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Is meal planning one of those things you want to do but haven’t found the right meal planning template to actually stick with it? If you’ve sworn you would do this meal planning thing only to fail after two days, perhaps you just haven’t found the right template for meal planning yet.

Meal planner templates are typically used to plan meals for one week or one month. You can plan 1-3 meals per day, and some have space for snacks too. Most meal planning templates are paper-and-pencil, electronic, printables, or magnetic dry-erase planners that stick to refrigerators.

Meal planning can be a super effective strategy for saving money, eating healthier, and feeling less overwhelmed by the dreaded 5:00 PM children’s cry, “What’s for dinner? I’m hungry!”


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Weekly Meal Planner Templates

After falling on and off the meal planning wagon many times, I finally found a meal planning template and system that works for me as a busy work-from-home mom.

Meal planning takes time and forethought, like creating a budget for the month, only with your food instead of money. But once you have it done, it’s done! No more thinking about “what to eat” for the week!

This weekly meal plan pad worked well for us for years. For those on a super tight budget, I created a printable version of it, which you can access for free at the end of the post.

1. Magnetic Meal Planner for the Fridge

An excellent option for planning your meals (and life) by week, day, or month are magnetic calendars. We have this Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar Bundle on our fridge and it’s high-quality.

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Magnetic Calendar Bundle
$29.99 $19.99

3 Magnetic Boards for making Monthly, Weekly, and Daily plans. Works for planning meals, or keeping track of schedules. Includes 6 magnetic dry-erase markers and eraser.

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02/18/2024 10:10 pm GMT

I appreciate that there’s zero paper waste and that there are options for planning weekly or monthly. We use the Weekly Calendar for Meal Planning.

P.S. The markers and eraser included are good quality too. We bought this bundle in November 2020, and the markers are just wearing out, so they lasted us over 3 years!


The Knock Knock WHAT TO EAT notepad is another inexpensive, handy meal planner that can stick to your refrigerator that’s proven its spot on our list.

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What To Eat Pad

Keep meal planning simple with a magnetic weekly meal planner, so you'll always know what's for dinner! Make grocery shopping easier by looking at your What to Eat pad first.

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Since you can save more than this notepad costs if it prevents you from going out to eat for even one dinner, it’s a worthwhile investment for someone who wants:

  • simple, paper-and-pencil meal planning
  • magnetic pad that sticks to the fridge
  • space for planning breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks

When we used this meal planner, I liked being able to look back at previous weeks when I was stuck in a meal-planning rut.

Why The ‘WHAT TO EAT’ Meal Planner Worked Well For Us

  1. It’s inexpensive.
  2. It’s magnetic – It sticks to my fridge where the food is to cook and where I look when making our weekly grocery list.
  3. It makes sense. The main space is for planning dinners, which is what I like to plan each day. We typically eat the same few things for breakfasts and lunches are often leftovers, so I don’t need space to plan those every day.
  4. It has space for planning SNACKS. My kids eat ALL DAY LONG, so one of my tips for successfully working from home with kids is to make sure I have plenty of snacks. This is something many meal planning templates are missing.
  5. It lasts ALL YEAR because there are 60 weekly meal planning sheets.
  6. Reuse old meal ideas. Keep your old sheets so you can quickly plan a new week from those meals you made a few weeks ago. This is a huge timesaver!

Meal Planning Printables

If you want to find a new weekly meal planner template but don’t think the Knock Knock WHAT TO EAT pad or the magnetic fridge magnets are right for you, check out these other meal planners you can print for free.


FREE Meal Plan Printables in The Common Cents Club Freebie Vault


I created a weekly meal planning template that is the same as the WHAT TO EAT pad but in a printable version. Sign up below to print this printable and start meal planning today:

4. Monthly Meal Planning Template

I’ve also created monthly meal planners too, so you can plan meals for four weeks (Monday-Friday) or an entire month. You can access those in the Freebie Library too!

5. Free Meal Planner with Grocery List Template

If you want a meal planner template with a grocery list included check out this free one.

6. Monthly Meal Plan with Grocery List for Just $5

If you don’t want to come up with your own meal plan, you can get a meal plan and grocery list created for you for only $5 a month!

Try it Completely Free for 14-Days. Cancel if you don’t love it, or continue your membership for just $5 a month. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy yet delicious Erin’s meal plans are.

7. Special Diet Meal Planning Templates

Meal planning makes sticking with individual diet needs and goals easier. Check out these options if you’re looking for meal plans for your individual diet goals:

Gluten Free Meal Plans – $5 Meal Plan program mentioned above has a library of gluten free recipes. You’ll get recipes, directions and a shopping list with your plan. Try it FREE for 2 weeks. Continue for $5 per month or cancel anytime if you don’t love it.

Whole 30 Meal Planning Templates – A great one-week Whole30 meal plan and shopping list can be found at 40 Aprons.

21 Day Fix Meal Plans – Grab a printable spreadsheet meal plan over here.

Vegetarian Meal Planning – Get four week’s worth of recipes and meal plans to fit a vegetarian diet either in Word or PDF.

8. Meal Plan in Your Bullet Journal

Finally, if you’re a bullet journal lover, you can create weekly meal plan in your journal too.

Here’s a how-to guide to show you how to create meal plans, shopping lists, and food budget goals with your bullet journal.

9. Plan Meals in Your Life Planner

If you’re a paper-and-pencil planner person, the Living Well Planner includes a space at the bottom of each daily column just for meal planning.

Related: See my review of the Living Well Planner to see inside!

10. Try Meal Delivery Service

If you just don’t have the time to commit to planning and preparing meals, then consider a healthy meal delivery service to help reach your goals.

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Daily Harvest Healthy Meal Delivery

Good food for the whole crew. Get tasty and nutritious meals and snacks made from real ingredients delivered to your door.

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Our family makes most meals at home, but Daily Harvest has been awesome for those times I’m in a pinch. They have healthy smoothies, flatbread, harvest bowls, pasta, and soups.

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Related: See my review of Daily Harvest on my food allergy blog!

Start Meal Planning Today

When you create a habit of meal planning, in just ten minutes or less you will:

  • save money
  • stop throwing away wasted food
  • have less overwhelm about “What’s for dinner?” questions
  • enjoy more family meals at home
  • avoid spontaneous restaurants and fast food
  • have a plan prepared ahead of time for your meals each day
  • know what groceries you need for the week (and what you don’t)
  • stick to your diet goals, eat healthier, and lose weight

Hope these meal planning templates and printables help you stick with meal planning and crush your goals!





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