You know you have the skills and desire to become an editor, but you don’t know where to find clients to start freelance editing?

Girl, we are a match made in heaven!

Here’s the thing: I stopped offering freelance editing services a long time ago, yet I still get emails every week with requests for editing.

I’ve heard from so many people who want to work from home and start freelance editing, but the biggest struggle has been finding clients.

Maybe you can relate?

This is how I realized finding freelance editing clients and building authority (even as a beginner) is my specialty. After many requests, I am finally breaking down my strategy step-by-step in a course.

Start Freelance Editing: The course that Shows You How to Find Clients!

After you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • find clients who pay for editing
  • stand out among the sea of editors
  • start to build a thriving editing business!

Start Freelance Editing Course is coming soon! Do you want in? Click below!

Maybe you have a few questions or even some doubts about becoming an online freelance editor or proofreader. Here’s the scoop:

Can You Really Make Money As a Freelance Editor?

Oh, yes! Plenty of people could benefit from your editing or proofreading skills, but not everyone is willing to pay for them. Finding the right clients is the key to earning money as an editor.

How Much Do Freelance Editors Make?

Like any job, this varies. As a freelancer, you set your own rates by finding that happy medium where you can find clients willing to pay your wage while still earning a good living. According to Glassdoor in 2019, the average freelance editor salary is around $50,000 per year. See images below:



Can You Start Freelance Editing Part-Time as a Side Hustle?

Yes! I went from beginner to editing for a New York Times bestselling author in less than six months, while being a stay-at-home mom. So even if you already have a full- or part-time job, freelance editing is something you can start and build on the side.

How Fast Can a Beginner Begin Freelance Editing?

You can find online editing jobs, build an impressive portfolio with killer testimonials, and get paid to edit from the comfort of your home in six months or less.


If you want to take a peek, here’s my freelance editing website.

How Much Does It Cost To Become a Freelance Editor or Proofreader?

Freelancing has very low startup costs. A computer and internet are necessities. If you’re a beginner and still need to find your first few clients, a basic website and the client-building strategy I teach in Start Freelance Editing will jumpstart your freelance editing career. Thankfully, these costs are minimal compared to a traditional college education and you’ll see a return on investment much faster.

Confident in your editing skills but not sure how to find clients?

Join me in the Start Freelance Editing program before enrollment closes to discover exactly where to find people willing to pay, so you can start growing your freelance editing business!

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