25 Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas Everyone Will Fight For


Christmas season is coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to take or come home from the gift exchange with a bunch of useless presents. Instead, check out these useful white elephant gift ideas that are:

  • awesome and everyone will love
  • practical yet fun
  • unisex / gender neutral
  • between $15 – $50

Outlined below are the best gift ideas for your upcoming White Elephant Gift Exchange.

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Gift Ideas on Amazon

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Best Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $50

Here are great white elephant gifts in the $40 – $50 range on Amazon that people can actually use after the Christmas party.

1. Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set

  • Not only a stunning gift, but they’re practical and work great too
  • 3 different designs to choose from (cosmos, landscapes, wildlife)
  • 4.8 stars from over 1,390 reviews

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2. LEGO Star Wars Kit

  • Adults and kids will enjoy building an impressive Clone Wars Armored Assault Tank with this cool white elephant gift
  • This set includes 286 pieces, 2 Star Wars minifigures – Ahsoka Tano and Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper – AAT Driver Battle Droid, Battle Droid figures, Lightsabers, and more
  • 4.8 stars from 100 reviews
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3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

  • Perfect healthy gift for food-loving moms, dads, family and friends who want to save time in the kitchen
  • Large basket (5.8qt), 12 presents, 99 recipes and 1-year warranty
  • 4.7 stars from nearly 2,500 reviews
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4. Sunrise Alarm Clock

  • Have more energy and get better makes this one of the most useful white elephant gift ideas
  • Ditch the alarm and become a morning person by winding down with sunset simulation and rising to warm light sunrise simulation
  • 4.4 stars with over 3,245 reviews
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5. One Month Supply of Quality Diapers

  • If there are parents of little ones at your Christmas party, this is a white elephant gift idea everyone will fight for!
  • With almost 200 diapers in a box, this is the most useful white elephant gift around $50. Just get a bigger size if their littles are older.
  • 4.8 stars from 33,395 parents around the world
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6. Breakfast Center Station

  • 3-in-1 multi function breakfast station is useful gift idea
  • Prepare your coffee, toast, and eggs at the same time without wasting a bunch of counter space
  • 4.8 stars from 6 reviews
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7. Spirit Infusion Kit – Flavor Vodka

  • Infuse Your Booze! Everything you need to make all-natural handcrafted infused spirits
  • Includes Recipe Book, 1,000 mL Infusion Jar, Liquor Bottle with Cork, Chalkboard Tag, Funnel, and Strainer
  • 4.6 stars from 189 reviews
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8. Matching Flapjack Pajamas

  • Lazy One Flapjacks makes fun one-piece pajamas for the entire family
  • Sizes include Adult, Child, Infant, and Dog Bandanas
  • Perfect funny gift for a white elephant party
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9. Starling’s Trunk Organizer

  • Turn any cluttered vehicle into an organized, mess-free space, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Large, heavy-duty, and choice of 2 or 3 customizable storage compartments
  • 4.8 stars from over 1,020 reviews
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10. Chaos Coordinator Bag

  • Here’s a perfect gift that’s funny and practical for your White Elephant Party
  • Any Chaos Coordinators needs
  • 4.6 stars from 141 reviews
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11. Starbucks Flavored Coffee K-Cup Variety Pack

  • Six different flavors: Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Toffeenut, Toasted Graham, and Cinnamon Dolce
  • 60 delicious Starbucks pods for the coffee lovers
  • The best gender-neutral white useful white elephant gift under $50
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12. Hand Painted Rooster Wine Bottle Holder

  • Hand-painted with amazing detail, this is a conversation piece that’s a great addition to any home, cabin, or RV
  • Useful white elephant gift that holds a 750 ml wine bottle
  • 4.8 stars from 104 reviews
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13. CHULUX Single Cup Coffee Maker

  • Compact personal coffee maker is perfect for home, office or hotel so you can enjoy your hot coffee anywhere you want
  • This is the best white elephant gift for under $50 and there are 5 awesome colors to choose from
  • 3.9 stars from over 4,900 reviews
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14. “Nice Butt” Bathroom Decor Box

  • Funny and practical white elephant gift
  • Farmhouse rustic decor will make bathrooms look better while making people laugh
  • 4.9 stars from over 130 reviews
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15. Keto Meal Replacement Shake

  • Organic, plant-based and keto-friendly protein powder is a practical white elephant gift they’ll actually use
  • Great way to start the day with protein, minerals, vitamins, probiotics, antioxidants, and omega 3s all sourced from power of plants
  • 4.3 stars from 48 reviews
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16. HotLogic Mini Portable Oven

  • Hot delicious food on the go with this mini portable oven that comes in 9 awesome colors
  • Heats evenly so enjoy warm meals even if you don’t have a microwave
  • 4.7 stars from over 3,580 reviews
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17. Paint Sprayer Gun

  • Painting is hard work and takes a lot of time. Give this useful white elephant gift that’ll save time and effort.
  • 3 spray patterns and 3 nozzle sizes, & a detachable paint container for easier cleanup
  • 4.4 stars from over 130 reviews
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Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas for $30

Looking to spend under $30 for a white elephant gift? There are many great ideas. Check them out, hit order, and enjoy the smiles of your loved ones at the white elephant gift exchange!

18. Motorcycle Couple with Dog Wine Bottle Holder

  • Nice gift idea for the white elephant gift exchange
  • Creative way to hold wine and reviewers say it looks even cooler in person
  • 4.8 stars from 9 reviews
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19. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

  • Set of 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs for relaxing baths
  • Perfect white elephant gift that people actually want
  • 4.9 stars from over 5,340 reviews
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20. Indoor Electric S’mores Maker Kit

  • Bring the outdoor bonfire fun indoors on cold days with this great white elephant gift
  • Includes 4 roasting forks to keep hands a safe distance from the heater, no flame, and compartments for graham crackers, chocolates, and marshmallows
  • 4.1 stars from over 243 reviews
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21. Chewbacca Mask with Funny Noises

  • Awesome and hilarious mask comes with everything you need to sound like everyone’s favorite Wookiee
  • Funny white elephant gift they’ll laugh about but still use
  • 4.5 stars from over 1,300 reviews
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22. Bulk Toilet Paper

  • Doesn’t get any more practical than a gift of toilet paper!
  • Anyone can use it and it’s under $30
  • 4.4 stars from over 115 toilet paper reviewers
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23. Flap-Jacked Mighty Muffins, Gluten-Free 12 Pack

  • Delicious, protein-packed muffins in a cup, ready in 45 seconds!
  • Just add water, stir, and microwave 12 yummy flavors
  • 4.6 reviews from over 130 reviews
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24. Feast of Fire and Ice: Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook

  • Feast like it’s Winterfell with 100+ easy-to-follow, mouthwatering recipes
  • Great white elephant gift, entertaining, and date nights while watching Game of Thrones
  • 4.8 stars from over 619 reviews
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25. Funny Coffee Mug

  • Funny yet useful white elephant gift that’ll bring a little laughter every morning
  • All the coffee-lovers with a sense of humor will fight over this glass mug because it’s dishwasher-safe and high quality too
  • 4.8 stars from nearly 300 reviews
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Save This List of Useful White Elephant Gifts for Later

With over 25 awesome yet practical white elephant gift ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect gift on this list.

Remember to save it for later so you always have high quality, high-reviewed, and most wished for gift ideas that everyone will fight over.


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What’s the best white elephant gift you’ve received? Let me know in the comments below so we can make practical gift lovers everywhere happy.

Cheers to smart and easy shopping,

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