Best Summer Jobs for Teachers in 2024


Summer will be here before we know it. For teachers, this might mean you have some spare time to earn extra money. But what are some great flexible summer jobs for teachers?

This post includes teacher job ideas that are:

  • Online jobs where you can work from home
  • Seasonal jobs during the summer months
  • Flexible jobs where you can set your schedule
  • Easy jobs as bonus ways to make extra money

School’s out for the summer…so let’s earn some extra cash!

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Online Summer Jobs for Teachers

1. Offer Freelance Services

Freelancing is when you are self-employed and contracted to perform a service instead of a traditional employee. By the end of your three months “off” for summer, you could have a legitimate freelance business running from home.

If you’re not sure what freelance service you could offer, think about any skills you have or can learn. You can earn anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 per month freelancing. Once you know where to look, you’ll see opportunities to get hired everywhere.

Some common freelance services teachers offer are:

How do you get started? If you already have the skills and confidence, you can start pitching clients today. If you need guidance on how to structure your business, where to find clients, and what to charge, the fastest and most comprehensive way to start freelancing is to focus on one of these incredible, step-by-step freelancing/virtual assistant training courses that will teach you everything you need to know.

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2. Become a PrepNow Tutor

PrepNow is an online tutoring platform geared toward preparing U.S. students for the ACT, SAT, and PSAT. This is a flexible summer job that pays well as tutors set their own schedule and their rates range from $80 per hour to $260 per hour.

To qualify as a PrepNow tutor, you need:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited 4-year college
  • Two years of teaching or tutoring experience
  • Composite 28 on the ACT or 650 on the SAT Math and Verbal/CR
  • Six hours of availability per week

What job opportunities are available? At the time of writing, there are online tutoring opportunities for math tutors, SAT/ACT tutors, science tutors, Spanish tutors, and French tutors. Click here to apply.

3. Teach Conversational English Online

Not only can you tutor kids locally, but you can teach or tutor online. This is considered one of the best online summer jobs for teachers because you already meet the requirements: a bachelor’s degree and experience with kids. The most popular online platform is VIPKID, where you can virtually teach conversational English to kids in China.

If VIPKID is not an option, you can consider these online tutoring companies:

  • Cambly
  • Qkids
  • GoGoKid
  • Naativ
  • Magic Ears
  • SayABC
  • Education First

What is online teaching like? Here’s an interview I did with a stay-at-home mom who tutors online.

4. Sell Lesson Plans Online

Teachers can make money selling lesson plans online. If you’re one of those teachers who’s gifted in creating rockstar lesson plans, you can earn extra cash all year by sharing them with others through Teachers Pay Teachers. Not only will you reach more students with your lessons, but you’ll help teachers who love students but are looking for new and improved lesson ideas.

What do beginners need to know? Here are seven great tips for opening a Teachers Pay Teachers store from a veteran seller on We Are Teachers.

5. Online Test Scorer

If you’re a teacher who didn’t get your share of grading during the school year, a flexible online summer job you can do from home is test scoring. Tests with essays, written answers, and portfolios are still reviewed by people –many of whom work from home. Training is usually provided but a background in teaching is often preferred.

Some of the companies that hire remote test scorers are:

  • ACT – U.S. resident with a bachelor’s degree and teaching experience is preferred. Pay begins at $12 per hour.
  • ETS – Online test scorers work part-time and score college entrance tests like the AP programs, Praxis, GRE, TOEIC, and TOEFL
  • Measurement, Inc – A bachelor’s degree is required for MI test evaluators who score items in English Language Arts, math, and science.

Many test scorers set their schedule, making this another flexible online summer job for teachers. The pay is usually between $10 to 20 per hour.

Click here to check out current available test scorer positions.

6. Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a huge platform where teachers can earn extra cash in the summer by selling handmade goods or even digital products like binders and labels.

Etsy can be a place to sell just about anything you can imagine to support other teachers.

7. Monetize a Blog

Blogging can be a hobby or it can be a business. If you are knowledgeable in a topic, have a passion to share, enjoy writing, and have basic tech skills, you can make money blogging. Honestly, that sounds like the skills almost every teacher I know. has.

Of course, you don’t have to blog about teaching. Even though my background is K-12 school counseling, I started a blog about working from home, saving money, and smart shopping because that was an untapped passion of mine. If you already have a hobby teacher blog, here’s a beginner’s guide about how to monetize it by Angela Watson.

Where to Find Remote Summer Jobs for Teachers Online

Aside from your own network of connections, you can find flexible or temporary summer job listings in these places:

  • FlexJobs – a simple search for “summer” revealed over 600 legit job opportunities. From tutoring, online summer teaching, test scoring, data mining, and assistant work, you can find many summer jobs for teachers that pay well. See the results for yourself!
  • Indeed – restaurants, landscaping, retail stores, and hotels are some of the seasonal summer jobs I found by searching “summer”
  • ZipRecruiter – filter by Employment Type “summer”
  • HireMyMom – similar to sites like Indeed and FlexJobs but geared toward freelancing jobs for work-at-home moms

FlexJobs has people screen all their remote job postings to ensure 100% they are legitimate, which is why there’s a small monthly fee. Other sites like Craigslist have a mixture of legit job postings and scams.

To avoid online job scams, follow these two simple rules:

  1. Do not pay money to start a job
  2. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Making money online is real, but earning $10,000 from 5 hours of work in your first month is too good to be true, my teacher friend. Like anything, it requires time and effort.

More Seasonal Summer Jobs for Teachers to Consider

If remote work is not what you’re looking for, then consider seasonal summer jobs in these fields of work:

  1. Campgrounds
  2. Lawn mowing and landscaping
  3. CSA farms
  4. Amusement parks like Disney or Six Flags
  5. Swim lessons
  6. YMCA summer camps
  7. Summer sports coaching or umping
  8. Sell at summer art fairs or farmer’s markets
  9. Summer school teacher
  10. Private lessons or tutoring
  11. County Fairs
  12. Summer festivals
  13. Bartending at weddings
  14. MLB baseball stadiums

Some of these jobs might be year-round depending on your climate, but many of these places hire extra help during the busy summer months.

Flexible Summer Jobs for Teachers

Finally, if you’re not looking for online work or seasonal work, there are flexible ways to make extra money in the summer that would be totally on your own schedule. Work if you want to and don’t work if you don’t feel like it.

  1. Drive Uber or Lyft
  2. Pet or house sit during summer vacations
  3. Deliver groceries with DoorDash, Shipt, or InstaCart
  4. Deliver packages with Amazon Flex or Postmates
  5. Sell something at Farmer’s Markets

Try one or combine a few side gigs to earn the cash you’re looking for during the summer months.

Bonus: Easy Ways Teachers Can Make Extra Money in the Summer

Just looking for some easy extra money this summer? Here are ways to put extra money in your spring break travel fund, Christmas gift fund, or pay off consumer debt while you have some time off:

  1. Get paid to walk with apps like these
  2. Get paid to lose weight with HealthyWage like these women
  3. Flip items from flea markets or thrift stores
  4. Take surveys during Netflix binges
  5. Use cashback apps for all your shopping

Legit Survey Companies

Best Cashback Sites:

Which Summer Job Will You Try?

Whether you want to continue teaching or if you want to do something a little different, there are lots of summer jobs teachers can do to make extra money.

More Ways to Make Money

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