usual this year because we hardly bought the kids a thing at Christmas. They got plenty of gifts from grandparents and cousins, and they didn’t need anything else at the time. Now they are into new things and grown out of things, so an Easter basket is a fun way to hide and give those things.

Here’s what’s inside our basket this year:

Shutterfly Placemats — By far the most expensive gift but it has way more use than just a placemat because of the design I chose. You see, we’ve been talking a lot about letters, sounds, and words with my toddler, so this will help incorporate even more language development and recognition at meal times. These were “free” at Shutterfly, but then shipping was $15.

Packer Hat — It’s embroidered, good quality, cute, clearanced, and something we needed to buy anyway. My son has a huge dome. He’s already outgrown 3 knit hats this one winter! We live in Wisconsin…so we will use this a lot this year and next. $5 at Walmart.

Easter Stampers — We’ll see how the quality is but my daughter has fun stamping and we won’t need to get the ink pads out with these. One of the only things that’s actually “Easter” themed. $1 at the Dollar Tree.

Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap — I’ve been wanting to try bathtub colors for my daughter who likes to color and play in the bath, so I finally bought one at the Dollar Tree for $1.

Knit Gloves — Again, because it’s Wisconsin and it’s STILL cold. These will be great for cool spring days and next fall. These were perfect for my kids as one is in my daughter’s favorite color (a more girly design) and the other is solid navy, which can be for my son. These were a 2-pack for $.50 at Walmart.

Jumbo Glue Stick — Now that my toddler cuts paper, we will incorporate gluing pieces together next. She asked for glue a couple weeks ago when we saw it in a book, and I realized somehow we have no glue in our house except super glue… 🤷‍♀️ So she’ll get a jumbo purple one that was $1 at the Dollar Tree.

Flower Stick — We do “Calendar Time” every day where we talk about the day of the week, month, and date. Then we check the weather and write words and draw pictures about that too. This will be a fun thing for my daughter to check to help tell if it’s windy or not each day. $1 at the Dollar Tree.

Kite — Another thing we’ve never done with our toddler and would like to this spring/summer. It’ll help us spend time together, be outside, talk about the weather, and practice her motor skills. $1 at the Dollar Tree.

Easter Basket — Just one. The kids can share. $1 at the Dollar Tree.

P.S. The Easter Baskets at Walmart are not only much more expensive, they’re HUGE! So you have to put more stuff inside. Beware of this tactic to get you to spend more… Stick with a small one if you don’t want to spend a ton of money filling it. Or get a LOT of filler paper.

The Easter Story Book — For more reading time and to incorporate Jesus’ resurrection. $4.99 at Amazon (not pictured yet, apparently didn’t have 2-day shipping. Glad I ordered it early; it will be here later this week.)

Plastic Easter Eggs with Stickers Inside — For our own Easter Egg Hunt, I cut my own stickers and put them inside the eggs. Voila! FREE, reused old ones (that I got at the Dollar Tree last year).

Total: $31.50

Looking for more Easter basket ideas that you can get delivered to your door in just two days? Here are the best Easter gift ideas on Amazon for young kids.

Even though you will find aisles full of candy and trinkets at the store, you can be intentional with your Easter gifts. You can create Easter baskets that are practical, create memories, increase learning, are fun, and inexpensive too. Hope this gave you a new idea or two!

I would love to hear your Easter traditions and what’s in your Easter baskets. Share in the comments and have a fun holiday celebrating and creating memories together.

Let your light shine,

10 No Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Less Than $10

10 No Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Less Than $10

It’s almost Easter and you are probably looking for inexpensive no candy Easter basket ideas for your kids or grandkids.

Easter is fun. Dying eggs. Easter egg hunts. Going to church and celebrating Christ’s resurrection. It’s an exciting day to celebrate.

But it’s not a time you want to go overboard and spend a ton of money filling those baskets with candy. Instead, let’s look for gifts you can put in your kids’ Easter baskets that are fun, not candy, and less than $10.10 No Candy Easter Basket Ideas Under $10

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

10 No Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Less Than $10

Why no candy? I wish I could say it was all in the name of being healthy. But we actually avoid candy in our house because our daughter is severely allergic to peanuts and some tree nuts.

So whether you’re looking for healthier gift ideas or something to go with the candy in your kids’ basket, below are the best Easter gifts on Amazon for less than ten bucks.

BONUS: If you have Amazon Prime, you can get free shipping on almost all of the gift ideas below. If you aren’t a Prime member and haven’t taken advantage of Your Free 30-Day Trial of Amazon Prime yet, check that out first! Then enjoy these great Easter deals.

1. Eggs Filled With Mini Pull-Back Cars

pull back cars easter eggs no candy easter basket ideas

Looking for Easter eggs that are already filled with great gifts? Look no further than these 12 colorful eggs pre-filled with Mini Pull Back Cars

The cars are adorable and they zoom fast too. Your kids will enjoy hunting for each egg just to see which cool vehicle is in the next one. These look perfect for girls or boys, and unlike many of the pre-filled egg trinkets, these will actually get played with long after Easter is over.

Plus, they’ll save you precious time because you don’t have to figure out what to put inside all of your eggs.

2.  Easter Books

peppa pig easter book no candy easter basket ideas

Almost every gift-giving time in my house involves a book. Birthdays, Christmas, and Easter too. We’ve regularly read to our babies since they were itty bitty, and now they both love books. In fact, our diaper bag is not filled with toys. It’s filled with books!

Reading with your children has so many benefits. You’ll help build your children’s vocabulary and knowledge, spark creativity, boost their empathy and concentration, and strengthen your bond by spending special time together.

So even though we have plenty of books at home, it’s one gift I don’t mind buying more of. Plus, you can find gently used Easter books at thrift stores or online Facebook buy & sell groups for about $1 per book.

Or for just a few dollars, you can find new Easter books like Peppa Pig’s Easter Egg Hunt or read how the Paw Patrol Pups Save the Bunnies.

easter story book no candy easter basket ideas

Last year we bought our daughter the Dora Easter book, which focuses more on Easter egg hunts and parties. This year we bought the board book version of The Easter Story so my (destructive) son can enjoy the story with us too–without ripping the pages.

To save a few bucks, you can purchase a used book in very good condition on Amazon, and your kids will never know the difference. 😉


3. Deluxe Slime Start Kit With Glitter Glue

slime starter kit no candy easter basket ideas

School Glue + 12 Glitter Glue Pens = Happy Kids.

You and your kids can make stretchy, jiggly, and sparkly slime with the Deluxe Slime Starter Kit With 12 Glitter Glue Pens. With over 3,300 reviews and a 4.3 rating, this would be my go-to starter kit for making slime.

If your kids are really into making and playing with different batches of ooey-gooey slime, you may want to look into the gallon of School Glue to save the most money.

4. Tomy Hide & Squeak Eggs

Put a little fun and educational twist on your Easter egg hunt this year by hiding these squeaky fun eggs.

Both of my little ones like these squeaky eggs by Tomy. The bottom of each egg has a different shape, and the faces on each eggshell match one of the colorful chicks inside.

Your preschooler or toddler will enjoy hiding and finding the eggs then matching the colors and shapes, while your babies will enjoy taking them apart and hammering them to make them squeak.

5. Easter Stampers

easter stampers no candy easter basket ideas

This is a limited deal, so I hope you act fast. This kit includes 50 Easter Stampers with cute Easter designs that are pre-inked.

No need for ink pads.

AND they fit inside plastic Easter eggs!

These would be perfect if your kids like doing crafts, making cards, or if you’re looking for no candy Easter basket ideas for egg hunts or classroom parties.

6. Jumbo Clay Dough Easter Eggs with 3D Dinosaur Molds

fun dough eggs with dinosaur toys no candy easter basket ideas

These bright colored Easter Eggs with Clay Dough and 3D Dinosaur Molds inside would be fun for creative and imaginative play.

Each egg includes 3 colors of clay dough and 2 dinosaur molds so you and the kids can create mini dinosaurs that look real.

If you have a kiddo who loves dinosaurs, they’ll be ecstatic to find these in their Easter basket this year.

7. Melissa & Doug Slice & Sort Wooden Eggs

melissa and doug wooden eggs no candy easter basket ideas

The Melissa & Doug Slice & Sort Eggs are perfect if you prefer wooden eggs over plastic eggs and want an Easter basket gift idea that encourages hand-eye coordination, motor skills, color recognition, and imaginative play.

In this set, you’ll get 6 wooden eggs with 6 different colored yolks inside and a wooden knife. Your kids can practice slicing each egg in half then mix them up, practice color matching or play a fun memory game.

These are also perfect for pretend kitchen play and they come with a wooden tray. These eggs will also fit in a real egg carton too, which is how we store the eggs in our play kitchen.

8. Kid’s Froggy Rain Coat

froggy raincoat no candy easter basket ideas


For less than $10, you can get an adorable Froggy Rain Coat or this TopRen Kids Rain Coat for this upcoming spring.

Rain? Puddles? Mud? These raincoats are not only so cute your kids will love wearing them, they’ll help you do fewer loads of laundry too!

9. Reusable Easter Stickers

Kids love stickers. My toddler loves putting stickers just about anywhere. My baby is fascinated by them too.

And you know what’s even cooler than regular stickers?

Reusable stickers!

This cute pack includes 400 Reusable Easter and Spring Stickers that would be a fun addition to any Easter basket.

As a natural saver, I used to cringe when I’d watch my daughter pile sticker after sticker on the exact same spot of a page in her coloring book. But with packs like these, not only are there 400 stickers, they are reusable too!

More fun for the kids, and less cringing for money-saving moms.

10. Cute Umbrella For Rainy Days

umbrella no candy easter basket ideas

Easter means spring showers are just around the corner. What better than a cute and practical gift like this adorable RainStoppers Umbrella with ruffles or this sports umbrella to keep your little ones dry this spring?

Plus, have you ever let your kids taken an umbrella to a splash pad in the summer? Let me tell you, kids love it! Thanks to another mom for sharing that valuable tip with me. #MomHack #You’reWelcome


11. Melissa & Doug Monster Truck Craft Kit

melissa and doug monster truck kit no candy easter basket ideas

Oh, Melissa & Doug. Your wooden toys truly are wonderful.

I couldn’t leave this one out because I know there are many monster truck lovers out there and it’s just five bucks.

It’s an Add-on item, however, which means it only ships for free if you have an order of $25 or more. That’s why it didn’t make the list of the top 10 above, but still got a mention in the bonus section.

The Decorate Your Own Wooden Monster Truck Kit is easy to assemble and includes everything you need to help your little one create his or her very own monster truck: paints, paint brush, and stickers. Your little one can be creative painting and decorating it first then vroom it all around the house.

12. Silly Rabbit, Easter Is For Jesus Baseball Tee

easter is for jesus shirt no candy easter basket ideas

If you want another way to keep the meaning of Easter focused on Jesus, this 3/4 Baseball Tee is adorable. There actually is a t-shirt with the same saying for under $10 that shipping too. Both shirts are unisex, come in sizes 2T-5/6, and say “Silly Rabbit Easter is for Jesus.”

While this baseball tee is only $6.95, the shipping puts this one slightly over $10. So this one lands in the bonus section as well.

But if you can budget for a couple dollars more and want a cute shirt that sends an important message whenever your child wears it, this the shirt for you.

Buy Your No Candy Easter Basket Gifts Today

If you don’t want to fill your kid’s Easter basket with a bunch of candy or you don’t want to spend a lot of money to on Easter basket stuffers, you can choose from these 10 gift ideas for under $10 each.
10 No Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Each of these gift ideas has raving reviews on Amazon. Plus, if you’re an Amazon Prime member or you want to start your completely Free 30-Day Trial of Prime, you can get all of these items delivered to your doorstep in just two days–for free.

Shopping for kids’ gifts is nearly impossible for a stay-at-home mom like me because the kids are with me almost all the time. Enter Amazon Prime to save the day…again.

So I hope this helps you find fun yet inexpensive gifts that your kids will love long after Easter.

What will be in your kids’ Easter basket this year?

Happy shopping and saving!

Let your light shine,

More Ways To Save Money:

Need to save this list for later? Save it to Pinterest!    [apsp_save_button]

The Christmas Gift Your Kids Will Cherish All Year & It’s FREE

The Christmas Gift Your Kids Will Cherish All Year & It’s FREE

The One Gift Your Kids Will Cherish ALL YEAR Long–And You Will Too!

You know how it is. You have stuff on top of stuff. Every closet is overflowing.

More clothes than your kids need.

The toys from last year that quickly lost their luster…and now create clutter.

But it’s almost Christmas time, and society says it’s time to surround the sparkly tree with piles of presents.

Your kids may even have a Christmas Wish List already, and the grandparents are eager to shower the kids with things to brighten their day.

I get it. I love Christmas! I am no Grinch. I am excited to pick out a tree, decorate it while listening to Christmas music, and enjoy family traditions with my little ones.

But I  know there are more important lessons to teach my kids than more stuff = more happiness.

And I definitely don’t think Christmas should destroy your budget. There’s no need to use credit cards to finance Christmas gifts. Your financial health (getting or continuing to be debt free and investing for your future) is FAR, FAR more important than more gifts for your kids.

So if you want to avoid a Christmas spending hangover and don’t want tons of new clutter to trip over, then maybe it’s time for a different type of gift to give your kids this year.

The gift I’m excited about will last all year and will foster 5 AMAZING customs for your family:

  1. It is a weekly reminder that the gift of your undivided attention and time is priceless.
  2. It is ok to keep it simple. Not everything in life has to be over-the-top, extravagant, or Pinterest-worthy.
  3. Teach gratitude. Part of your job is to teach your kids to be content and grateful for what they already have.
  4. You will teach your kids the wonderful qualities of patience, self-control, and delayed gratification.
  5. Last, but definitely not least, is the lesson (and reminder for you) that stuff does not equal happiness.

By giving this gift, you will help your kids to be happier with what they have, to embrace family time spent together, and that you can have lots of fun without the latest toy/gadget/video game.

Here is one gift you can give all your children that they (and you!) will cherish all year long.

The One Gift Your Kids Need This Year: Time in a Jar

The idea is to create a jar with 52 different activities you can do together, one per week, during a special designated time.

Your time together is priceless, and of course, you spend time with your kids, but this gift is for a special time that your family has to look forward to every single week.

You and your kids will know that even if life seems like chaos most of the week, you will have this one time to shut everything else out and just be together soon.

This time together could be doing a simple 10-minute activity or it could be heading out for a day-long adventure, but the priority is your giving your undivided time and attention to doing these activities together.

This is time without phones, tablets, computers, or video games.

Just time together.

I promise this is a gift you will never regret giving.

The memories you will create after one year will be cherished by you and your kids for years to come.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Pick a Day

Based on your family’s typical schedule, decide which day of the week will work best for your family.

By giving this gift, you are committing to your child to spend time together every week doing something new or fun.

Decide as a family whether Friday nights, Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons, or Tuesday evenings will work for your family, and declare the day as such.

Yes, once in a while something will come up. But do everything you can to keep this time as your cherished time to create memories together.

Step 2. Family or Individual Child

Decide with your spouse if your jar will be intended for everyone in the family or if it will be for a specific child.

You might create this time for an older child, or maybe even a “forgotten middle child.”

Or maybe these will be activities for Mom + Daughter, Mom + Son, Dad + Daughter, or Dad + Son.

Do what will work best for your family.

Step 3. Name Your Day

Give this day or jar a special name.

Need some ideas?

  • The Mystery Gift Jar because it’s unknown which activity you will do this week.
  • Super Smith Saturdays because the Smith family decided to set Saturday mornings aside for this special time.
  • Treasures for Trevor because this is special weekly time for your son, Trevor.
  • Makin’ Memories Jar because this time together will surely create great memories.
  • Sundays with Sam for your time designated with Sam.
  • Or simple, The Time Jar, as a reminder that this is your gift of your time to your kids.

Just come up with something fun and give your jar gift a name.

Step 4. Get Your Jar

Next, you’ll need to get your jar. You can use a mason jar, a plastic cup, or some other container or basket you already have to make it a totally free gift.

Label the jar with your special name and decorate it a bit if you’d like.

You can make your own designs or find a cool printable online.

Or use one of those plastic mason jars with a chalkboard label, which I’ve seen at the dollar tree for a buck.

Step 4. Choose Your Activities

Then create a list of 52 different activities you can do together.

You’ll want to base the activities on your child’s age and interests, but don’t be afraid to add something new for your family to try as well.

If you put 52 activities in your jar, you will have at least one special activity to do together all year long!

No more “go find something to do” or “go play with your toys or we’re throwing them away” or popping in another movie while you mindlessly browse your phone.

Here Are 26 Activity Ideas To Get You Started:

  1. Create an obstacle course.
  2. Have a spa day and do each other’s hair and nails.
  3. Set up a scavenger hunt outside based on the season, colors, or numbers.
  4. Bake cookies or bread and take them to your neighbors.
  5. Make your own kinetic sand.
  6. Explore Google Maps to find your home, the home of family, other favorite or intriguing places.
  7. Build a snowman, a family of snowmen, or a character out of snow. I still remember a Yoshi my step-dad built and spray-painted as a child.
  8. Turn out all the lights and play hide and go seek with flashlights in the dark.
  9. Build an epic fort. Couch cushions. Sheets. Pillows. Blankets. Rearranged furniture. The whole nine yards.
  10. Go for a walk in a new area and play “I spy.”
  11. Host a movie marathon. Invite a friend, grandparents, cousins, or neighbors. Create tickets for them to see the show. Make the room dark like a theatre. Collect lots of blankets and pillows. Make popcorn and enjoy the shows.
  12. Teach your child to hula hoop (and brush off your own hula hooping skills!)
  13. Create a playlist of music and have a dance party. Have a mix of freestyle dancing and those funny ones like The Hokey Pokey, The Chicken Dance, The Macarena, and the Cupid Shuffle.
  14. Re-enact a book. I could see Goldilocks and the Three Bears and We’re Going On A Bear Hunt being ones my daughter would love.
  15. Write, decorate, and mail thank you letters or cards.
  16. Learn origami and make cool paper creations. Try to make everyone’s favorite animal or hobby.
  17. Plant a tree, an herb, veggies, or flowers. Talk about what plants need to grow and how they need to be taken care of each week.
  18. Rearrange your child’s bedroom.
  19. Have a snowball fight. This can be done outside if there’s snow, or you can crumple up lots of paper/newspaper/ads, or even use cotton balls.
  20. Make homemade playdough or slime together.
  21. Build a fire and make s’mores. Mmmm.
  22. Get out the box of Halloween costumes or dress up clothes (or your own clothes) and have a fashion show, photoshoot, or create your own play.
  23. Write a story or poem together.
  24. Make a cup of hot cocoa from scratch and savor it together.
  25. Learn the sign language alphabet.
  26. Find a free Yoga video online and do it together. My daughter and I like the Frozen Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Step 5. Create The Activities

To make this gift truly FREE to make, you can simply use paper and a pen and write the activities on slips of paper. You could also type them on your computer in a fun font and print them before cutting them.

Or if you want to spruce it up a bit, you can write activities on popsicle sticks or fold each piece of paper into a fun design (52 Paper Airplanes? That sounds fun! You’ll need more than a jar to hold all those though…). Feel free to be creative if you enjoy that, but don’t feel like you have to.

The real importance of this gift is the intentional time you agree to spend together and the anticipation of not knowing what you will do during your special time this week.

Step 6. Add The Activities To Your Jar

Then take all your slips of paper, popsicle sticks, or whatever you used for your activities and add them to your jar.

Wrap it up with a ribbon or bow, and that’s it!

You’ve created a FREE (or very cheap) gift for your kids that will teach them gratefulness, will focus on simplicity and joy through spending time together, and it will not clutter your house either!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

I hope your Time in a Jar is a gift you will give your child that will keep on giving all year long.

This gift will also help you stick to a wise budget and prevent you from getting caught up overspending this Christmas season.

This message is also to reassure you it is okay to keep it simple and focus on creating treasured time together with your littles.

Remember, your kids learn from what you model for them: If you get excited about these simple yet fun activities you do together, they’ll sense that. If you model that you need more stuff, or the latest gadget in order to bring “happiness,” they soak that up too.

I hope this jar helps you give your child what he or she really needs, helps you stick to a budget and keep your money on the bigger picture goals, and that it helps you model contentment, delayed gratification, gratefulness, finding joy in simple things, and that you love and value your time together.

No matter how you do it, I hope you create many cherished memories this holiday season–and throughout the entire year.

I’d love to hear if you give a gift like this and what special activities you added for your little ones, so add them in the comments below.

Whatever you do today, let your light shine and use your common cents.

 Want to save this list for later? Save it to your Pinterest account!   [apsp_save_button]

You may also want to check out How To Be A Money Saver: 100 Ways To Save Money This Month

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

One of the most common questions I get from friends, family, and readers is how to make money as a stay at home mom. Not long ago, I had the same question! And figuring out how to make money from home allowed me to leave my full-time job, work when it fits into my schedule, and most importantly, be home with my babies. (P.S. I started adding resources for moms who want to work from home into my Free Resource Library. Sign up for access later on in this post!)

You see, just over one year ago, I was unhappy in my job, stressed out, and longing for a change. I hated leaving my daughter at daycare all day, but my family needed my income. I felt completely stuck. Once I found out there were legitimate ways to make money from home, I was hooked. I knew this was my opportunity to make a huge change and avoid regrets later in life. This was my chance to create a lifestyle that included more time for the things that mattered most in my life–my kids!

At first, I was amazed to even find one way to earn money online. And now I’ve made money at least seven different ways! (Likely, there are more in progress as you read this…I love the challenge.)

So if you are wondering how to make money as a stay at home mom, you’re in luck. It CAN be done! I’ll be real though, the strategies below do take time and effort–like any career. But if you’re willing to put in the work, you can have the flexibility of working when it fits in your schedule and have the freedom to spend time with your kids every day, and make money too. In my world, it doesn’t get much better than that. So here we go…

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

Below is not one, but seven ways I’ve made money online within one year while being a SAHM. These are the best jobs for stay at home moms to make money online, in my opinion, because I know they work.

Plus, there’s no pressuring your friends and family to host parties or buy stuff.

how stay at home mom makes money

1. Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant (VA) – One of my favorite ways I’ve found to make money as a stay at home mom is as a Virtual Assistant.

Just like it sounds, VAs assist people and businesses virtually with any number of things, like: checking emails, scheduling, writing blog posts, bookkeeping, editing online content, managing social media accounts, creating online courses, planning events, transcribing podcasts, or editing videos. There’s no cut and dry list of what VAs do because it’s based on what each business owner needs help with, but here is a list of 150+ services you can get paid to do as a virtual assistant.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

My role as a virtual assistant was the key to finding flexible ways to work from home and be a stay-at-home mom. To help other moms who want to learn how to make money from home, I searched high and low to find the best resources, including over 3 hours of FREE virtual training that covers:

  • how your current experience can transfer to working as a VA
  • how to easily find your first client
  • how to start out making $20-$30 per hour even if you have no experience
  • and so much more!

Virtual Assistant is another one of the best jobs for stay at home moms because the hours and duties are flexible, and there are tons of small business owners who need help with the day-to-day activities of running a business.

2. Make Money as a Freelance Writer

Freelance Writing – Since I am a complete introvert, I am much more comfortable writing than speaking. This is why freelance writing was a great fit and one of the first ways I found to earn money online.

To make money as a freelance writer, you’d usually write articles that are 500-2,000 words, and website owners will pay you for them. These are posts I’ve written for other websites about editing and Amazon’s author pages.

How to Become a Freelance Writer

When I was starting out, I took the course by Gina Horkey called 30 Days to Freelance Writing Success. It helped guide me when I was feeling lost in the beginning about:

  • what to write about
  • which writing niches pay the best
  • how to contact sites with your article ideas (aka “pitching,” not to be confused with the softball term).

You can learn more about becoming a paid freelance writer in Gina’s free guide.

Freelance writing is one of the best jobs for stay at home moms who have been told they’re a good writer and enjoy doing it. If you’re not sure what kind of sites pay for articles, this list of 92 websites that pay writers $50+ per article has been helpful.

3. Make Money as a Freelance Editor

Freelance Editor or Proofreader – If you travel through life and cannot help but correct the grammar and spelling mistakes you see around you, helping others as a freelance proofreader or editor might be a good option for you.

Lots of people, from business owners, bloggers, and authors hire editors and proofreaders to polish website content, blog articles, brochures, course content, and more.

How to Become a Freelance Editor

I started a book editing business called Keep Calm Write On and got to help everyone from first-time authors to New York Times bestselling authors improve their books by making their writing more clear, concise, and consistent.

If you’re detail-oriented and have a gift of spotting typos everywhere you go, then freelance proofreading could be the perfect fit for you. Check out:

4. Make Money as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest Manager / Strategist – Yes, it’s true. You can earn money from Pinterest…I was amazed when I found out too.

You can use Pinterest to get potential customers to your product, your MLM business, your blog or website. Or if you’re like me when I started out, I did not yet have my own blog. But I worked as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant providing only Pinterest setup and management services.

How to Make Money on Pinterest

There’s a course called Become a Pinterest VA that specifically teaches you the ins and outs of starting out as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

If you adore Pinterest and think being a Virtual Assistant might be a good side hustle for you, I highly recommend looking into a course that can show you step-by-step how to use your love for Pinterest to make money while you are a stay at home mom.

5. Make Money as a Blogger

Start a Blog – Since earning money online from home, I’ve been floored by the amount of money you can earn from blogging. The income reports of big, medium, and even fairly small blogs inspire me.

I don’t foresee my income from blogging being as big as Pat Flynn’s. However, I do hope that blogging will replace my old income with fewer and more flexible hours while helping moms like you make money online as a stay at home mom.

How to Make Money Blogging

If you have a hobby blog of your own already, you could learn how to monetize your blog. Things like ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, providing services like coaching, or selling digital or physical products are ways you can bring in cash through your blog.

Blogging can totally be done on your own time and you’re the boss. In addition to enjoying writing, bloggers need some tech skills to do all the website stuff that goes into having a blog. If you want to start a blog of your own, check out my tutorial for how to start a blog for beginners to show you how to get your blog up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

6. Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing – You can make money from home through affiliate marketing, which is where you promote products you love to use while earning a commission if someone makes a purchase through your link.

You can promote clothing, food, makeup, books…pretty much anything you use and love.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

One of the most impressive affiliate marketers I know is Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from She’s earned over $300,000 from one single blog post due to its affiliate links. Naturally, from loads of questions about how she did it, Michelle revealed all her secrets in an online course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

I took her course and learned a ton. It’s been 3 months and my affiliate income has increased 183%

So now I’ve learned affiliate marketing is legit and another way to make money as a stay-at-home mom who blogs.

7. Make Money as an Author

Write and Sell Books – Thanks to Amazon, people with a book idea no longer have to bank on getting a rare deal from a big publisher. Instead, we can now self-publish a book.

Basically, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn and do all the steps yourself (or hire out), you can create and sell both ebooks and print books quite easily.

How to Self-Publish and Sell a Book

My first idea for writing a book came in November, and in less time than it takes to grow a human, Pay Your Student Loans Fast was for sale on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats.

I was a full-time stay-at-home mom to a one-year-old and pregnant with my second little one throughout the writing and publishing process. We also sold our home, found a new one, and moved in that timeframe too. My very first book published when I was 40 weeks pregnant, right on my due date!
published first book

How Can A Stay At Home Mom Make Money?

So when I get asked how can a stay at home mom make money online, I want to say, “How can’t they?! Where do I begin?!” I love to teach moms how they can make money even if they are a stay-at-home mom.

Within one year, those are seven ways I found to make money online. Although there are thousands of ways you can make money online, these are the jobs that best matched my interests, skills, and schedule. That’s why I think these are the best jobs for moms to make money on the side.

Where to Begin

So are you ready to start making money online but aren’t sure exactly where to begin? Here we go…

Step 1. Get access to the free resource library

The Common Cents Club Free Resource Library is starting to fill up with resources for moms who want to make money from home. Most resources are focused on freelancing, as that is the fastest way to make money as a work at home mom.

Inside The Resource Library You’ll Find:

  • 8 Secret Spots to Find People Who Will Happily Hire You (Even if you have no experience)
  • The Proven 10-Step Plan to Start Freelancing From Home (Checklist)
  • The Crazy Simple but Effective Test to Offer the Right Freelance Service
  • Goal Setting Worksheets to Create the Life You’ll Love
  • plus more for organizing your life as a busy mom!

Get Instant Access to These Resources for Thriving Family & Finances Below

Step 2. Sign Up For The Free Work Your Way Summit

I could not be more excited to share this incredible opportunity to hear from 45+ experts who’ve created massive success working from home. Many of the speakers were stay-at-home moms who figured out ways to successfully make money too.

I attended the very first WAHS Summit in 2018 and LOVED it. Thankfully, it’s back. And you can sign up for it today!

In this summit, you will learn:

  • LEGIT Ways to make money online or from home
  • How to get your first client
  • How to decide what to charge
  • How to handle taxes and health insurance
  • How to get paid and collect money
  • And much, much more!

This is 6 days jam-packed with inspirational people who started with nothing and now earn a full-time income working from home. Some of my favorite online entrepreneurs will be sharing their knowledge, such as Michelle Schroeder-Gardner (Making Sense of Cents), Rosemarie Groner (The Busy Budgeter), and Gina Horkey (Horkey Handbook).

This could be your first step to starting that side hustle, new job, and creating the life you so badly want with Financial And Family Freedom! Sign up to Reserve Your FREE Ticket for the Work Your Way Summit!

Step 3. Reflect

Now that you know how to make money as a stay at home mom, you have access to the resource library of tools, and you signed up for Work Your Way Summit…you’re on a roll!

You might know right away which way to make money you’re going to focus on first.

If not, that’s ok. Then it’s time for you to reflect and ask yourself the questions below.

WHY Do You Want To Make Money Online?

You’ll need a good reason.

Like, really good.

Because if you’re a stay-at-home mom, online work for you likely means early mornings (even when you’d rather pull the covers up and roll over in bed) and late nights after the kids are finally asleep (even when you’d rather relax with a glass of wine and binge on Netflix).

But those are small prices to pay if your reason is big enough.

*You can use my goal setting worksheets in the Free Resource Library to clarify your goals and primary reason for your drive to make money from home.*

Reason to Be a Stay at Home Mom

For me, getting to see my daughter grow, learn, try new things, and experience all her firsts was worth it. And now I get to do the same with my son. I am so thankful I will never have to experience the tears and gut-wrenching feeling that I have to leave him and go to work in order to provide for my family. I get to provide financially without sacrificing family time.

If you’re serious about making a change and making money online, I believe you need a crystal clear answer to the questions:

  • Why do you want to make money from home?
  • What will change in your life by learning how to make money online?

Maybe you want a side hustle to pay down debt. Maybe you want to afford to stay home with the kids. Whatever it is, see it in HD and know your reasons why.

Pass the 3P Test

When you’re figuring out which way is right for you to make money as a stay at home mom, you’ll need to pass the 3P Test.

Whatever service you provide needs to be something you’re:

  1. Passionate about
  2. Proficient at
  3. Profitable

*PASSION* WHAT Do You Enjoy?

Obviously, if you’re going to invest your time and maybe even money in a new job, you want it to be something you enjoy.

I don’t think it necessarily has to be the one perfect job or the thing you are most passionate about. But I do think it should be something you enjoy to make sure you stick with it.

  • Do you like working with other people or by yourself?
  • Do you like being in the spotlight or behind the scenes?
  • Do you like spending time on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?
  • Do you enjoy checking emails, scheduling, and managing projects?
  • Do you enjoy speaking or writing?

Figure out which three of the seven jobs above sounds the most enjoyable to you, and rank them 1-3.

More Ideas for How Moms Make Money From Home

Here are other moms I’ve interviewed who’ve shared exactly how to make money as a stay at home mom too:


Often times the things we enjoy are also the things are good at, but not always. Sometimes you can be good at things and not enjoy them. And sometimes you can enjoy things, but you really aren’t good at them.

Now it’s time to reflect on your skills and uncover what things are your natural gifts. Use past job or school experiences to discover what you are good at. Ask yourself:

  • Which classes did you earn the best grades in?
  • Which tasks did people ask you to help with at school or work?
  • What things came naturally to you?

The goal here is to again review the seven strategies listed above to make money online and identify three that seem to best align with the things you are good at. Rank them 1-3.

*PROFITABLE* HOW MUCH Money Do You Need To Earn?

Next, consider how much money you need to make each month. Do you have to earn a certain amount every month to avoid cover the bills? Or is your family out of debt and paying all the bills fine, but you want to supplement your family’s income?

The reason I added this question is because you can earn money in some of these jobs more quickly and regularly than others.

For example, before I left my job, my husband and I figured out through budgeting that I needed to earn $1,000 per month to comfortably pay our bills. I started with freelance writing, editing, and virtual assistant work.

I didn’t jump right into blogging or writing books because those methods take most newbies a lot more time to build a platform and get enough traffic to earn consistent money.

So if you need to earn money sooner than later, you will probably freelance at first as a virtual assistant, writer, graphic designer, social media manager, or editor. Then over time, you can build your own author or blogging platform if those interest you.

Pick Your Top 3 Jobs You Can Do Online

After you’ve spent time reflecting on your why, your talents, the things you enjoy, your timeline, and your financial situation, then choose your #1, #2, and #3 preferred ways to make money online. This will give you a clear target and plan of action by identifying your #1 Goal: Your Plan A for earning money online. Woo hoo!

*If you want an awesome goal-setting worksheet, use the ones in my free resource library.*

But identifying your #2 and #3 will serve as Backup Plans B and C just in case Plan A doesn’t work out.

Then start envisioning yourself as a successful ________ (virtual assistant, writer, editor, blogger, author, etc.). It’s getting real.

Step 4. Learn, Learn, Learn

Once you’ve identified the one way you’re going to start making money online, celebrate, relish the opportunity, smile because this really is happening. Then dive into the deep sea of information.

Google. Blog posts. Podcasts. Courses. Build a solid foundation of knowledge then create a plan of action. Identify what you want to get done by the end of this week, next week, and this month.

WARNING: Please do not get stuck in the learning phase for a year or two because you need everything to be perfect, or you’re waiting for the timing to be perfect, or you’re waiting for the sky to open and tell you that you’re on the right track. It’s not going to happen. Take action despite not knowing the entire process. It will be ok!

Say a prayer, talk with your spouse if you have one, and get a move on.

Learn enough so you have a basic understanding then start doing. There’s lots of cash out there just waiting for you!

Step 5. Start Doing It!

After you start learning, it’s time to implement what you’ve learned one baby step at a time.

When you get stuck or something doesn’t make sense, Google it, email someone, hop on Skype or the phone, join Facebook groups and ask questions.

Do not stay stuck.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the supportive community of online entrepreneurs. Everyone was a beginner once and understands what it was like in the beginning, and most are willing to help out if you just ask.

And do not let fear hold you back. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Stretching out of your comfort zone is a good thing. If you want your life to change then you have to do something different.

So if you’re uncomfortable because you’re doing something you’ve never done before, like creating a website or editing someone’s book or writing something that potentially millions of people could read, it’s ok.

Every step you take will either be successful or it will be a lesson. Both will help you, and both will bring you one step closer to creating the lifestyle you dream of.Your why. The life you truly love because you’re doing what matters most to you.

Earning money online can allow you to be a stay at home mom and contribute financially to your family. We live in a great world of opportunity, don’t we?

Ways To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

And those are the ways and steps for how to make money as a stay at home mom.

Working smarter is not always easy. And in this case, working online in your spare time and being full-time mom is not easy. I will never say that.

But if it creates the lifestyle you adore, and if it allows you to be able to stay home and earn money for your family, then it is working smarter. You’ll be happier when your time (and money) is spent in ways that match your values.

So instead of wondering how can a stay at home mom make money online, be a stay at home mom that makes money online.

Access all the resources in the Free Resource Library, including checklists to start working from home, the best places to find freelance clients, and goal templates to focus on your most important goals.

Then pick one of the best ways to make money from home and dive in. Learn. Do. And start bringing home the bacon, Mama!

The great thing is you can always add another side hustle or try something different in the future. As you can see, I tried seven to make money online within just one year!

When you work online through these methods, whether it’s as a virtual assistant or a freelance writer, you’re the boss. If one thing doesn’t work out, there are plenty of other options for you until you find the right fit. It’s not like you’re stuck in one path for the rest of your life.

That’s the beautiful freedom this lifestyle of making money online brings.

So now I ask you: How will you make money as a stay-at-home mom?

Whatever you do, do something that lets your light shine in the world. It will be a better place because of you.

Cheers to your family and financial freedom,


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