Stay-at-Home Mom Earns $20 Per Hour Tutoring Through VIPKID


Have you ever wondered if those claims that the VIPKID pay is $20/hour are true? I wondered the same thing. Since I haven’t been an online teacher for VIPKID before, I connected with a fellow stay-at-home mom with years of experience earning money as an online teacher through VIPKID.

In this honest VIPKID Teacher Interview, you will learn:

  • what VIPKID hours are like
  • how much VIPKID pays
  • what it takes to be a successful online teacher with VIPKID and other online tutoring programs

Becoming an online teacher is a popular way to make money online as a stay-at-home mom. Below you’ll get firsthand experience from Whitney, a fellow stay-at-home mom and experienced VIPKID Teacher.


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Meet Whitney, VIPKID Teacher and Stay-at-Home Mom

Whitney and her husband have been married for 3 years. They have a dorkie named Tinkerbell and a 19-month-old girl known as Scout online.

How Do You Earn Money From Home Through VIPKID?

I have been teaching online with VIPKID for over a year. I am an independent contractor and teach Chinese children ages 5-12 hours a day, six days per week.

I’ve also been a teacher and recruiter for Magic Ears and Cambly.

Magic Ears is very similar except it is up to four students at a time.

Cambly is video chatting with people all over the world to help them practice English.

How Many Hours Per Week Do You Work With VIPKID?

I teach around 24-30 hours per week for VIPKID.

What Are Your VIPKID Hours? How Do You Get Work Done With A Kid At Home?

I teach from 4:00-8:00 a.m. while my daughter sleeps. I sleep with her during naps sometimes to catch up on sleep.

You get to pick your own schedule to work when it fits best with your daily routine with kids.

How Much Money Do You Make Working From Home?

I earn about $2,300-2,500 per month for teaching and recruiting.

How Much Does VIPKID Pay Per Hour?

VIPKID states they pay online teachers $14-$22 per hour to work from home.

VIPKID teachers start at $7-9 per class base pay. While I can’t disclose my actual rate, I can say that most teachers I’ve talked to start around $8 per class. Classes are 25 minutes, so that comes to $16/hour.

You get an extra $1 per hour just for showing up and teaching the class, and you get another $1 per class if you teach 45 in a month.

That brings the typical VIPKID pay to $10 per class or $20 per hour.

What Is A Typical VIPKID Salary?

I usually earn $2,000 each month just in teaching, making my annual online teaching salary around $24,000.

6 days x 4 hours x $20 per hour = $480 per week.

$480 x 4 weeks = $1,920 per month.

+ a couple of extra days most months = $2,000 per month

* Update: I recently added an hour a day, so now it’s more like $2,500 per month based on the $8 average.

I also am a recruiter and help other teachers get started with VIPKID. VIPKID pays me for each referral, and I usually get 1-3 of those per month.

Watch the quick video I made to answer more of the most common questions about VIPKID, like:

  • How much does VIPKID pay?
  • What can you expect as a VIPKID salary?

How Does Your Income Compare To When You First Started?

I just got a raise with VIPKID, so I now make $1/hour more. I also work more hours, but that’s due to my own scheduling changes. So your pay does typically increase over time.

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like As a Work-From-Home Mom?

I finish teaching around 8:00 a.m. and then often lay down with my daughter until she wakes up. Sometimes I’ll work on videos to help recruits or current teachers during that time.

While my daughter is awake, I try to be totally focused on her, though I often spend a lot of time on Facebook trying to find referrals. I’m trying to cut that time down and be more present with her when she’s up.

Referrals are not required for this job, but they do help bring in extra income.

Did You Have A Different Career Prior To Staying Home With Your Kids?

Yes. I was a teacher prior to staying home.

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What Are VIPKID Requirements?

  1. VIPKID requires a Bachelor’s Degree, but it can be in anything. It doesn’t have to be in education.
  2. You also need “a year” of teaching experience. That year should equal at least 500 hours of teaching experience.

The teaching experience requirement for VIPKID can be ANY teaching experience, such as coaching, tutoring, Sunday School or Youth Group, homeschooling, volunteering at a school, giving music lessons.

You won’t get an interview if you don’t meet those two requirements. You also need to be eligible to work in the US or Canada (don’t have to live here), speak English like a native, and have a North American accent.

Do You Have To Be A Teacher or Have An Education Degree To Work For VIPKID?

VIPKID requires any Bachelor’s Degree. Personally, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from BYU, but an education degree is not required.

**No Bachelor’s Degree?  No problem!  Check out tutoring through Magic Ears and Cambly instead. Contact Whitney, who can help get you started!**

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How Do You Get Started With VIPKID?

It’s really easy actually.

I first found it on Facebook. Then I found out many of my friends were doing it. One of them let me know about a minimum requirement change that made it a lot more accessible to me.

What Advice Do You Have For A Mom Who Wants To Be Home With Her Kids And Earn Money Too?

Do it! It is so worth it to watch my daughter grow.

Where Can People Learn More About You And How To Make Money As An Online Teacher?

Check out my YouTube channel full of helpful videos with answers to the most common questions about how to start as a VIPKID or MagicEars teacher.

Legit Stay-at-Home Mom Job: Online Teacher Interview

Thanks for sharing your story, Whitney! You’re an inspiring and fun money-making momma!

I love her tip that implies all the work and getting up early to be home and watch her daughter grow is worth it. I can completely relate!

Making money as an online teacher through VIPKID, Magic Ears, and Cambly are legit work from home opportunities for anyone who enjoys teaching and meets the educational requirements.

That extra money each month can really make a difference for many families.

If you’re interested in getting started as an online teacher/tutor, “Do it!” There have never before been so many legit opportunities to earn money from home (or anywhere). The VIPKID paychecks can quickly add more money to your monthly budget.

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