3 Kids’ Sunglasses Tested Under $25 [There’s a Winner]


In this review, I ordered three pairs of kids’ sunglasses from Amazon that were under $25. My son tried them all out and gave his feedback, in addition to my feedback as a mom.

In this kids’ sunglasses review, you’ll see:

  • how each pair of sunglasses look on a child
  • what accessories come with
  • which pair he said fit best
  • which sunglasses performed best in the sun

In the end, he was allowed to pick one pair of sunglasses to keep. Read on to see which pair he picked!

After reading lots of Amazon reviews, I ended up ordering these three pairs of sunglasses that all looked promising.


  • Awesome protective car-shaped case
  • Polarized lenses and cool color options for boys and girls
  • Better for toddlers or children with smaller heads

Even though this pair says it’s for kids ages 6-10, these were by far the smallest sunglasses we tried. My son is 5 years old and has a fairly large head. Although he thought these glasses looked cool and he LOVED the car sunglasses case, he crossed these off the contender list pretty quickly after trying them on because they felt “tight” on his face.

I would say these are good polarized sunglasses for toddlers or younger kids with smaller faces.


  • Very flexible
  • Cool colors + polarized lenses
  • Only come with a soft cloth case (not a hard protective case like the others)

These polarized sunglasses look good, seem durable, and would fit kids of a variety of ages. The description says they are for ages 5-13, but I would say they’re better sunglasses for ages 4-9. If you’re looking for a more traditional style of kids’ sunglasses, these would be a good pick.


  • Polarized glasses that look cool for sporty kids
  • Includes durable hard case with carabiner
  • Wraparound sunglasses style blocks the most sun
  • Don’t slide when bending down or sweaty (great kids’ sunglasses for baseball!)

This was the biggest pair of youth sport sunglasses we tried, and this was the winner. Ultimately, my son picked this pair because they “blocked the sun best” and “look the coolest.” 😎 He’s worn them playing basketball, baseball, and football so far, and they’ve stayed in place well (his old toddler sunglasses used to slide down a lot).

I appreciate the nice storage case to keep the sunglasses protected when they get tossed into the beach or sports bags, so they last longer. Although this was the most expensive pair, they’re less than $25, and for all the features mentioned above, it was worth a few extra bucks for us.


Tried and Tested Children’s Sunglasses

We hope this review of kids’ sunglasses from Amazon was helpful with insight from both child and mom!

Questions? Let me know! Happy to help if I can.

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