Where to Buy Cloth Face Masks Online: 7 Places In Stock


Looking for where to buy cloth face masks online that are washable, comfortable, and reusable?

The CDC recommends wearing cloth face masks, especially while out at grocery stores and pharmacies.

In this list of online places to buy cloth face masks, you’ll find mask options:

  • for adults
  • for children
  • with filters
  • with adjustable nose wires
  • with adjustable ear straps

Note: These masks are NOT for professional use and NOT medical-grade. This post may contain affiliate links. For more info read this.

Amazon Cloth Face Mask With Adjustable Nose Wire

You can buy this adult cotton face mask on Amazon today. It has stretchy ear loops and a small adjustable wire to get a tighter fit at the bridge of your nose.

This is 1 single gray face mask that’s reusable and washable.

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Amazon 9 Washable Face Masks

These unisex reusable cloth face masks on Amazon can be washed in hot water. Cover mouth and nose to help protect from dust, pet dander, and other airborne irritants.

This 9-Pack of cotton face masks are in stock today on Amazon.

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Amazon 3 Small Cloth Face Masks

These black cotton face masks on Amazon are smaller, so they cover the mouth and nose of children or women with small faces. They are washable and reusable.

This 3-Pack of face masks are in stock today on Amazon.

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Amazon Cotton Face Masks With Filters

You can buy these washable face masks with a 5-layer activated carbon filter on Amazon. There is an adjustable wire on the nose part.

This 2-Pack of cotton face masks with 2 sheet filters is in stock on Amazon today. Shipping looks like it will take a while to arrive though, as these are shipped from China.

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Amazon Cute Cloth Masks for Kids

This cute cloth face mask for kids has stretchy ear loops, an adjustable nose piece, and activated carbon filter inserts.

Buy this set to get 3 washable cloth face masks and 6 carbon filter inserts. Check the shipping date as it may be delayed depending on where you live.

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Jane Cloth Reusable Masks with Adjustable Ear Straps

jane cloth face masks in stock on sale

You can buy these trendy reusable face masks on Jane.com. Choose from many different colors and prints.

Solid masks are made from a cotton blend. Prints are made from a combination of cotton and soft fabric.

Self-tie ear straps offer a more comfortable, adjustable fit. Fits most adults.

Jane Colorful Washable Face Mask

You can buy this colorful and comfortable face mask on Jane too. It’s machine-washable, reusable, and comes in 7 different style choices.

Made in the U.S., this seller usually ships face masks within 5 days.

Make Your Own Cloth Face Mask

By now, you realize there are many places to order washable face masks online on Amazon and Jane.

If you buy a cloth face mask online but want something to cover your mouth and nose until it arrives, here’s a simple no-sew tutorial face mask tutorial from Jennifer Maker on YouTube.

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