100+ Best Frugal Living Tips & Ways to Save Money


You already know a few ways to save money, but you’re looking for the absolute best frugal living tips that will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every month.

You want new, creative, yet easy ways to save money while still living well.

Well, I’ve compiled my most epic list of 100+ frugal living tips and money-saving hacks that you can start using today. This post includes ways to save money on:

  • Groceries
  • Drinks
  • Restaurants & Fast Food
  • Vehicles
  • TV, Movies & Books
  • Cell Phones
  • Insurance
  • With Your Library
  • Housing
  • Gift Giving
  • Shopping
  • and more!

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Best Frugal Living Tips To Save Money On Food

Food is one of the best areas to implement the best frugal living tips because we all need to eat to survive. But the truth is, most of us could (drastically) save money on the food and drinks we buy.

Try these ideas to start being more frugal and slash your next grocery bill:

1. Make A Meal Plan (That Works For You)

Create a plan with all your meals and snacks for one week and only buy the food you need for that plan. I usually plan weekly but have planned meals for an entire month too.

Having a plan for your meals will help you save money and avoid Uber Eats, drive thrus, and restaurant meals that so easily happen when you just don’t know what else to eat.

P.S. I created a Printable Meal Planning Template for my frugal friends! Download and print it for FREE my Free Resource Library today.

2. Meal Prep.

After you create your meal plan, get your groceries and start meal prepping! All you need is your food and containers for the week. If you need some new ones, here are the best meal prep containers that I use and fill them with meals for the week.

3. Use The Ibotta App.

My go-to app for saving money on groceries is the FREE ibotta app. Use it to easily get cash back on practically anything you buy from 300+ stores. Milk, bread, cookies, crackers, pasta, even kombucha. Just browse the app to find deals on things you need to buy. Scan your receipt and earn free money.

They even have $10 and $20 gift cards you can earn for trying things like Hulu and Amazon Prime. One of the easiest ways to save money on groceries is to use ibotta to get money back on things you already buy anyway.

Click Here to Get $10 for New Ibotta Users

4. Shop At Aldi Stores.

Shop at a store that offers lower prices every day, instead of stores with only a few good deals each week. Hello, Aldi!

Aldi is my favorite place to buy groceries! I save at least $100 per week on groceries by shopping at Aldi’s compared to my local supermarket. Need more convincing to start shopping at Aldi? Check this out.

5. Eat The Food You Already Have.

More than likely, there’s already food in your cupboards, pantry, fridge, and freezer. Eat that food first to save on groceries this month. There’s no need to buy a cart full of groceries or go out to eat when your deep freezer and pantry are packed with food. Get creative and start putting random stuff together. It could be fun 😉

6. Use an App for Shopping Lists

Ever go shopping and forget your sticky note list at home? Me too. Use an app for your lists instead, so you’ll always have your shopping list with you.

To Do is my go-to app for groceries. I even got my husband to grocery shop once in a while and help keep track of the groceries we need with this app! (It’s that good.)

Check out all the best money saving apps I use.

7. Use $5 Meal Plan to Get the Habit Started

If you’ve tried meal planning but found it hard to stick to, you should really try $5 Meal Plan. They not only have easy, delicious meal plan recipes for many different dietary needs and preferences, but they also create your grocery list for you! That just might be the kicker you need to really make meal planning a habit.

I signed up for their Risk-Free 14 Day Trial and was impressed by the meal selection. Even for my picky eaters and family’s diet restrictions, I found meals we could make and eat. If you like it and it helps your family stick to your grocery budget, it’s only $5 per month to continue.

Start your 14-Day Risk-Free Trial of $5 Meal Plan

8. Stock Up On Deals.

When there is a great deal on a few essentials you know you will need later and have a very long shelf life (noodles, dry beans, or TP), buy several to stock up instead of buying them later when they are full price.

You can even stock up on things like blueberries when they’re in season (and cheaper) then freeze them to use in the winter months when they’re much more expensive in the store.

9. Buy Real, Yet Cheap, Food.

Think bananas, carrots, rolled oats, rice, beans, potatoes, and eggs. These are inexpensive foods that will actually fill you up but won’t jack up your grocery bill. This is a frugal living tip that will help your wallet and your waistline at the same time.

10. Buy The Generic Brand.

Replacing name-brand foods with the generic brand will noticeably cut your grocery bill. Many generic foods taste the same, while other foods taste slightly different, but you and your family can get used to the difference over time. Swapping brands is an easy way to save money without sacrificing.

In fact, many generic brands are even made by the same company; they literally just have different packaging! So don’t be afraid to give generic a try.

11. Get A Water Filter Instead Of Bottled Water.

One of the best frugal living tips is to invest in a water filter so you can drink your own tap water (which is safe for most people) because it will save you a TON of money if you’re used to buying bottled water.

I’ve personally used an inexpensive faucet filter like this one for years. It’s made my tap water safer to drink and it’s saved me hundreds of dollars because I never have to buy bottled water again.

12. Use Rakuten When You Buy Food Online.

If you order any groceries online as I do, make sure you sign up for Rakuten first to get cash back on all your online purchases. Rakuten is my favorite because it is THE EASIEST money-saving tool. Check out my full review of how Rakuten works here.

Enjoy Your $10 Welcome Gift From Rakuten

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Super Frugal Living – Save Money On Drinks Too

Most of us know we spend a lot of money on food, but do you know how much you spend on drinks? Between coffee, soda, protein shakes, juice, smoothies, teas, beer, wine, liquor, energy drinks, and so on, it’s probably a lot more than you think. Here are ways to live more frugally and spend less money on drinks.

1. Drink Lots of Water.

Unless your tap water is unsafe, skip bottled water. Use a water filter and refillable water bottle instead. When I leave the house, chances are I have my water bottle with me, so I don’t buy overpriced concession stands, fast food, or gas station drinks when I get thirsty.

If you haven’t started this habit yet, get a water bottle and bring it with you wherever you go. I’ve tried more water bottles than I care to admit, and this CamelBak water bottle and this Contigo water bottle continue to be my favorites.

2. Eliminate or Cut Back on Other Liquids.

By simply replacing some of your drinks with water, you could potentially save a LOT of money each month. Your body and your wallet will probably feel better once this one becomes a habit too. To ease into it, start by choosing one liquid to reduce, like soda. Then the next week, add another.

Psst! The Ibotta app has deals on beer, liquor, and wine!

So if you are going to buy alcohol, at least use Ibotta to take a picture of your receipt and save money.

3. Make Your Own Coffee at Home.

Look, I’m a coffee lover too, but the saver in me cringes at the cost of just one latte at coffee shops. My jaw dropped the first time I ordered a dairy-free pumpkin spice latte and the barista told me I owed her $10!

Brewing your coffee at home saves time because you don’t have the extra stops or waiting in line at a coffee shop. You can do it all in your own kitchen.

Even if you’re more of a latte or frappuccino drinker, Pinterest has plenty of yummy recipes you could use to create your own fancy coffee drink at home, like an Iced Vanilla Bean Latte, a Mocha Frappuccino.

4. Find The Best Coffee Deals

Even if you’re hooked on the convenience of a Keurig, you can still brew your own coffee or tea for less than 70¢ per cup at home with great Amazon K Cup Coffee Deals and teas.

P.S. If you really, really love to splurge on coffee, ask for gift cards to your favorite coffee shop for your birthday, Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

You can easily earn free gift cards from Swagbucks too.

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Frugal Living Tips To Save Money at Restaurants

In addition to spending less at the grocery store, you can also save money at restaurants and fast food joints if you’re intentional. Here are the best frugal living tips for eating out:

1. Take Advantage of Kids Eat Free Nights

There are tons of restaurants that will allow your kids to eat free or super cheap if you go on the right day of the week. This guide is a lifesaver for finding out which restaurants have deals on kids’ meals for each day of the week.

2. Make Going Out To Eat A Rare Splurge

Instead of being the norm, create the habit that going out to eat is a special event in your household. Make cooking, trying new recipes, and even theme nights like Taco Tuesday and Slow Cooker Sunday something fun to do together.

3. Search Google for Coupons, Groupons, or Discounts

When you know you’ll need to get food on the road, look ahead of time for any special deals to save a few bucks. Sometimes you can find deals like a $50 Gift Card for just $30. Living frugally is often about planning ahead.

4. Use BOGO Sandwich Deals

 Certain fast food places almost always have coupons for BOGO sandwich deals, so use those and get two sandwiches. Skip the fries, they really aren’t filling anyway, and the sandwich should be enough to hold you over.

5. Get an Appetizer As Your Meal

Some appetizers are big enough and cheaper than the main dishes. You can often get a large chicken quesadilla for half the price of the entrees.

6. Drink Water With Lemon

Water is clearly one of the best frugal living tips. It works at restaurants too. Ask for lemon for some flavor and enjoy bottomless free refills.

7. Take Advantage of Happy Hour

Many restaurants have deals of as much as 50% off if you eat or drink during specified times. Similarly, many have special deals like $1 taco days. This could be another way to satisfy your restaurant cravings while sticking to your budget.

8. Go Out for Breakfast

Restaurant breakfasts are usually half the price or less of the dinner entrees. Enjoy french toast and bacon with a friend or your spouse at brunchtime instead of going out for dinner.

9. Take Leftovers Home

If you do get a large meal, ask for a box and pack up half the meal to go. You’ll have lunch already set for tomorrow and you’ll get two meals for the price of one.

10. Take Full Advantage of Birthday Freebies

Just by showing your driver’s license or signing up online, you can enjoy a bunch of goodies for free on your birthday each year. Here are 31 birthday freebies you could sign up for.

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Money Saving Tips For Your Vehicles

Next, let’s look at the best frugal living tips when it comes to vehicles.

1. Get Rid of Car Payments

Ever calculate how much money you would save in a year if you didn’t have a car payment?

What if you put that money into something that grows in value–such as a retirement account, college savings account, or real estate–instead of something that loses its value?

To get rid of your car payment, you could:

  • sell your current vehicle and purchase an older
  • become a one-vehicle family
  • use money from savings to pay off your car loan early

Sometimes people don’t realize their dream lifestyle is completely within reach–if only they got rid of the giant car payments sitting in their driveway.

P.S. Within just a few months of launching my book about paying off debt, readers were already sharing that they used the strategies in my book to pay off their car loans! Without car payments, they have way more wiggle room in their budget.

2. Sell Any Extra Vehicles

Do you have more vehicles than drivers? Live more frugally by selling a vehicle, collecting cash, and enjoy saving on registration and car insurance too.

You can usually sell vehicles for more money if you clean them up and sell them by owner rather than trade them into a dealer.

3. DIY Car Wash

Automatic car washes don’t cost a ton, but over the course of a year, washing your car yourself could add up to a decent amount of savings.

4. Carpool

Whether it’s for your commute to work or a trip to your kids’ tournament this weekend, carpool when you can.

My husband and I carpooled with co-workers for years. This frugal living tip cut our gas and oil change costs in half, allowing us to pay off debt then build an emergency fund much faster.

Plus, when we carpooled with others, there were a lot fewer temptations to stop for coffee in the morning or at the store on the way home…saving us even more money throughout the month.

5. Use Car Maintenance Coupons

Your local newspaper, mechanic websites, or even Groupon often have coupons for oil changes or other car maintenance.

While you probably want to stick to your trusted mechanic for big car repairs, you could take your business to whoever offers the best deal for simple things like an oil change or tire rotation.

6. Combine Errands in One Trip

Rather than running into or across town every day for a different errand, combine them and let your car sit at home a day here and there to save a little on gas.

7. Walk, Bike, Run or Rollerblade

For one of the best frugal living tips that’s also good for your health, put on your walking shoes or grab a bike. It’s free, good exercise for your body and mind, and saves gas & wear on your vehicle too.

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Ideas to Save Money on TV, Movies & Books at Home

The bill you pay each month might not seem like a ton, but multiply that number by 12 and the amount you pay for TV in a year might shock you. Here are some of the best frugal living tips for saving money on TV, movies, & books.

1. Assess Your Favorites and Cut the Rest

Take a look at all the different TV, cable, and streaming services you pay for that include shows and movies. Pick your favorite and cut out the rest is the fastest way to save money on TV each month.

  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Sling
  • Disney+
  • Cable
  • Dish
  • Direct TV

2. Compare Prices and Consider Switching

Compare prices of the service providers and you might be surprised that you can get a lower rate by switching to a new company. Remember to negotiate and let them know you’re shopping around looking for the best deal. Sometimes they will waive fees, you just need to ask!

3. Call and Ask for a Deal

Another strategy that works is to take the best deals you find when comparing prices and calling around and let your current provider know you’re canceling because you found a better deal. Often times they don’t want to lose a current paying customer, so this is just what they need to offer you a better rate to keep you around.

4. Get a TV Antenna

Remember the bunny ears on everyone’s roof? They’ve come a long way with antennas. These days you can get basic local TV channels with sleek indoor/outdoor antennas for less than $50.

5. Use Amazon Prime Video

If you’re already paying for the fast, free shipping and special deals from Amazon Prime, don’t forget about the TV and movie perks that are included too. They’re adding new TV series, kids & family shows, documentaries, and movies all the time. You can add channels like HBO and Starz too.

Want to try it for free? You can try Amazon Prime free for 30 days to test it out. Cancel anytime.

Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows With Amazon Prime’s Free Tria

6. Join the Redbox Email List

You’ll get coupon codes for FREE movies or video game rentals in your email if you join the Redbox email list. New movies show up in the red boxes super fast too.

7. Borrow Movies

Chances are your friends, family, neighbors, and the library have some great movies that you haven’t seen yet. Do a movie swap and borrow movies for free.

8. Get 2 Free Audiobooks

If you have an email address that you haven’t used for an Audible Free Trial, you can get two free audiobooks without needing to pay a cent. You get to keep the books forever too! Just remember to cancel your subscription before the 30 days are up if you don’t want to continue.

Get Two Free Books From Audible

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10 Ways to Save Money on Cell Phones

New cell phones and high data plans can cost a lot of money. Try these ways to save money on cell phones to cut your spending big time.

1. Check Out Republic Wireless

With cell phone plans as low as $15 per month, it’s worth a look. I’ve heard awesome things about Republic Wireless and for just $15 per month, you could save a ton of money.

2. Protect Your Phone With A Good Case

If your phone is worth $200 or more, protect your phone with a high-quality case to protect your screen. My first iPhone was always in an Otterbox Defender case, and years later I finally took it out and it looked brand new.

The multiple layers of protection and shock absorption will keep your smartphone like new for years.

3. Buy Used Phones

Some cell phone companies have used phones you can buy, or websites like and Swappa have certified pre-owned iPhones for a fraction of the price.

4. Sell Your Old Phone

Use Swappa to sell your old smartphones you have lying around. Having more money in the bank is better than having unused phones lying around.

5. Lower Your Data Plan

Check your usage and see if you are using all the data you’re paying for. Although the cell phone salesperson told me I should start out with a 10GB per month plan, I regularly only use 1GB of data because I’m usually at places with wi-fi.

6. Compare and Optimize Your Cell Phone Bill

Shop around and see if another cell phone company is offering new customers a new deal. This is a great article and script on what to say to lower your cell phone bill.

7. Check Your Bill For Mistakes

Call your phone provider and inquire about any fees or charges you aren’t sure what they are for. Make sure you actually use any services you are paying for.

Sometimes add-on perks sound good at the beginning and only cost a few bucks a month, but years later you learn you’ve been paying $10 per month for something you never used (and likely never will).

8. Buy Older Versions of Phones

iPhone is releasing new models so often I can’t keep up! When you need a new phone, resist the temptation to get the latest and greatest because it’s usually the most expensive.

Instead, choose a phone that’s a version or two old. Consider refurbished phones for the biggest savings.

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Best Frugal Living Tips To Save Money On Entertainment

Here are the best ways to live simply and save money along the way.

1. Look For Free Events

Enjoy free days at the zoo, concerts in the park, free family video showings at schools and libraries, and free family fun nights. Whether it’s date nights, nights out with friends, or family days with the kids, you can have a lot of fun without spending a lot of money.

Facebook is a great tool for finding fun events in your area.

2. Eat Before You Go or Bring Your Own Food

You won’t have to buy food from the vendors, which always costs more than you can get it for at the grocery store. Hello, $5 hot dog and $3.50 bottle of water.

Either eat before the event or bring your own food if it’s allowed to save money while out and about.

3. Host Friends At Your House

Invite family or friends over for a meal, bonfire, games, or a movie night at your house instead of going out. If you have kids, they can run wild with other people’s kids without being embarrassed in public 😉

4. Get Discounted Tickets

Check with your local Recreation Department or public school district to see if they sell discounted tickets to local attractions. We can get tickets to the zoo, Six Flags, and water parks for around 25% off from our Recreation Department.

You can also look on Craigslist, Facebook groups, or sites like StubHub, Ticket Master, or Cheap Tickets to get discounted tickets rather than paying full price.

5. Go to Budget Theatres or Daytime Shows

If you want to see a new movie, daytime shows are usually cheaper than evening shows. Also, budget theatres are getting really good at showing nearly-new movies for a fraction of the price.

6. Use Groupons

There are tons of deals for restaurants and just about anything you can think to do on Groupon. Paint nights, escape rooms, amusement parks, wine tasting, comedy clubs, cooking and dance classes, museums, theaters, concerts, and more.

7. Get Outside

This is one of the best frugal living tips for your wallet and your soul.

Step away from noise and technology and find some entertainment in nature. Go for a hike, a bike ride, walk the dogs, go to a park, pack a picnic, go camping, fishing, sledding…just go outside.

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Ways to Save Money on Insurance

Would you believe I recently saved over $700 on insurance? It’s true!

I finally compared insurance carriers for our home and auto insurance, which I’d thought about doing for a couple of years but kept putting it off. I’m so glad I did it because I found out we could get better coverage for $400 less than we were paying before.

In addition, my husband and I earn $300 every year by taking a health assessment for our health insurance company.

So those two things put $700 extra in our pocket each year!

How can you save money on insurance?

1. Compare Insurance Companies

A few hours of getting quotes could equate to hundreds of dollars saved each year. In our search, we found the smaller companies actually provided better rates and better coverage than the big-name insurance companies.

Be sure to carefully assess your insurance needs to ensure you have enough coverage. Speak to a professional if you’re unsure before making any big insurance changes.

2. Negotiate Your Rate

Once you know what other companies offer, you can better negotiate with your current insurance provider. Let them know the rate they need to beat or you will switch to another company.

Here’s an exact script you can use to negotiate lower car insurance, thanks to Ramit Sethi.

3. Complete Health Insurance Assessments

If your health insurance offers an incentive for completing an online or in-person assessment, take the time to do it. It can be an easy way to earn a few hundred bucks. We either get paid with gift cards or prepaid Visa cards.

4. Get Healthier

You can lower your life insurance rates by being in the top tier of health (e.g., be at a healthy weight, don’t smoke, manage your stress, etc.). The healthier you are, the more money you can save.

5. Drive Carefully

Traffic tickets and accidents not only cost money immediately, but they also affect your car and life insurance rates too. Maybe get yourself a planner to help you block your time better so you’re not running late and speeding all the time.

Many car insurance companies offer discounts for every year you go without a claim. If you have kids, you’ll expect them to drive carefully, so be a good role model while driving. They learn more from your actions than from your words.

6. Earn Good Grades

Ask your auto insurance provider about good student discounts. Car insurance companies often have discounts for students who excel in school.

If you’re a college student or if you have kids in school, stress the importance of earning good grades and do your part to help make that happen. If your college kid needs to get organized, here are the best planners for college students. Can you tell I live by planners? 🙂

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How To Live Frugally And Use Your Local Library

You might be surprised at how much money you can save if you keep your wallet closed and open the doors of your library.

Those who know how to live frugally adore public libraries because they are a FREE resource for all sorts of things. Check out what the libraries in your area have to offer this month.

  1. Free music, movies, TV series, books, ebooks, and audiobooks. Borrow thousands of items for completely free. Just use your card to check the items out and return them before the due date.
  2. Free internet. If you can get by without the internet at home, you can use the library for the times you really need it to save money.
  3. Classes, clubs, and fun events. My local library offers toddler yoga, toddler story times, reading to therapy dogs, Pokemon club, movie & popcorn nights, family trivia nights, potluck picnics, book clubs, summer reading programs, and more throughout the year. And they are all FREE!

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Best Frugal Living Tips for Housing

Housing is the biggest expense for many people, so it also has the most potential for the greatest savings. These are some of the best frugal living tips for your home.

1. Get a Roommate

Getting a roommate is the fastest way to cut all your living expenses in half. Rent, electricity, gas, water, and trash bills can be cut in half. It doesn’t have to be a permanent situation, but it can surely increase your disposable income for a while.

2. Find a Cheaper Place to Live

If you’re looking for one super frugal living idea that could save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, you could a cheaper place to live and cut your housing expense big time.

Research refinancing, finding cheaper rent, relocating to a less expensive area, or downsizing to a smaller home with a smaller (or no) mortgage to save money on housing.

3. Start an Airbnb

If you’re set on staying where you live without getting a roommate, consider starting an Airbnb. This extra income can help pay for your housing costs.

You can rent out your entire house for special occasions, such as big sporting events, or just a room or certain area of your house, like a finished basement.

4. Use High Efficiency (HE) Appliances

When it’s time to update your appliances, high-efficiency appliances will help cut your monthly expenses. I love our new Bosch dishwasher, it’s super quiet and it uses less water and energy.

5. Use a Smart or Programmable Thermostat

This small investment could save you lots of time and money on heating and cooling. Don’t waste money heating or cooling a house with no one in it. When you’re gone at work or on vacation, adjust the heating and watch the savings.

There are Smart Thermostats with a lot of cool functions or for less than $100, or for under $50 you can get a programmable thermostat and take full advantage of the temperature in your home.

6. Use a Window Air Conditioner

Cooling an entire house takes a lot of electricity. A fan would be the cheapest option, but in the middle is a window air conditioner.

With a window a/c unit, you can cool one area of your room instead of an entire house. This works well for a bedroom if you just need it cool in the main living room or in your bedroom when you sleep.

7. Use a Rain Barrel

Are you really frugal if you don’t use a rain barrel? Use that free rainwater!

If you pay for water in the city, collecting rainwater to water your plants and garden can save money on your water bill.

You can DIY your own rain barrel for less than $15 or buy one from Amazon and get it delivered to your door.

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6 Tips For Frugal Living And Gift Giving

Generosity is admirable, but there are lots of ways you can live frugally and still be a giver.

  1. Give your time. Your time is the only gift that is irreplaceable. When you’re looking for the next gift for a kiddo, instead of wrapping up yet another toy, take the child to a park or beach, pack a picnic, bring a ball and a kite, and play with them.
  2. Cook a nice meal and dessert. Host or deliver a meal to show kindness to a loved one.
  3. Give and ask for practical gifts. If someone’s going to spend money on a gift and they want to be frugal, practical gifts are the way to go. These practical gifts are ones people actually want and will use!
  4. Reuse. You can easily reuse gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, and bows instead of buying new ones.
  5. Use newspaper to wrap presents. For those you know won’t care, wrap their gifts in newspaper instead of wrapping paper. For me, it’s a joke with my dad. Both my gifts to him and his gifts to me are often wrapped in newspaper. It ends up in the trash anyway, and we’re both ok with that!
  6. Make a handmade card. Instead of buying another greeting card, write your own message. If you have kids, ask them to help color and design it with you. Not only will your card stand out among all the other store-bought cards, but it will also probably be more meaningful.
  7. Keep gifts small. You don’t need to constantly one-up your last gift or compete with anyone on social media for who spent the most on a gift. Keep your gifts simple and intentional, like these simple Easter Basket gifts for under $10.

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9 Ways To Be Frugal While Shopping

  1. Buy used. With all the places to buy and sell stuff online and in person these days, there isn’t much you can’t buy used. Check Facebook buy & sell groups, Craigslist, eBay, consignment stores, thrift stores, or even your friends and family to see what they are selling. From furniture to clothes and baby gear, buying used can save you a load of dough.
  2. Cut convenient yet costly subscriptions. If you have any monthly subscriptions, examine the value of what you are paying for. Many times you’re paying a hefty price tag for convenience, so ending an unnecessary subscription might be an area you could save money each month.
  3. Sign up for subscriptions that will truly save you money. While some subscriptions are more for convenience, others really do save you money. With Amazon Prime, for example, I can get the best price on my vitamins and diapers by using their “Subscribe & Save” option. These are things I will buy every month no matter what, so I might as well subscribe to get the best price.

At first, I assumed if I subscribed that I would have to pay every month no matter what, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out I have the flexibility to skip months if I don’t need an item yet. If you haven’t yet, you can Try Amazon Prime Free For 30-Days to see if it would save you money.

  1. Set “No Spend Days.” Start with one day per month and dedicate it as a day you will not spend any money. Increase it to one day per week and that’s four guaranteed days of not spending any money every month. Here are even more tips for successful no-spend days.
  2. Wait 30 Days. Practice self-control and wait 30 days before making any purchases that are not absolute necessities. This will reduce impulse buys and help you stick to your budget. Chances are, you’ll either forget about it, no longer “have to have it,” or you’ll verify that you really do want it and it fits in your budget.
  3. Add a Zero. Before you buy something, mentally “add a zero” to the price tag. Then ask yourself if you’d still buy it at that price. Why? This number represents how much you could earn if you were to invest that same money in something like a retirement account, or how much you could save on interest if you used that money to pay off debt instead. This strategy makes that $50 shirt a lot less appealing. ($500? No, thanks.)
  4. Be a Mystery Shopper. If you want to earn money for shopping and don’t mind taking surveys, you can explore being a mystery shopper. You can get things like free meals and hotel stays too. Read more about being a mystery shopper here.
  5. Google “Promo” and “Coupon” codes. Before buying anything online, open another tab and do a quick Google search for the store name + promo code or coupon code. One of my favorite sites for finding these discounts is RetailMeNot. Lots of times, you’ll find an extra 15% off or free shipping.
  6. Use Rakuten for all online shopping. If you do ANY online shopping, you have to use Rakuten. I’ve used Rakuten for years to get hundreds of dollars in cold hard cash for pushing a button. It could not be easier. Plus, YOU GET $30 for signing up and making your first purchase, so be sure to sign up before you buy anything else online.

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6 More Frugal Living Tips You Need To Try

  1. Cut your own hair. Hair stylists can be expensive, so if having a fantastic-looking head of hair isn’t at the tippy top of your priority list, consider finding a cheaper stylist or even cutting your own (or your partner’s hair).
  2. Cancel your gym membership. Gym memberships can be expensive, and from my experience working at a gym, most people are not getting the full value out of their membership. If that’s you, stop pretending you’ll use it more next month and cancel it already.

Ending your membership doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising either. There are awesome workouts for free online (BenderFitness has been a favorite of mine). Or just grab a pair of tennies and walk, run, skip, jump rope, lunge, squat, burpee, plank, then push-up. Repeat until you’re sweaty…then repeat some more.

  1. Refinance your loans. If you’re able to refinance debt, such as student loans, for a lower interest rate, you could save money and lower your monthly payments. I have friends who’ve had great success refinancing student loans with SoFi. You can read the full details about my big refinancing mistake here.
  2. Stop comparing. If you continue to compare yourself and your life to those around you, you will continue to spend, spend, spend to try and keep up.

If you’re looking at life through a comparison lens, you will always be someone with more than you. More clothes. More jewelry. More cars. A bigger house. More land. More money. More vacations.

The sooner you acknowledge and accept that, the easier it will be to stop spending money to try and keep up with the Joneses. This will help you get or stay out of debt while living a more frugal, simple life. Focus on your goals to save and don’t sweat what everyone else appears to have.

  1. Practice contentment and gratitude. Being content with what you have and being grateful for what you have are two keys to making your financial dreams (and happiness) become your reality.
  2. Use Swagbucks. You can earn money if you sign up for Swagbucks by using their search engine to do your regular searches, take 5-20 minute surveys, watch short videos, and more. You earn points for all of those items then you can redeem your points for gift cards to just about anywhere.

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Finally, I saved the best for last.

#1 Best Budget Tip for Frugal Living

The #1 thing that will help you commit to a frugal lifestyle is budgeting. Every. Single. Month. It was a game-changer for paying off over $60,000 in student loans, building our emergency fund, and even leaving my job to freelance and work from home.

P.S. You can get my budget template in the Free Resource Library. See the link below!

Know Where You Spend Your Money

If you don’t know where your money is going, then how can you find ways to save it?

When you can clearly see where you spend your money, you can more easily find where you can save and live a more frugal lifestyle.

Here is a simple guide to creating a monthly budget.

You can also get instant access to the budget template I use. It’s part of the Common Cents Club Free Resource Library.

Get my FREE Budget Template & Take CONTROL of Your Money

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Use The Best Frugal Living Tips To Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you are looking for ways to save money on groceries, drinks, restaurants, insurance, entertainment, and more, this is the list of money-saving ideas that will teach you how.

Now it’s up to you: How much money do you want to save? Use a couple of frugal tips or use them all to start saving more money this month and live more frugally.

Remember, saving money is half the equation. The other half is to boost your income and make more money. Bring more money in and allow less money out so you can work smarter, not harder, with your money.



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