Ibotta Referral Code, Hidden Bonuses & App Review [SBHIWHB]

Ibotta Referral Code, Hidden Bonuses & App Review [SBHIWHB]

Ibotta Referral Code [SBHIWHB] and Ibotta Review by Mallory Herrera, a mama who loves using the Ibotta app to save money on groceries.

Take it away, Mallory!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

If you are anything like me, you’re always looking for easy ways to save money. Having a good budget in place is great, but who couldn’t use a little extra cash? Especially if you’re saving money on things you’re already planning to buy–like groceries!

To help me save money on my grocery budget, I love using the Ibotta app.


What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is an app that you can download on your phone that will pay you money based on the items that you buy. Yep, really, it’s that simple.

The app is also completely free to use, which is a huge bonus when you’re trying to save some extra money. Who wants to pay for something that’s supposed to save you money? I know I don’t.

Is Ibotta Legit?

If you don’t believe me, Ibotta is repeatedly listed on the most highly regarded personal finance sites as a top coupon app:

Plus, check out the Ibotta reviews and ratings in the Google Play store:


The ratings, I believe, speak for themselves. Out of over 360,000 reviews, the majority are 5 stars.

Here is what a few people have to say about using Ibotta.


So now that we’ve calmed any worries about Ibotta being legit, let’s dive into how the app works and how you can use it to start saving money.

How Does Ibotta Work? How Do You Use Ibotta?

Don’t worry, it’s free and easy to use. Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Setup Your Ibotta Account

  1. Download the Ibotta app by CLICKING HERE.
  2. Enter in the Ibotta referral code: SBHIWHB to make sure you instantly get your $10 Bonus added to your account. [Free money!]
  3. Register your account.

Step 2. Save Stores & Find Offers

  1. Add your favorite stores to your profile. This simple Ibotta trick will make your shopping trips easier.
  2. Browse “Find Offers” on the app by store or category.
  3. Select the offers that interest you and they’ll be added to your “My Offers” list.

*Occasional opportunity to complete an extra task to add even more offers to your account, such as watch a quick video.

Step 3. Go Shopping

  1. Buy items from your “My Offers” list at any Ibotta retailer. Some offers are retailer specific, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

Step 4. Get Cash Back

Cash back rewards can be collected in a couple of ways. You can link your store’s loyalty card or upload your receipt manually. I personally like to upload my receipt to make sure that I don’t miss anything.

Loyalty Cards

  1. Specific retailers, known as preferred partners, require that users connect their loyalty card and add offers prior to shopping.
  2. Your credits will automatically be submitted once you scan your loyalty card at checkout. There’s nothing more that you have to do.

Uploading Receipts

  1. Once you’ve finished your shopping trip, tap the “Redeem” button on the navigation bar.
  2. Select the store where your receipt is from.
  3. Take a picture of the receipt. If the receipt is long, you can take multiple photos. A few stores will require you to scan the QR code or receipt barcode to get your cashback.
  4. Occasionally, you will be asked to verify the item that you purchased by taking a photo of the barcode.

In-App Purchases

In addition to cash back rewards earned from shopping trips, you can also purchase items through the Ibotta app to receive cash back.

This is how I make all of my Amazon purchases these days. I just click on Amazon through my Ibotta app, do my shopping, and the money is automatically added to my account in a few days. I love it!

Tip: If you add items to your Amazon cart before going through the Ibotta app, those purchases won’t qualify for cash back. The items must be added to your cart after starting your shopping experience through the Ibotta app. I learned that the hard way. 

Earn Real Money

Once you’ve reached $20 in your Ibotta account, you can cash out using PayPal or Venmo. I’m talking about real money. Not points, or credits, or any other made up currency. Real cash.

Where Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta works at most major retailers, and even some smaller ones that I wouldn’t have expected. According to the Ibotta website, the app can be used at over 300 retailers.

While Ibotta is well-known as the best grocery coupon and rebate app, it can be used to save money on a lot more than groceries!

They have offers for places like:

  • Amazon
  • Fred Meyer
  • Dollar General
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • Whole Foods
  • ShopRite
  • Price Chopper
  • Sam’s Club
  • Wegman’s
  • Kmart
  • Aldi
  • Market 32
  • Trader Joe’s
  • and even military commissaries

These are just a few places where Ibotta works. It would probably be easier to ask where it doesn’t work, to be honest.

Reasons Ibotta is a Unique Cashback App

Ibotta is different from other cashback apps for a few reasons.

  • Can get cashback on alcohol (beer, liquor, and wine!)
  • Can be used on fresh foods like produce rather than just pre-packaged, processed foods.
  • Can get cashback on organic foods like organic milk and free-range eggs.
  • Can get cashback on “any brand” items rather just the major companies (e.g., any milk, any beef roast, or any bread)
  • Can be used on meal subscription boxes such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh.
  • Can be used on non-grocery purchases like Uber rides
  • Can be used on baby essentials like diapers, pull-ups, and formula

Free Ibotta $10 Welcome Bonus – Why Does Ibotta Give You Money?

You read that right. Ibotta will give you a $10 welcome bonus just by registering with the referral code SBHIWHB.

You’re probably wondering why Ibotta is giving away money, right? It’s because they want you to use their product.

Giving you a bit of money to get started not only entices you to reach that $20 payout threshold by actually using the app, but it also means that once you do reach it, you probably won’t stop. You’ll see how easy it is to save money with the Ibotta app, and you’ll keep using it.

You get money on your cashback offers, and Ibotta gets money from the retailers. Everyone wins!

How Does Ibotta Make Money?

Don’t worry, there’s no catch.

The Ibotta app is completely FREE for you to use. You never have to pay for offers and you never get charged for cash-outs. Ibotta makes money from the retailers themselves.

When you purchase something from Amazon but use the Ibotta app first, Amazon does not keep all of the profits. Ibotta gets a small slice of the money because they referred you to the Amazon store.

As a way of saying, “thank you” for using their app, Ibotta gives you some of that money back too! So basically, you either:

  • buy something for $20 and it all goes to Amazon,
  • or you buy something for $20, but you and Ibotta each earn some of that money back

Either way,  you spend $20 on something. Apps like Ibotta are just an easy way to put some of that money back in your pocket.

How Do You Get Paid with the Ibotta App?

Now that we’ve talked about how you can make money with the Ibotta app, let’s talk about how you can actually get paid.

Once you reach the $20 payout minimum, you can request to have your funds transferred to:

  • your PayPal account
  • your Venmo account
  • redeemed as a gift card

There are lots of gift card options, like Amazon, AMC Theatres, American Eagle, Barnes & Noble, Kohls, Nike, Sam’s Club, Southwest Airlines, Sephora, Target, Home Depot, Whole Foods, Panera Bread, and many more. A few gift cards will have a $25 minimum, so keep an eye on there’s a specific gift card you’d like to earn.

How Do You Link Ibotta to PayPal?

It’s easy to link your PayPal account to your Ibotta account from inside the app. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Account on the navigation bar located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. From there, you will see how much money you have in your Ibotta account. Tap “Withdraw Cash.” You will be able to choose to withdraw all of it or just a portion. Just type in the amount that you want.
  3. Tap on the “Link Account” next to PayPal.
  4. You’ll be asked to verify your Ibotta account, so just type in your password. From there you’ll be directed to log into your PayPal account.
  5. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll need to approve linking your PayPal to your Ibotta account with the prompt.
  6. Once you’ve completed that, go back to the “Withdraw Cash” page and get your money.
  7. Just click on “Withdraw Cash”, enter the amount that you want, and tap “Transfer Cash.” Easy-peasy.
  8. Your payment can take anywhere from 2-24 hours to arrive. Once the money is in your PayPal account, you can do with it as you please.

How Do You Link Ibotta to Venmo?

Similarly, you can link your Venmo account to your Ibotta app to get paid that way too. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your account at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap “Withdraw Cash”.
  3. Select the Venmo option and enter your name and email address exactly as you have it with Venmo. You might be prompted to enter your Ibotta password as well for verification.
  4. Transfer your cash in what ever increment you want.
  5. Just like with PayPal, the money can take anywhere from 2-24 hours to show up in your account, but once there you can easily transfer it to your bank account.

Ibotta Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Hidden Bonuses

Now that you know how easy it is to save money using the Ibotta app. Let’s talk about how you can save even more.

Coupon Stacking

Just because you’re using the Ibotta app to save money, doesn’t mean that you should forget about using actual coupons. Using printed or digital coupons on your items and then getting cash back for that item through Ibotta is an amazing way to double up your savings.

I’m not saying that you have to become an extreme couponer (though if you do, teach me your ways), but using high-value in store coupons combined with earning money back can save you a good chunk of change throughout the year.

Use Checkout51

Did you know that you can upload your receipt to Ibotta and to Checkout51 as well? You do now!

Get more savings and more money back by uploading your receipts to both the Ibotta app as well as Checkout51 app. Every little bit helps, right?

Use a Credit Card to Earn Points

If you have a good credit card that offers points or cash back for grocery purchases, then you can use it to increase your savings as well. If you earn 1-5% through your credit card plus you earn money back through Ibotta, you can double up on your savings.

Remember to only use your credit card if you can pay it off the same month. If you can’t, then those interest rates you’ll be paying won’t be saving you any money in the long run.

Ibotta Hidden Bonuses

Under your account dashboard, there is an area called “Bonuses.” These are ways to make extra money off of your purchases by completing different challenges.


Some of the Ibotta bonuses are product-specific, like I earned extra money by buying 5 dozen of a particular egg brand. (I didn’t have to buy them at the same time, just over a certain time period.)

Some bonuses are more general, such as “make 5 qualified purchases during a 30 days.”

The bonuses are often high-value ($10-$15 each) and really add up. They are a great way to make more money with the Ibotta app.

How to Earn More Bonuses With Ibotta Teamwork

Speaking of bonuses, the Ibotta app also lets you earn exclusive bonuses as a team.

You can join The Common Cents Club Team automatically by clicking this link.

As a team, you’ll be able to earn extra bonuses and offers, which means that you can make even more money fast.

There are four different levels available each month. Each level will have a personal goal and a team goal. At the end of the month, you start over at Level 1 again. It’s a fun way to get involved with your friends and encourage saving money together.


Ibotta Review: Use the Ibotta Friend Referral Code and Start Saving Money Today

Here’s the recap of this Ibotta review:

  • Download the free Ibotta app.
  • Use the Ibotta referral code to get your $10 welcome bonus: SBHIWHB
  • Find offers and go shopping.
  • Earn money.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to give the Ibotta app a try?

I thought so.

Download the Ibotta app today and use the Ibotta promo code SBHIWHB to get your $10 welcome bonus to start earning money back right now!

How much money have you saved with the Ibotta app?

About the Author

I’m a mama that loves wine, coffee, and baby snuggles trying to make it through this crazy adventure called motherhood. I started Mama on Parade in order to help other new moms navigate their own motherhood adventure. Being a mom is hard and there is too much mom-shaming and mom-guilt out there. So if I can help just one woman make her journey easier, then I will call my blog a success. You can follow my motherhood adventure on Pinterest and Facebook!

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Living Well Planner Review

Living Well Planner Review

Wondering if the Living Well Planner is worth it? Is it the best life planner for you? This Living Well Planner review will answer all your questions about the planner that was designed by Ruth Soukup of Living Well Spending Less.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means at no cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you purchase a product through my link. Sometimes, you actually get a better deal by using my link. Enjoy this completely honest Living Well Planner review!

Living Well Planner Coupon

Before we dive into the full planner review, I know you love a great deal and are wondering if there are any coupons for the Living Well Planner.

Good news! There are two special Living Well Planner discounts!

  1. Get FREE SHIPPING on any purchase of $50 or more
  2. Get the Living Well Planner Limited Edition for just $25 (that’s a 50% discount!)

The best part? No coupon code is needed to receive these special deals. Just use the button below to add it to your cart.

Living Well Panner Overview

The Living Well Planner is a lively, high-quality comprehensive organizer and planner that helps you plan and achieve a life you love.

In addition to long-term goals for the year, motto statements and a focus word of the year, there are pages for important dates, important information (like emergency numbers, bank contact info, medical policy numbers, etc), and motivational quotes throughout.

Each month includes pages for:

  • Monthly Goals
  • Goal Crushing
  • Project Planning
  • Month at a Glance
  • Weekly Plans
  • Monthly Budget
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Thoughts and Thanks
  • Notes and Ideas

The weekly plans include a vertical column for each day, broken up into hours from 6am – 10 pm. This is perfect for time block scheduling. There is also space to write your top 3 must do tasks for each day and daily meal planning space. The weekly page includes an extra space to make a list or write notes and jot any big days coming up.

Living Well Planner Flip Through

Watch the video below to see inside my Living Well Planner. I cover my top pros and cons about the planner now that I’ve used it for several months.

Living Well Planner Pros

It’s Pretty, Lively, & Fun!

When I received my Living Well Planner in the mail, my first thought was how gorgeous it is!

If you’ve been frugal shopper and tried to use your own printables or cheap planners from discount stores, you will be shocked at how fancy a planner can be. If you get giddy about using pretty stationary and supplies, you’ll be excited to use the Living Well Planner.

Living Well Planner Stickers!!

I have not used stickers before, but the sticks that come with the Living Well Life Planner are so fun! They include but are not limited to:

  • Reminders
  • Date night
  • Need to do today
  • Workout time
  • Girl time
  • Checkmarks
  • Vacations
  • Meetings
  • Meal prep
  • Appointments
  • Shopping
  • and much, much more!

There are even extra stickers you can add to your planner. The stickers are a great way to make your planner more fun and visually appealing so you want to stick with using it and can keep everything organized.

It’s High Quality

The paper, divider pages, tabs, and cover are all sturdy and high-quality material. With the quality spiral binding, it is easy to keep open so you can see your planner and notes.

Goal Planning & Free Crushing It Course

The Living Well Planner is perfect for anyone who loves or needs help with goal setting. Everything is covered when you buy this planner, including areas to plan out all of your goals:

  • Yearly goals
  • Monthly goals
  • Daily goals
  • Big 3 goals
  • Breaking down goals into bite-sized steps
  • Personal growth goals
  • Fun & recreational goals
  • Health & fitness goals
  • Home improvement goals
  • Finance goals
  • Personal relationship & connection goals

Plus, you get a free email course called the Crushing It Bootcamp that will inspire and show you how to plan and achieve a life you love. This is what I work to do and inspire you to do every day.

You also get exclusive access to the Crushing It Facebook Group for extra goal planning and accountability support.

Monthly Budget Pages

One of the main reasons I decided to try the Living Well planner to organize my family (besides the fact that it’s gorgeous) is that it included budgeting pages right inside for each month.

As you turn the pages for your planner, you will be reminded to budget each month by using this planner. This is great for anyone new to budgeting.

Monthly Divider Tabs

The pretty colored tabs are sturdy and they come without words. You can add stickers to them for each month. So no matter which month of the year you get your Living Well planner, you can have the monthly divider tabs in the order you need them.

These tabs have been convenient for quickly finding the month I need, like March to see when spring break is.

Ability to See Month, Week, Day and Hour at a Glance


Depending on the page you have open, I like that with this planner you can get an overview of an entire month, week, day or hour. The month pages are great for seeing what’s ahead while the weekly and daily sections are great for scheduling appointments, prioritizing your tasks, to do list, and reminders.

Meal Planning Space

The bottom of each day has a dedicated space for meal planning. It includes 6 lines, so there’s more than enough space to plan your meals, snacks, and other notes about food you want to remember.

More Meal Planning Resources

Personally, I still use my favorite weekly meal planning templates but that was already a habit for me before I started using the Living Well planner…and habits are hard to break!

Pro and Con: It’s Undated

When I started using my Living Well Planner, the hardest part for me is the biggest pro for others, so I’ll put this in both. The fact that it’s undated is a pro because you can start whenever you like.

This is also great if you tend to hop on and off the planner train for weeks at a time and hate wasting pages that you don’t use.

Living Well Planner Cons


Although you will probably find a lot of things you love, there are some downsides that I found in my Living Well Planner review. Admittedly, I’m being a bit picky here, but this is my honest opinion.

Pro and Con: It’s Undated

If you like to plan ahead, like I do, you will need to spend some time filling in all the pages because the Living Well Planner is undated (as noted above).

I’m a total nerd about planning and organizing. So filling in months worth of dates was a small pain.

It’s Pretty Big

The Living Well Planner is pretty big. There’s a lot of space to write all the things you’re keeping track of, but that comes with a sacrifice.

This planner is not easy to toss in your purse and take with you. It’s better for sitting on your desk or in your command center by the kitchen.

Family Planner and Organizer Hack


I’ve had a wire book stand similar to this that I’ve shuffled around but never really found a use for before that works perfectly for displaying my Living Well Planner by our family command center.

This keeps it upright and insight for the whole family to see.

Budget Categories

While the budgeting pages can be a good thing, I had the habit of making a monthly budget in my excel spreadsheet for years (which you can download in the Free Resource Library).

Switching to this budgeting sheet has been a bit of a stretch for me. I like that my Google spreadsheet adds up my expenses automatically and I can easily customize the budget categories.

If you’re not already in the habit of budgeting and want a budget right inside your planner, however, these budget sheets could be a positive for you.


If you don’t get the Living Well Planner during a sale, it’s $55. At first, I had sticker shock at this price. But when my planner arrived in the mail, I was not disappointed.

Ruth created a high quality product that’s more like a life organizer than just a weekly calendar.

Living Well Planner vs Erin Condren LifePlanner

Erin Condren LifePlanners are also gorgeous, inspirational, focused on goal setting, and made with incredibly high quality. The price is right around $50-$60 too. Compared to the Living Well Planner, Erin Condren planners are simply more customizable.

You can personalize the planner:

  • front and back cover
  • size
  • weekly layout (vertical, horizontal, or hourly)
  • coil color
  • stickers
  • color theme (colorful or neutral)

There are several different Erin Condren planners to choose from, including:

  • Coiled LifePlanner (most similar style to Living Well Planner)
  • Hardbound LifePlanner
  • Deluxe Monthly Planner
  • Petite Planner
  • Focused Planner
  • Academic Planner
  • Wedding Planner
  • Teacher’s Planner

If you’re ready to find a planner that’s customized to fit your unique needs, then you’ll find what you need in an Erin Condren planner.

Living Well Planner vs Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is another pretty, everyday planner. There are a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. It’s also spiral bound and a bit heavier, like the Living Well Planner.

The biggest difference I could find between the Living Well Planner vs Happy Planner is there are no additional pages and resources for goal setting, life reflecting, and practicing gratitude.

The Living Well Planner is likely the better planner for you if you are focusing on goal setting, being more productive, and accomplishing your long-term and short-term goals.

Also, the Happy Planner is dated, so you either have to get this planner with the January or July start. The Living Well Planner, however, can start any day of the year.

While the Living Well Planner is only available in Ruth’s shop, and it has a larger price tag, the Happy Planner is widely available on Amazon for half the price. It’s versatile too. You can add The Happy Planner to your Amazon cart by clicking the button below.

Extras for Your Living Well Planner

In addition to buying the Living Well Planner, I added a couple extras from the Living Well Shop.

Do It Scared Mug

Do you hate paying for shipping? Me too. Instead of paying for shipping, I’d rather pay $12 and get something I actually can use.

That’s when I spotted the black and gold mug and t-shits. I instantly fell in love. Not only are they my colors for The Common Cents Club, but I’ve used the motto “do it scared” to face ALL my fears since putting myself out there on this blog, in my book, on podcasts, and speaking gigs.

Now when I wake early in the morning, I experience pure joy sipping coffee from my “do it scared” mug, using my stickers, planner pens, and life planner to organize my day and week as a busy mom.

Extra Living Well Planner Stickers

Since I was going all out to write this Living Well Planner review, I decided to load up on the stickers. There was a sale when I ordered and I had a feeling I would be extra inspired to note my meetings, doctor appointments, kids’ activities and reminders if I had stickers for them.

These stickers did not disappoint and I don’t know that I’ll be able to stick fill out future planners without fun stickers like these.

Pretty Pens for Planners

Oh, and how could I forget the pretty pens?

I use the Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens to keep my planner organized and pretty. The 12-pack is a great deal and I’ve been very happy with them.

I almost bought these FriXion Erasable Gel Pens I saw recommended by someone else because I’d love to be able to erase changes or mistakes, but then I read the reviews (like I always do) and heard your writing will erase on its own if it gets too warm.

I don’t want to have to worry about my appointments and reminders randomly disappearing if I take my planner to work outside or in the car, so for that reason I’m sticking with the PaperMate Flair Pens.

Living Well Planner Review Conclusion


The Living Well Planner is a high-quality life planner that is one of the best planners for moms. It’s a great planner for you if you:

  • want a structured planner for organizing your life
  • want a pretty planner that’s fun to use
  • want built-in monthly budgeting sheets
  • want to focus on creating habits and crushing goals
  • want space for time blocking, must-do daily tasks, and meal planning

I’m excited to use my new planner and hope you’ve found this Living Well Planner review helpful to help you decide if it will be the best planner for you.

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Just let me know by tapping the button below and I’ll give you the super secret password to access ALL my favorite freebies for organizing your life and shopping smarter in The Common Cents Club Library.

What’s the Best Planner You’ve Found?

Let me know in the comments. I love using and reviewing planners to keep my life organized too!

Mr. Rebates vs Ebates Review – Which Is Better?

Mr. Rebates vs Ebates Review – Which Is Better?

Looking for the best cashback offers and wondering if Mr. Rebates is any good?

I’ve been a fan of Ebates for a long time. When I heard of Mr. Rebates, I had to dive in and compare them side-by-side to find which one is better.

In true Common Cents Club fashion, I know you only want to spend your time on the best tools that will save you the most money.

So this Mr. Rebates Review compares Mr.Rebates vs Ebates to answer your big question:

Which Cashback Site is Best For You?

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please check out my full disclosure for more info.

In this cashback review of Mr. Rebates you will learn:

  • Is there a signup bonus for Mr. Rebates?
  • Which cashback site is easier to use?
  • Which site has better cashback deals?
  • How many stores does Mr.Rebates have compared to Ebates?
  • Is there a mobile app for Mr. Rebates?
mrrebates vs ebates review

Mr. Rebates vs Ebates – How Do They Compare?

Let’s jump right into how Ebates stacks up next to Mr. Rebates in this chart.

Mr. Rebates vs Ebates Features Mr. Rebates EBATES
Sign Up Bonus $5 (we'll still take it) $10
% Cash Back Great Excellent
User-Friendly Good Excellent
# of Stores 2,000+ 2,500+
Days for Offer to Show in Account 1-3 days 1 day
Minimum Balance to Get Rebate $10 $5
Automatic or Manual Payment Manual Automatic
Payment Options Check
Rebate Frequency Every month Every 3 months
Credit Card Offer No Yes
Join Mr. RebatesJoin Ebates

What is Mr. Rebates?

Mr. Rebates is a referral program and coupon site. When you click their coupon or discount then make a purchase, they earn money for referring you. As a “thank you,” Mr.Rebates gives you a slice your money back.

I’ve been a happy user of the cash back site Ebates for a long time and have earned over $300 back on my online shopping. But I’m not afraid of trying something new if it is going to save me time, money, or stress. You shouldn’t be either.

So I decided to dig deep and see how Mr. Rebates compares to Ebates so I could figure out which rebate site is better.

How Does Mr. Rebates Work?


Mr. Rebates looks and works almost identical to Ebates. If you click the cash back banner or browser button to log in to Mr. Rebates, you can shop at one of their thousands of participating stores and make an online purchase like usual. Your online shopping is not affected in any way EXCEPT you will get a portion of your money back a few months later.

Here’s how to start getting your money back for free:

  1. Create a Mr. Rebates account with your name, email, and address
  2. Shop at one of their retailers by clicking “Shop Now”
  3. Access your Mr. Rebates cash back money after 90 days

Can you use both Ebates and Mr. Rebates?

You can sign up for both and use both.

However, for each individual purchase, you can only earn cashback from ONE. That will be whichever you clicked last.

So you can create your Mr. Rebates account in about a minute (and create your Ebates account too if you don’t have one yet too). Then simply compare both before you shop to see which one will give you a higher percentage of your money back.

When Ebates has a better deal on Zulily, use Ebates. When Mr. Rebates has a better deal on Target, use Mr. Rebates.

Mr. Rebates vs Ebates Cashback Offers

At the time of this writing, I compared the cash back percentages for eight different popular stores. Here are the results:


  • Mr. Rebates – 3%
  • Ebates – 5%


  • Mr. Rebates – 2%
  • Ebates – 10%


  • Mr. Rebates – up to 8%
  • Ebates – up to 5%


  • Mr. Rebates – 5%
  • Ebates – 6%


  • Mr. Rebates – 6%
  • Ebates – 3%


  • Mr. Rebates – 6%
  • Ebates – 6%


  • Mr. Rebates – 1%
  • Ebates – 2%


  • Mr. Rebates – 2%
  • Ebates – 3%


  • Mr. Rebates – 2%
  • Ebates – 1%


  • Mr. Rebates – 2%
  • Ebates – 7%

Mr. Rebates Pros

  • Mr. Rebates offers a $5 sign up bonus*
  • You can request payout every month with Mr. Rebates*
  • Mr. Rebates stores sometimes have better cash back deals
  • They have a cool referral program

Mr. Rebates Cons

  • You get a lower cashback percentage with Mr.Rebates in general
  • You have to wait longer for the rebate to show up in your account with Mr. Rebates
  • You have to remember to manually request your rebate with Mr. Rebates
  • You have to wait twice as long for your rebate to become available to cash in with Mr. Rebates
  • The website design and ease of use is lower on the Mr. Rebates website
  • Your minimum balance before you can actually get your rebate is double with Mr. Rebates
  • There is a credit card offer through Ebates with the opportunity to earn even more cash back

The Final Verdict – Is Ebates or Mr. Rewards Better?

After using Ebates for years and writing a complete Ebates Review encouraging you to use Ebates, I knew I needed to do my research to find if Ebates was really the BEST cash back site before recommending it to you.

So after my head-to-head comparison of Mr. Rebates vs Ebates, here’s the scoop:

If I had to choose only one, I choose Ebates…BUT since YOU CAN USE BOTH, why not?!

Mr. Rebates $5 Sign Up Bonus

Mr. Rebates will give you a FREE welcome bonus of $5 after you make your first purchase through their “Shop Now” buttons.

Ebates $10 Sign Up Bonus

Ebates gives you a FREE welcome bonus of $10 after your 1st purchase through their “Shop Now” button or app.

Mr. Rebates Review – Is it a Scam?

If you have not started using Mr. Rebates and Ebates yet, you are missing out on free money with almost every online purchase you make.

Here’s what a friend recently told me who I finally convinced to start using Ebates almost a year into our friendship:

Oh my gosh, I love it! I wish I had started using it years ago! It would have saved me HUNDREDS of dollars. I thought it was a scam but now I love it and it’s so easy to use!

Seriously, use your common ‘cents’ and get free money back. Ebates and Mr. Rebates are not scams. They are both legit and now you understand how these sites work and why they give you money.

Conclusion – Is Mr. Rebates Worth It?

While you won’t be able to quit your job with the rebate money you earn, why would you turn down a $50 rebate check here and there? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Create a Mr. Rebates account with your name, email, and address
  2. Shop at an online store by clicking the yellow “Shop Now”
  3. Access your Mr. Rebates cash back money after 90 days


Cheers To More Money In Your Pocket,


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Are iRobot Roombas Worth It?

Are iRobot Roombas Worth It?

You heard someone say they loved their robot vacuum, and now you are wondering: Are iRobot Roombas worth it?

Well, if you read my post: I May Be Frugal, But These Things Were Worth The Splurge, you know that I splurged on a Roomba around Black Friday time in 2017.

So while that spoils the secret, I absolutely think it was worth it, there are definitely some people who it would NOT be good for.

So in this iRobot Roomba review, you will learn:

  • Who robot vacuums are good for — and who they are not
  • What you need to know before you buy a Roomba
  • Where to find the best deals on Robot Vacuums

This post contains affiliate links. That does not sway my opinion nor does it affect your purchase in any way. It simply adds a small amount of money to my coffee fund, so I can keep writing about ways to help you and your family save money, make money, and save time.

iRobot Roomba Review - Are iRobot Roombas Worth it

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please check out my full disclosure for more info.

iRobot Roomba Pros

  • Cleans hardwood, vinyl, and carpet floors
  • Transitions seamlessly from one flooring type to the next
  • You can push the button and it will clean your floors while you go do something more fun or more important.
  • Newer models are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • You can clean and schedule it from anywhere with the iRobot Home App
  • It’s much cheaper in the long run than hiring a cleaning service
  • Little kids can be amused for hours watching it and chasing it (while not important to cleaning, this has been useful as a busy work-at-home mom)

iRobot Roomba Cons

  • You have to have the floor space picked up or the vacuum will get tangled in stuff like clothes
  • It doesn’t work on long, shaggy carpet
  • It is loud enough that you can’t watch tv if it’s running near you
  • My docking station can be glitchy and I sometimes need to prop the station at a different angle for it to charge correctly

You can see my iRobot Roomba in action in the video below. I show the docking station, the virtual wall, and how it cleans the hardwood floors in my kitchen.

The Robot Vacuum I Bought – iRobot Roomba 650

After moving to a bigger house with double the floor space to enjoy–and clean–I heard a friend who said she loved her Roomba. At first, I thought really?! I thought those were kind of ridiculous, but alas, after 6 months in our new house, I was tired of sweeping and vacuuming the floors.

So I did my Google research thing, read lots of robot vacuum reviews, and ultimately purchased the iRobot Roomba 650. It’s an older model without a remote or wi-fi capability. Most of the models for sale now include both. You can see how the Roomba did in my kitchen at the end of the second video below.

Since the 650 is no longer widely available, you’re probably wondering which is the best Roomba to buy now.

Roomba With Wi-Fi and Great Reviews – iRobot Roomba 690

iRobot Roomba 690 – If you want Wi-Fi so your Roomba can be compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, then the Roomba 690 is the way to go.

With personal recommendations from my friends and readers, plus over 2,000 reviews with an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the 690 will be a great fit in your home.

The Roomba 690 has wi-fi, a virtual wall, and at the time of this writing is 20% off on Amazon.

Roomba Without Wi-Fi and Great Reviews – iRobot Roomba 640
irobot roomba 640 great reviews

iRobot Roomba 640 – If you do not care about Wi-Fi capability or connecting your vacuum to Alexa or Google Assistant, then the Roomba 640 is the way to go.

This robot vacuum has over 1,000 reviews and an average 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. You get 1 Virtual Wall with this Roomba as well.

See The iRobot Roomba In Action

One year after buying the iRobot Roomba, my first robot vacuum, hear what I’ve learned, what I wish I knew, and if the rug in my kitchen actually got clean.

Who is an iRobot Roomba Good For

An iRobot Roomba is good for you if:

  • You are ok with your floors being good, not perfect
  • You have other things you’d rather do than clean the floors
  • You have bigger open floor areas
  • You have hard floors and normal-medium length carpets

So far, I’ve only heard great things from those who end up buying a Roomba. However, they are not for everyone.

A Roomba is NOT for You if:

  • You have long, shaggy carpet
  • You are a control freak or need your floors cleaned perfectly
  • You have lots of furniture, toys, or clothes covering your floors
  • You regularly have things like messy food, kid slime, or animal poop on the floor (a robot vacuum will just make a bigger mess out of these…no fun)

So if you’ve determined a Roomba might be a good fit for you based on the above criteria, here are a few more things you need to know before you buy a Roomba:

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Robot Vacuum

Here are the top 3 things you need to know before you buy your Roomba:

  • You need to pick up the area for the robot vacuum to clean without getting stuck (ex. clothes and cords)
  • You need to put something in front of stairways (ex. if you have an opening to stairs that go down, the robot vacuum can fall down the stairs). A vacuum that comes with a “wall” works great, as can a tote or box.
  • You will use it and love it so much, it will be like a pet in your family and you will name it

In Summary, Are iRobot Roombas Worth It?

Personally, I love my iRobot Roomba. I bought the iRobot Roomba 650 last year on Amazon during Black Friday and it is a purchase I would make again in a heartbeat.

My favorite features of the Roomba vacuum are:

  • I get to push a button, walk away, and do something much more enjoyable (usually it’s going for a walk with my kids or doing some virtual assistant work)
  • It cleans all my hardwood, carpet, and vinyl floors really well (everything except long, shaggy carpet)
  • It doesn’t involve hard labor or messing with cords
  • The virtual wall gives you more control for what vacuuming will work best in your home layout
  • Bonus: Kids get a kick out of it

If you’re not a complete control freak, you have hardwood, vinyl, and average (not shaggy) carpet, and you want to save time doing housework, a Roomba vacuum would be worth it for you too.

The ones I recommend are:

Do you have a robot vacuum and was it worth it? Bonus…Does your robot vacuum have a name?

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Cheers to working smarter and saving time, money, and energy,

EBATES Review: Easy Cash Back + Get A FREE $10 Gift Card

EBATES Review: Easy Cash Back + Get A FREE $10 Gift Card

Is there such a thing as easy and free cash back? Well if you like finding amazing deals and getting free money for something you already do, then this Ebates review is perfect for you.

Already love and use Ebates? You’ll love Mr. Rebates and his $5 free gift too!

As someone who loves saving money and finding deals, this statement is huge: EBATES IS MY FAVORITE MONEY-SAVING SITE. I started using Ebates years ago, way before I had a personal finance blog. Although I have found other cash back programs that are ok, Ebates is by far my favorite (hence why I am writing this Ebates review and I have an Ebates tutorial as well).

In this Ebates review, you will learn:

  • what is Ebates and how does it work
  • is Ebates legit or is it a scam
  • Ebates pros and the biggest complaints
  • secret tips for maximizing your earnings

Let’s dive in:


If you’re not familiar with it yet, you might be wonder what’s Ebates? Ebates is a free rewards program that gives shoppers 1-40% cashback on practically any purchase you make through your Ebates account. There are over 2,500 stores that qualify, so there’s something for everyone. Ebates also has special discounts and promo codes for free shipping. To do this, you just click on a store icon first or if you have the Chrome browser extension for Ebates, you click the cashback button to “activate” your cash back earnings.

Ex. You order groceries or household goods online from Walmart through your Ebates account. Ebates will give you 7% of your purchase back in cold hard cash.


Ebates review sign up for account


Of all the cashback and rebate programs I’ve tried, I chose to review Ebates first because is the easiest. Here’s what you do:

  1. Sign up for an account with your email address.
  2. Log in and see what discounts are offered at your favorite stores. Browse by department, alphabetically, hottest deals, or use the search bar to look for your favorite stores.
  3. Click on a store and you are directed to that website. Shopping is exactly the same except you are earning cashback because you went through Ebates first.

If you use a Chrome browser, I cannot recommend enough that you add the Ebates extension to be automatically notified whenever you visit a site that’s eligible for cashback. All you have to do is click the pop up to activate your cash back. This eliminates step 2 above so you don’t have to go to Ebates.com before making a purchase, making saving money it easy as can be. Here’s what it looks like:


Ebates is partnering with new stores all the time. Currently, they have over 2,500 stores where you can get free money back.

ebates stores

Some of the stores include:

  • Household stores like Walmart, Kmart, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, Staples
  • Baby & Children’s stores like Carter’s, The Children’s Place, Hanna Anderson, The Honest Company, OshKosh B’gosh, Robeez, StrideRite
  • Clothing & Accessory stores like Nordstrom, J.Crew, Macy’s, Old Navy, Kohl’s, JCPenny, Forever 21, Lands’ End, LLBean, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Loft, Zulily
  • Health stores like Vitacost, Dr. Axe, Beachbody
  • Sporting Goods stores like Cabela’s, Ace Hardware, Columbia, Under Armour, Dick’s
  • Pet stores like Petco, PetCareRx, and Petplan
  • Electronics stores like Dell, Best Buy, and HP
  • Travel sites like Expedia and TripAdvisor
  • Toy stores like Fisher Price, Pillow Pets, and Step2
  • Custom gift sites like Shutterfly, Snapfish, Etsy,
  • Deal sites like Living Social, Groupon
  • Sites with everything like Amazon, eBay


ebates cash back big fat check

Each quarter, Ebates will send you your earnings in a “Big Fat Check.” You choose if you want a paper check sent in the mail or if you want money sent to your PayPal account. There is no minimum amount, so whether you’ve earned $2 or $200, you’ll get your money.


Let’s review Ebates’ benefits:

  • you get money back for something you already do
  • there are so many stores that qualify, you can benefit from Ebates even if you’re on a tight budget
  • it is so easy to use, no frustrating surveys to complete or wasting a bunch of time to save $0.50
  • the reward is cold, hard cash, not points only good toward a single store
  • customer service has been super friendly when I’ve accidentally ordered and forgotten to click Ebates first (within a couple of hours or completing an order)
  • there’s a $10 Free Gift Card to Walmart or $10 Cash Back Bonus for signing up
  • the Chrome browser extension for Ebates tells me when I’m on a site that’s eligible for cashback
  • there are promo codes for free shipping and extra discounts in addition to the cash back you earn
  • the referral program where you can earn $5-$25 per person you refer

See why I love it? Now here are the cons of Ebates…


This Ebates review is completely honest, so I’ll tell you upfront what the downsides are as well:

  • it’s hard to find eligible purchases on Amazon (for me anyway)
  • the payout is quarterly, not monthly
  • some stores have category exclusions like Target electronics or baby purchases do not qualify
  • you must use Ebates to make a $25 purchase to get your $10 bonus within 90 days after signing up


There are a couple of ways to get the most out of your Ebates account:

  • use Ebates Cash Back Visa Credit Card to earn an extra 3% cash back
  • use the Ebates Chrome browser extension for notifications when you visit a website eligible for rewards
  • use coupons and promo codes (many inside Ebates) in addition to earning cash back to stack your savings
  • use the Ebates referral program and share it with your friends/family. You’ll earn a commission after their first purchase and they’ll get the $10 bonus too.

ebates reviews more cash back with credit card offer

Note: I only recommend using a credit card for people who have no problem paying off the balance in full every month. If you use a credit card but do not pay off the balance, the interest charges will likely void your cash back earnings


As I’ve used, shared, and researched for this Ebates review, there are some common questions I’ll answer for you right here:

Is EBATES a scam?

No. There’s no need to worry about Ebates scams. According to the Better Business Bureau, Ebates has been in business for 19+ years and has an A+ rating. That’s no easy feat. There are some Ebates complaints from users, but the number is so low compared to the size of this company. Most complains were when customers felt entitled to money back that they did not receive. However, the vast majority of them have been resolved and Ebates users continue to be extremely happy customers.

Is EBATES safe?

Yes, it is safe and legal. Ebates is basically the middle man between customer and the goods. They get a commission for your purchase, and they share some of that comission with you. I’ve safely used it for years.

Is EBATES legit?

Yes. Ebates is a legit money back program. Shop and buy things you normally would but click through Ebates first, and you’ll get legit money back four times per year.

Is EBATES free?

Yes. There are no fees to sign up for Ebates. It only takes a minute or two to create an account and you can start earning cash back on your purchases today. There is nothing you have to pay for with Ebates.

Is Ebates Hard to Use?

No. It is so easy. I created a video to show you just how easy it is to create an account, add the browser extension, and use Ebates. Watch below to see how simple it is to use. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to use it and wonder how much money you could have gotten back with all your online purchases!


Using EBATES is about as Common Cents as it gets. I agree with the BBB and give Ebates an A+ or 4.8 out of 5 stars.

As summarized in this EBATES review, it is fantastic because:

  • you get cash back and more money in your wallet year round
  • you can save money on things you already buy, no need to spend extra money in order to “save”
  • it is EASY EASY EASY to use (none of us have time for anything complicated)
  • with the Chrome extension, you are notified when you’re on an eligible website, no need to remember to check
  • the rewards are in the form of cold hard cash, not points
  • there are over 2,500 stores, so everyone can find value in it
  • it finds promo codes for extra discounts and free shipping, in addition to cashback earnings
  • customer service is friendly and helpful
  • you get $10 bonus after making your first $25 purchase

True, there are a few excluded categories and you only get your rebate every three months, but I promise, once you start using Ebates and see how fast the money adds up and how easy it is, you’ll wish you had started using it years ago.

Create Your Free Ebates Account And Get Your Free $10 Gift Card Today!

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Cheers to smarter habits and loving life–without going broke,



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Brandless Reviews – Organic Food For Just $3

Brandless Reviews – Organic Food For Just $3

Looking for honest and recent Brandless reviews? Here’s an in-depth guide to the online grocery store where everything is just $3.

You might be wondering if the Brandless products are any good, if $3 really a good deal, or if there’s some kind of catch…

Don’t worry, I did the homework for you.

Finding the best deal on healthy foods is right up my alley. So not only did I order from Brandless.com (twice), I also did an in-depth comparison of 26 food items that you can find on Brandless.com and compared them to what you can find at Aldi Grocery Stores, Amazon.com, and Vitacost.com to see which items really are a good deal–and which ones are not.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is Brandless and is it legit?
  • Which Brandless items are really a good deal (and which ones aren’t)
  • How Brandless prices compare to Aldi, Vitacost, and Amazon
  • How to get a Brandless Promo Code 2018 before you order

Let’s begin with this crazy $3 store review.

What Is Brandless?

Brandless reviews welcome card in boxThis post uses referral and affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you choose to make a purchase through one of my links. This does not cost you anything more, in fact, you get a discount!
You can read my full disclosure here.

Brandless.com is an online grocery store with a wide variety of household, personal care, and food items, where EVERYTHING is just $3. The idea is you’re paying “brand tax” for popular name-brand products, and you can get the same (or better) quality items at a cheaper price if you’re ok with buying foods that are “brandless.”

Brandless caught my attention on Facebook when I noticed several of my friends ‘liked’ the Brandless Facebook Page. When I saw a bunch of the healthy foods I eat and feed my family for just $3, my interest was peaked.

I wondered if it was legit. It seemed too good to be true. But after seeing the ad a few times, I decided to try it for myself. With everything being just $3, I knew there wasn’t much of a financial risk.

So here goes the Brandless review…

Is Brandless Legit?

brandless reviews open box to card

Yes! Brandless is legit. I’ve now ordered from Brandless a couple of times because I am a happy customer. I’m constantly trying to find ways to save money on healthy food, and Brandless is the answer–for some things. So I pinky promise,  It’s legit.

If you’ve read other Brandless reviews, you may have read some that bash Brandless for membership or high shipping fees, but this must have been a flaw they worked out. Most of the Brandless reviews I read were from mid-2017 when Brandless was a new kid on the block.

However, this is a Brandless Review in 2018, and it seems Brandless heard the complaints and responded. I have not paid a membership fee and I got a Brandless Promo Code for free shipping just by entering my email address, so I did not experience either of those issues. In fact, you can get a $6 credit off a $39 order by signing up for Brandless here.

Because everything is only $3 or (or some items are 2 for $3), you can get at least 13 healthy food items for $39 – $6 credit from my link = $33. Not bad at all.

brandless product reviews shopping cart

But what should you order?

What You Can Buy From Brandless

A lot! The categories you can shop in the online Brandless store include:

  • Food
  • Household
  • Personal Care
  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Home & Office

Basically, you can find everything from organic chia seeds to organic coffee pods, and personal care products to kitchen gadgets on this site.

brandless beauty products

If you’re looking for healthy foods for cheap, you’ll love the Brandless options because you can easily find foods that are:

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Nut Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegan
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • No Added Sugars
  • No Hydrogenated Oils
  • Fair Trade

Ingredients and nutritional information for each item are super easy to see online as well. As a label scrutinizer, I appreciate this.

From my experience as a complete newbie to this site, here’s my complete honest Brandless review.

Brandless Reviews – My Experience

brandless reviews box delivered

I was impressed by the selection of Brandless products and the online grocery store was easy to use. I quickly found lots of items I was interested in and added them to my cart. I used a Brandless promo code for $6 off and placed my order,

You can get your own $6 off and start your first Brandless order by using my referral link here. But if you want to know which items are really the best deals from Brandless, keep reading. I was fooled the first time around.

I got my confirmation email and expected it to take a week or so to arrive. Two days later I received an email notification that my order had left the building. I was impressed that the very next day, my Brandless order was at my door. (P.S. The box is such good quality, it was a keeper. Good first impression, Brandless.)

Brandless Product Reviews – Order #1

Below are the Brandless product reviews for the items I bought and used in my first order:

Olive & Sea Salt Hummus Crisps – Addicting

It didn’t take me long to tear into the hummus crisps. I’m a sucker for crunch and have been on a very strict, gut-healing diet for several months now that doesn’t leave a lot of snack options (besides fruits and vegetables).

These were delicious. So good that I give you major kudos if you can get the supposed 5 servings out of this 5 oz bag! I guess I’ll have to order these again to try…

Organic Chamomile Blend Herbal Tea – Invigorating

Brandless Reviews Chamomile Tea

$3 for organic tea caught my eye. I usually pay around $4 per box from Vitacost, so I decided to try this tea. I really enjoy drinking this tea, which has a unique and refreshing blend of chamomile, lemongrass, and spearmint. You get 20 tea bags in each box, which comes out to 15¢ per cup of tea.

Organic Green Tea – Healthy

I know green tea is healthy and since I usually pay around $4 for organic tea, I knew this was a good deal. Like the Chamomile blend, it tastes good (for a green tea) and you’ll get 20 tea bags for $3. If you’re a tea drinker and like a good deal on organic teas, I can recommend you try the Brandless teas.

Organic Dark Roast Single Serve Coffee – #LoveALatte

brandless reviews organic dark roast coffee pods

I’ve been on the hunt for healthy yet affordable coffee that I can brew in my Keurig. This coffee did not disappoint. It is 100% Organic Arabica Coffee that’s Fair Trade certified and farmed in Peru. I enjoyed the rich dark roast flavor and would order this again. The box only comes with 6 cups, so at $3 per box, it comes out to be 50¢ per coffee pod. Reuse a pod to brew two cups and you’ve just spent a whopping 25¢ per cup.

Medium Roast Single Serve Coffee – Suitable

I also tried the Medium Roast coffee pods. It’s also 100% Organic Arabica Coffee that’s Fair Trade certified. It’s farmed in Colombia. Personally, I liked the Dark Roast flavor better. The price is the same at 50¢ per k cup, which is a good deal for Organic, Fair Trade coffee pods.

Maple Single Serve Coffee – Not For Me

Brandless product reviews maple coffee pods

Can you tell I was on the hunt for some new coffee cups? Since I sometimes enjoy putting a splash of real maple syrup in my coffee, I decided to try the Maple Single Service coffee pods. I didn’t realize that this coffee was not organic and it uses ‘natural flavoring.’ This was my least favorite of the 3 coffee pods. The flavor was a bit off for my liking. You might like it if you like flavored coffee but it’s not something I will reorder.

Organic Maple Syrup – Scrumptious

Brandless Reviews Maple Syrup

I will, however, reorder their 100% Pure Grade A Organic Maple Syrup. If you know a thing or two about maple syrup, you’ll know there is really no in-between. There’s the super cheap fake stuff and there’s the super expensive real stuff. At just $3 for 6.7 ounces of Pure Organic Maple Syrup, I am excited for this incredibly sweet deal (pun intended ;))

Lemon Verbena Moisturizing Hand Soap – Fresh

Brandless Reviews Lemon Hand Soap

As someone who is frugal and conscious of putting toxins in or on my body, I usually make my own hand soap. So this $3 soap was a splurge for me. It has a great smell but I didn’t realize until I got it home that it had fragrance, something I usually avoid. I probably won’t buy soap again, but it was a nice change of pace and smells very fresh. You only need a tiny bit so this $3 bottle should last a long time, but making your own or buying a bigger refill would save you more money.

While I was personally most interested in the food items, there are tons of personal care, beauty, and even household items, stationery, and kitchen gadgets for the low price of $3. For the rest of this Brandless review, I dove into the nitty-gritty details of the Brandless foods to figure out if this $3 store was as good as it sounded.

Brandless Price – Is $3 A Good Deal?

After I got my order and was really happy with their products, I decided to look more carefully at that $3 price tag. I wondered if this was such a good experience, is $3 really a good deal?

While $3 sounds super cheap, you really have to figure out the price per ounce to find the best deal around. So I picked 26 food items available on Brandless and did the ultimate homework for all of you who want to eat healthy but spend less.

I calculated and compared the price per ounce of 26 items at Brandless.com, Amazon.com, Vitacost.com, and in my local Aldi grocery store so I could confidently tell you exactly where you’ll find the best deal. This will give you an idea of which things are a good deal at the $3 store, and which things are a better price elsewhere.

Here’s how the Brandless food items compared…

Brandless vs Amazon vs Vitacost vs Aldi

Food Item

Organic Coconut OIl

Organic Olive OIl



Dried Mango

Organic Applesauce Pouches

Organic Grassfed Beef Jerky

Organic Chia Seeds

Organic Ground Flax Seeds

Organic Peanut Butter

Organic Quinoa

Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Organic Fair Trade Coffee Pods

Organic Honey

Organic Maple Syrup

Organic Salsa

Organic Blue Corn Chips

Gluten Free Pancake Mix

Organic Canned Beans

Organic Ketchup

Organic Instant Oats

Organic Popcorn

Organic Macaroni & Cheese

Organic Whole Wheat Noodles

Organic Marinara Sauce

Organic Spices (Cinnamon)























Best Deal

Healthier Ingredients, Still Great Deal

Best Price, But Not Healthiest Option






























































You’ll notice the key shows the

  • Trophy is the Clear Winner (Best Price Per Ounce and Comparable Healthy Ingredients).
  • Heartbeat is Not Quite The Cheapest but Has Healthier Ingredients (such as no preservatives or all organic ingredients)
  • Money is the Cheapest Option but Not the Healthiest Option (such as added preservatives or non-organic)

Out of the 26 items compared in the 4 stores, my beloved Amazon is only the clear winner for 2 items, and 1 is debatable.
(Debatable wins are when a healthier option is available for not much more money).

Food to buy on Amazon:

Vitacost has the lowest price for 3 items, and 1 is debatable

Food to order from Vitacost

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I LOVE shopping at Aldis because I save around $100 per week on healthy food for my family compared to our local grocery store. If you haven’t shopped at Aldi yet and you don’t like throwing money away, you have to check it out ASAP.


It turned out that a lot of things I thought were an awesome deal at Brandless, really weren’t as good of a deal once I looked at the number of ounces in each item. Some Brandless products are small and that’s why they are just $3.

Of the 26 items, Aldi is the clear winner for 14 items and is debatable for 3.

Food to buy at Aldi:

  • Organic Peanut Butter
  • Organic Grassfed Beef Jerky
  • Organic Quinoa
  • Almonds
  • Dried Mango (cheapest at Aldi but come with preservatives)
  • Applesauce Pouches (but includes lemon juice concentrate + ascorbic acid)
  • Organic Fair Trade Coffee (in a bag)
  • Organic Fair Trade Coffee (individual pods)
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Organic Honey (lowest price but not raw)
  • Organic Salsa
  • Gluten Free Pancake Mix
  • Organic Canned Beans (same as Vitacost)
  • Organic Instant Oats
  • Organic Macaroni & Cheese
  • Organic Whole Wheat Noodles
  • Organic Marinara Sauce (same as Vitacost)

Since Aldi is a physical grocery store, I could not link to the items for you. You’ll have to find them in a nearby Aldis. If you don’t have an Aldis nearby, then Brandless may be the best option available for you. Use the table above to find the best deal on the foods you enjoy.

So which things should you buy from Brandless to get the best deal on healthy foods?

My Brandless reviews found 6 clear winners for Brandless and 1 that is debatable.

Food to buy from Brandless:

  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Organic Maple Syrup
  • Organic Blue Corn Chips
  • Organic Popcorn
  • Organic Ketchup
  • Organic Flax Seeds
  • Organic Applesauce Pouches (cost slightly more but no preservatives, apple is the only ingredient)

brandless reviews coconut oil

If you love or have wanted to try any of these healthy foods for cheap, start adding these deals to your Brandless cart. You can use the $6 off from using my link plus don’t forget to try one of the Brandless promo codes listed below too.


Brandless Reviews – Order #2

Once I did the math and figured out which items were the best deals at Brandless.com, I placed a second order. It was again a pleasant and easy experience. I got free shipping with a Brandless promo code and received my items in less than one week.

So far everything I’ve eaten, I like. As far as trying to find healthy foods for cheap, Brandless is a win. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

brandless review of products at brandless.com

Get Free Shipping With Brandless Promo Code 2018

Before you place your first order, there are a few ways you can use a Brandless Promo Code to get free shipping or a discount on your order.

brandless promo code 2018 brandless reviews


My Brandless Review Verdict

It can be incredibly difficult to eat healthy without spending a ton of money, but I hope this Brandless review made it just a little easier for you. I’m so grateful I came across Brandless and had the guts to try something new.

So if you’ve been wondering whether or not you should order from Brandless, I reassure you it’s a legit site with lots of healthy options and an affordable $3 price tag (or better yet, $1.50 for some.).

To summarize my Brandless Reviews, here’s what you can expect:

  • Healthy Food Options – Great
  • Variety of Household and Personal Care Items – Good
  • Delivery Speed – Great
  • Availability of Promo Codes – Great
  • Quality of Food – Excellent
  • Price of Food – Great, Sometimes Excellent (revisit the comparison chart above and look for the trophies under Brandless to find the best deals)

If you don’t have an Aldi nearby, you can see that most of the Brandless products are a better deal than Amazon or Vitacost, making Brandless one of the most affordable healthy online grocery stores.

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Hopefully, this Brandless review and price comparison showed you which items are the best deals so can confidently place your first Brandless order. But don’t forget to get your $6 discount to save even more money. It’s like getting 2 Brandless products completely free!

Cheers to both your Health & your Wealth,

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Zaycon Fresh Reviews + Zaycon Promo Code

Zaycon Fresh Reviews + Zaycon Promo Code


Ninety-nine cents per pound of boneless, skinless, fresh chicken breast…could it be true? Scour the raving Zaycon Fresh reviews and scroll down to find the latest Zaycon promo code because I’m here with good news.

You can buy Zaycon chicken for 53% cheaper than Aldis (the mother of cheap grocery stores).zaycon fresh promo code and review

The process is a little different than just going to your grocery store and picking out meat, so fasten your seatbelt because I’m about to take you on one wild ride to saving hundreds of dollars in one of the most thorough and honest Zaycon Fresh reviews you will find.

In this Zaycon Review, we’ll cover:

  • how ordering from Zaycon Fresh works
  • how to get the best prices with a Zaycon coupon code
  • what you need to know before ordering and picking up your Zaycon meats

Don’t worry, we’ll also cover the latest Zaycon Fresh promo code for the famous Zaycon chicken deal!

Note: I wanted to be upfront that the Zaycon links in this post are referral links, which means I get a small commission if you purchase something through my link. It costs you nothing more, promise. Your action helps put food on the table for my family, so thank you!

What Is Zaycon Freshzaycon fresh logo

Zaycon Fresh is a privately owned company out of Washington that started with the simple mission to bring farm fresh meats direct to consumers at wholesale prices.

By cutting out the middleman we as shoppers can get farm fresh meat like chicken, beef, turkey, pork and fish at more affordable prices–without having to buy the whole animal.

The meats are sold by the case in large quantities; you can’t just buy 1 or 2 pounds at a time. They are focussed on moving meat from farm to your table fast to preserve its freshness, taste, and nutrition.

What Zaycon Foods Are Available

Zaycon offers a variety of meats that are all from the U.S. (with the exception of the Argentinian Red Shrimp, which is from the South Atlantic).

Here’s a list of available Zaycon Foods:

Zaycon Fresh Chicken

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs
Premium Breaded Chicken Breast Fritters

Zaycon Fresh Pork

Premium Hickory Smoked Bacon
Applewood Smoked Ham
Premium Cut Meaty Back Pork Ribs
Premium Pork Tenderloins
Pork Sausage Links

Zaycon Fresh Beef

93/7 Ground Beef – 1 lb Packages
80/20 Ground Beef – 1 lb Packages

Zaycon Fresh Seafood

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets

Zaycon Fresh Turkey

90/10 Ground Turkey
Boneless Turkey Breast Roast

Each month the products that are available rotate. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will get the latest Zaycon promo code for whichever meat items are on sale at the time. There is ALWAYS something on sale, so be sure to order when you have a Zaycon Fresh promo code to save the most money on your order.

How To Order Zaycon Meats

Step 1. Go to ZayconFresh.com and Create a Free Account. You’ll need to give your name, email address, and zip code.

Step 2. Search by product or location and find the jaw-dropping deal you want to take advantage of. Enter your quantity and your Zaycon promo code. Place your order.

Step 3. On the day of your local event, bring your order confirmation (on your phone or printed) to your location and pick up your fresh, delicious, nutritious Zaycon meats!

Where Are Zaycon Fresh Locations

Zaycon delivers fresh meat across to over 1,200 locations across the country. Simply enter your 5-digit zip code to find the Zaycon Fresh locations close to you. I was pleased to see when I entered my zip code, there were lots of pick up locations near me.

If there isn’t a location that’s convenient for you, you have two options:

Find a location close to a family member or friend and have them pick up the order for you. (My mom picked up my first order for me and It was super simple!)


Contact Zaycon Fresh customer support to request a new location. It may take time, but they can put your name/location on a waiting list after they know there is a need for your area.

Zaycon has grown like wildfire because there is such a demand for quality meat at affordable prices, so don’t rule this option for farm fresh meat out if there’s not a location by you yet.

Zaycon Fresh Reviews For Chicken

The first deal that caught my attention was the boneless skinless chicken breast for 99 cents. (It never goes on sale this low, but every month or so there is a Zaycon promo code you can use to snag this special low price.)

At first, I wondered is Zaycon legit? Then after reading a few Zaycon Fresh reviews and testimonies, I shared the deal with my husband, talked about our budget since you have to buy in bulk, and took the leap.

We are both fans and haven’t looked back. There’s a reason the Zaycon fresh chicken is their most popular product.

The Zaycon Chicken Breasts are:

  • delivered farm-fresh, not frozen
  • hormone-free
  • free of residual antibiotics
  • sold by the case (40 lbs)
  • jumbo sized, juicy and tender
  • awesome in the slow cooker for chicken soups, pulled chicken sandwiches, chicken enchiladas, or shredded chicken casseroles

The normal price for Zaycon chicken is $1.89 per pound, which comes out to $75.60 per case.

Sometimes the chicken goes on sale for $1.39 per pound.

However, I only take advantage of their super special chicken sales when you can use a Zaycon promo code to buy it for just $0.99 / lb and save $36.

99 cents zaycon chicken breast promo code

Zaycon Promo Code

If you Create a Free Account with Zaycon, even if you do not order right away, you will get their newsletter in your email, which always tells you about their latest and greatest Zaycon promo code. Just recently they had a sale for an extra 22% of bacon and 22% off their ground beef.

Note: They do email often, like a couple times per day. However, the subject line mentions what meat is on sale, so I only open the ones that interest me and quickly delete the others.

The most recent Zaycon Fresh Promo Code for 99¢ / lb Chicken is:


(I will keep this promo code updated whenever there is a new one)

Join the thousands of people who are saving money, getting excellent quality fresh meat, and giving raving Zaycon chicken reviews.

Prepare For Zaycon Meat Pick Up

After you use your Zaycon promo code and place your order, write the pickup date on your calendar and set a reminder. You’ll also get reminders via email from Zaycon so you don’t forget the date.

To prepare for your Zaycon meat pick up, it’s helpful to have the following things ready:

  • your Zaycon Fresh order confirmation email (either printed out or on your phone)
  • room in your freezer or deep freezer
  • freezer bags and a sharpie to store the breasts in smaller quantities
  • a box like a big diaper box or box from Vitacost (you could also use the box they give you, but the diaper box fit better in my freezer)

For one Zaycon Chicken order, I filled a Luvs Ginormous diaper box with freezer bags with 3 chicken breasts each for our family meals. This makes a LOT! My mom, who only cooks meals for 2, stores each chicken breast individually in a quart-size freezer bag.

Zaycon Order Pickup Is A Breeze

Since you pay for your Zaycon meats when you place the order, pick up happens in a flash. Simply arrive at your designated location during the designated time. You will see traffic cones and signs directing you to the Zaycon Fresh truck. Just tell the driver your name or show your order confirmation. The driver will even load your meat into your vehicle for you.

Since it’s organized so well, pickups are fast, easy, and you don’t even have to get out of your car.

What if you can’t be there to pick up during the designated time?

No problem! You can have a friend or family member pick up your meat for you. I had my mom pick up my first order and it was so easy. All I did was forwarded her my order confirmation email. Easy peasy!

Bringing Zaycon Foods Homezaycon chicken breasts fill a diaper box

If you order Zaycon’s fresh chicken breast, you’ll get the chicken in a water-resistant cardboard case containing a few large plastic bags of fresh chicken breasts. There will be a little bit of naturally-occurring chicken juice in the bags.

I had a box of Gallon Ziploc Freezer Bags ready and a sharpie marker so I could quickly split the chicken breasts into bags and store them in smaller quantities. This makes it super easy to just grab the chicken breasts you need for one meal at a time.

The Zaycon bacon comes in a 36 lb frozen case with twelve 3 lb frozen packages while the ground beef and turkey conveniently comes in convenient 1 lb packages for easier meal prep to accommodate busy lifestyles.

If you want to know how another Zaycon meat is packaged or nutritional information, you can check the product information page for any meat item and click Additional Information.

Final Zaycon Fresh Review & Zaycon Coupon Code

The moral of the Zaycon story is I’ve ordered multiple times and have been very happy with the process and prices. I will definitely order again!

Zaycon Fresh is:

  • affordable, much cheaper than meat at the grocery store (especially when the sale price is combined with a Zaycon coupon code)
  • excellent quality meat (while not organic, Zaycon farms follow high standards in regards to hormones and antibiotics)
  • fast and easy

The biggest downside for some is that you have to pick up at a specific location at a designated time frame. The good news is it is super easy to have someone else who is available pick up your meat for you.

There are new Zaycon Fresh promo codes and deals available each month. So if you eat meat or seafood and you can make the freezer space, cutting out the middleman and buying bulk Zaycon meat is one of your best ways to save massive amounts of money on your grocery bill.

Check out the latest products and deals at Zaycon Fresh today. If you find a deal you want to be sure to order right away as they only have a limited supply of each product.

zaycon fresh chicken reviewIf you only want to know about the 99 cents chicken sale, make sure you join The Common Cents Club newsletter and I’ll let you know when this deal is going on. I’ll keep the 99¢ chicken promo code for Zaycon updated in this post as well since this savings is too good not to share!

Have you ordered from Zaycon before? I’d love to hear about your experience with Zaycon Fresh in the comments below.

More Reviews Worth Checking Out:

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