Wondering if the Living Well Planner is worth it? Is it the best life planner for you? This Living Well Planner review will answer all your questions about the planner that was designed by Ruth Soukup of Living Well Spending Less.

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Living Well Planner Coupon

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Living Well Panner Overview

The Living Well Planner is a lively, high-quality comprehensive organizer and planner that helps you plan and achieve a life you love.

In addition to long-term goals for the year, motto statements and a focus word of the year, there are pages for important dates, important information (like emergency numbers, bank contact info, medical policy numbers, etc), and motivational quotes throughout.

Each month includes pages for:

  • Monthly Goals
  • Goal Crushing
  • Project Planning
  • Month at a Glance
  • Weekly Plans
  • Monthly Budget
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Thoughts and Thanks
  • Notes and Ideas

The weekly plans include a vertical column for each day, broken up into hours from 6am – 10 pm. This is perfect for time block scheduling. There is also space to write your top 3 must do tasks for each day and daily meal planning space. The weekly page includes an extra space to make a list or write notes and jot any big days coming up.

Living Well Planner Flip Through

Watch the video below to see inside my Living Well Planner. I cover my top pros and cons about the planner now that I’ve used it for several months.

Living Well Planner Pros

It’s Pretty, Lively, & Fun!

When I received my Living Well Planner in the mail, my first thought was how gorgeous it is!

If you’ve been frugal shopper and tried to use your own printables or cheap planners from discount stores, you will be shocked at how fancy a planner can be. If you get giddy about using pretty stationary and supplies, you’ll be excited to use the Living Well Planner.

Living Well Planner Stickers!!

I have not used stickers before, but the sticks that come with the Living Well Life Planner are so fun! They include but are not limited to:

  • Reminders
  • Date night
  • Need to do today
  • Workout time
  • Girl time
  • Checkmarks
  • Vacations
  • Meetings
  • Meal prep
  • Appointments
  • Shopping
  • and much, much more!

There are even extra stickers you can add to your planner. The stickers are a great way to make your planner more fun and visually appealing so you want to stick with using it and can keep everything organized.

It’s High Quality

The paper, divider pages, tabs, and cover are all sturdy and high-quality material. With the quality spiral binding, it is easy to keep open so you can see your planner and notes.

Goal Planning & Free Crushing It Course

The Living Well Planner is perfect for anyone who loves or needs help with goal setting. Everything is covered when you buy this planner, including areas to plan out all of your goals:

  • Yearly goals
  • Monthly goals
  • Daily goals
  • Big 3 goals
  • Breaking down goals into bite-sized steps
  • Personal growth goals
  • Fun & recreational goals
  • Health & fitness goals
  • Home improvement goals
  • Finance goals
  • Personal relationship & connection goals

Plus, you get a free email course called the Crushing It Bootcamp that will inspire and show you how to plan and achieve a life you love. This is what I work to do and inspire you to do every day.

You also get exclusive access to the Crushing It Facebook Group for extra goal planning and accountability support.

Monthly Budget Pages

One of the main reasons I decided to try the Living Well planner to organize my family (besides the fact that it’s gorgeous) is that it included budgeting pages right inside for each month.

As you turn the pages for your planner, you will be reminded to budget each month by using this planner. This is great for anyone new to budgeting.

Monthly Divider Tabs

The pretty colored tabs are sturdy and they come without words. You can add stickers to them for each month. So no matter which month of the year you get your Living Well planner, you can have the monthly divider tabs in the order you need them.

These tabs have been convenient for quickly finding the month I need, like March to see when spring break is.

Ability to See Month, Week, Day and Hour at a Glance


Depending on the page you have open, I like that with this planner you can get an overview of an entire month, week, day or hour. The month pages are great for seeing what’s ahead while the weekly and daily sections are great for scheduling appointments, prioritizing your tasks, to do list, and reminders.

Meal Planning Space

The bottom of each day has a dedicated space for meal planning. It includes 6 lines, so there’s more than enough space to plan your meals, snacks, and other notes about food you want to remember.

More Meal Planning Resources

Personally, I still use my favorite weekly meal planning templates but that was already a habit for me before I started using the Living Well planner…and habits are hard to break!

Pro and Con: It’s Undated

When I started using my Living Well Planner, the hardest part for me is the biggest pro for others, so I’ll put this in both. The fact that it’s undated is a pro because you can start whenever you like.

This is also great if you tend to hop on and off the planner train for weeks at a time and hate wasting pages that you don’t use.

Living Well Planner Cons


Although you will probably find a lot of things you love, there are some downsides that I found in my Living Well Planner review. Admittedly, I’m being a bit picky here, but this is my honest opinion.

Pro and Con: It’s Undated

If you like to plan ahead, like I do, you will need to spend some time filling in all the pages because the Living Well Planner is undated (as noted above).

I’m a total nerd about planning and organizing. So filling in months worth of dates was a small pain.

It’s Pretty Big

The Living Well Planner is pretty big. There’s a lot of space to write all the things you’re keeping track of, but that comes with a sacrifice.

This planner is not easy to toss in your purse and take with you. It’s better for sitting on your desk or in your command center by the kitchen.

Family Planner and Organizer Hack


I’ve had a wire book stand similar to this that I’ve shuffled around but never really found a use for before that works perfectly for displaying my Living Well Planner by our family command center.

This keeps it upright and insight for the whole family to see.

Budget Categories

While the budgeting pages can be a good thing, I had the habit of making a monthly budget in my excel spreadsheet for years (which you can download in the Free Resource Library).

Switching to this budgeting sheet has been a bit of a stretch for me. I like that my Google spreadsheet adds up my expenses automatically and I can easily customize the budget categories.

If you’re not already in the habit of budgeting and want a budget right inside your planner, however, these budget sheets could be a positive for you.


If you don’t get the Living Well Planner during a sale, it’s $55. At first, I had sticker shock at this price. But when my planner arrived in the mail, I was not disappointed.

Ruth created a high quality product that’s more like a life organizer than just a weekly calendar.

Living Well Planner vs Erin Condren LifePlanner

Erin Condren LifePlanners are also gorgeous, inspirational, focused on goal setting, and made with incredibly high quality. The price is right around $50-$60 too. Compared to the Living Well Planner, Erin Condren planners are simply more customizable.

You can personalize the planner:

  • front and back cover
  • size
  • weekly layout (vertical, horizontal, or hourly)
  • coil color
  • stickers
  • color theme (colorful or neutral)

There are several different Erin Condren planners to choose from, including:

  • Coiled LifePlanner (most similar style to Living Well Planner)
  • Hardbound LifePlanner
  • Deluxe Monthly Planner
  • Petite Planner
  • Focused Planner
  • Academic Planner
  • Wedding Planner
  • Teacher’s Planner

If you’re ready to find a planner that’s customized to fit your unique needs, then you’ll find what you need in an Erin Condren planner.

Living Well Planner vs Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is another pretty, everyday planner. There are a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. It’s also spiral bound and a bit heavier, like the Living Well Planner.

The biggest difference I could find between the Living Well Planner vs Happy Planner is there are no additional pages and resources for goal setting, life reflecting, and practicing gratitude.

The Living Well Planner is likely the better planner for you if you are focusing on goal setting, being more productive, and accomplishing your long-term and short-term goals.

Also, the Happy Planner is dated, so you either have to get this planner with the January or July start. The Living Well Planner, however, can start any day of the year.

While the Living Well Planner is only available in Ruth’s shop, and it has a larger price tag, the Happy Planner is widely available on Amazon for half the price. It’s versatile too. You can add The Happy Planner to your Amazon cart by clicking the button below.

Extras for Your Living Well Planner

In addition to buying the Living Well Planner, I added a couple extras from the Living Well Shop.

Do It Scared Mug

Do you hate paying for shipping? Me too. Instead of paying for shipping, I’d rather pay $12 and get something I actually can use.

That’s when I spotted the black and gold mug and t-shits. I instantly fell in love. Not only are they my colors for The Common Cents Club, but I’ve used the motto “do it scared” to face ALL my fears since putting myself out there on this blog, in my book, on podcasts, and speaking gigs.

Now when I wake early in the morning, I experience pure joy sipping coffee from my “do it scared” mug, using my stickers, planner pens, and life planner to organize my day and week as a busy mom.

Extra Living Well Planner Stickers

Since I was going all out to write this Living Well Planner review, I decided to load up on the stickers. There was a sale when I ordered and I had a feeling I would be extra inspired to note my meetings, doctor appointments, kids’ activities and reminders if I had stickers for them.

These stickers did not disappoint and I don’t know that I’ll be able to stick fill out future planners without fun stickers like these.

Pretty Pens for Planners

Oh, and how could I forget the pretty pens?

I use the Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens to keep my planner organized and pretty. The 12-pack is a great deal and I’ve been very happy with them.

I almost bought these FriXion Erasable Gel Pens I saw recommended by someone else because I’d love to be able to erase changes or mistakes, but then I read the reviews (like I always do) and heard your writing will erase on its own if it gets too warm.

I don’t want to have to worry about my appointments and reminders randomly disappearing if I take my planner to work outside or in the car, so for that reason I’m sticking with the PaperMate Flair Pens.

Living Well Planner Review Conclusion


The Living Well Planner is a high-quality life planner that is one of the best planners for moms. It’s a great planner for you if you:

  • want a structured planner for organizing your life
  • want a pretty planner that’s fun to use
  • want built-in monthly budgeting sheets
  • want to focus on creating habits and crushing goals
  • want space for time blocking, must-do daily tasks, and meal planning

I’m excited to use my new planner and hope you’ve found this Living Well Planner review helpful to help you decide if it will be the best planner for you.

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