It’s graduation season and you’re looking for the perfect gift for your high school or college graduate. You want to give your graduate something that will have a true impact on the next stage of their life, will help them be financially responsible, and ultimately tackle those relentless student loans.

Some of these ideas are FREE or inexpensive but they all are guaranteed to help your graduate substantially. So even if you already bought a gift or graduation has passed, you still need to check out these graduation must-haves.

Because a life of wealth happens by choice, not by chance.

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1. Consult with Student Loan Planners

Want to save your college graduate $59,000?

Well I can’t guarantee it, but that’s the average amount people save when they consult with The Student Loan Planners about the best strategy for paying off their student loans.

This is especially crucial for college grads with a lot of college debt.

Check out their services and how they help grads save thousands by coming up with the smartest strategy for eliminating student loans. Your college grad will love the peace of mind this one call can bring.

2. Free YNAB Trial For Students

Everyone who has looked into being financially responsible has heard how powerful the habit of budgeting is for meeting financial goals.

Most people also know budgeting is an insanely difficult habit to create. It can be tedious, time-consuming, and feels restricting. Therefore, a software and app specifically for budgeting can be really handy. It can even link up with many bank accounts so your transactions are automatically pulled into the software, making budgeting a much simpler process.

One popular budgeting software is You Need A Budget (YNAB for short). It’s a software you pay for and can use on your computer and phone. But…


To qualify, you just have to:

  1. be a high school or college student
  2. sign up
  3. and provide proof (like student ID, transcript, etc.)

That’s it!

Here are all the full details for you to pass on to your high school or college grad. While it’s not exactly a physical gift, it is something your graduate can use every day to help make smarter money choices. And maybe you could agree to pay for their following year of the software as a gift so they know they have no excuse not to budget for the next TWO years. đŸ˜‰

3. Pay Your Student Loans Fast Book

If your new graduate has students or plans to take them out in the future, then Pay Your Student Loans Fast is a must-have book.

This book is:

  • the proven plan I used to eliminate over $42,000 in just 34 months
  • written in simple language that’s easy to understand
  • inspirational to show how even those without a lot of money can get out of debt fast
  • comprehensive, but short and sweet
  • available in both Kindle and print

If you’re not sure which version to buy, the paperback version is most popular because students and grads can more easily earmark, highlight, and refer back to the info later.

By learning from both my mistakes and wins, your student could save thousands of dollars and many years of regret by investing just 1-2 hours reading this book.

Give a copy of Pay Your Student Loans Fast to all the graduates you know. It will change how they handle debt for their entire adult life.

4. Amazon Prime Student

Did you know that students can try Amazon Prime FREE for SIX MONTHS?

If you’re not already aware, Amazon Prime is ridiculously awesome. With Prime, your grad could get:

  • great prices on thousands of products
  • subscribe & save options to save even more money on things you routinely buy
  • free 2-day shipping on tons of products
  • thousands of Free TV shows
  • Free movies
  • Free Music
  • Free Books.

Talk about guaranteed ways to save money, right?

You can tell your college students about this Free Trial Opportunity or Give them the Gift of Amazon Prime for 3 months or 1 year as a graduation present to take advantage of these offers. With less money going toward shipping, TV, movies, and music, graduates will have more money in their budget to pay off those pesky college loans.

Pass on the Amazon Prime Trial for Students here. Your grad will love you for this one.

5. Financial Peace University

Millions of people around the world have been affected by Dave Ramsey. I consider him The Debt Guru, and he is known for transforming people’s lives by walking them from broke to wealthy.

His most popular and powerful resources include:

I listened to his podcast frequently when I was doing “weird” things to get out of debt. As I listened, I heard people repeatedly say two things were game-changers in their money transformations:

  1. budgeting
  2. the FPU class

As I work to create a new norm that it’s ok to talk about money, I’ve had many good friends tell me they went through the FPU class I loved it.

I believe this class is so powerful because it has built-in accountability (the in-person class more so than the home study kit).

You see, many people want to do things like get out of debt, change their bad habits, and make healthier choices, but they fail. I recently listened to a podcast with Gretch Rubin, an expert in psychology, personality types, and habits.

Gretchn explains that there are four tendency types, and most people are obligers. Obligers tend to uphold the expectations of others (do good at work, help take care of other people), but don’t follow through on things they want for themselves (like self-care, taking time to cook or exercise, and taking control of their finances).

Just like obligers stick with workout routines better when they have a workout accountability buddy, those who struggle to get fit financially may also do better with money accountability buddies.

You can take Gretchen’s quiz to find out which tendency type you are and check out her book The Four Tendencies.

So if you want to give a gift that teaches all aspects of finances, like how to budget, evaluate needs versus wants, what types of insurance you need, and how to work together with a partner on finances, how to invest for the future, and the power of generosity, consider giving Financial Peace University as a gift. (They are running a limited time sale where you can save $40!)

P.S. I am not an affiliate for Financial Peace University. I am just a genuine believer in the program and know it has changed many people’s lives.

BONUS! Gift a Student Loan Payment

A sure way to help a college graduate tackle their student loans is by making a payment toward their loan for them.

There are several ways you can do this, including:

  • give cash and the student makes the payment themselves
  • log into their student loan servicer account and make the payment together
  • become an authorized payer on their account
  • use a third-party service, such as

Student loans are a ruthless struggle for over 44 millions of Americans, so your gift of a student loan payment could bring a new grad a ton of relief.

Which Must-Have Gift For Grads Will Your Grad Be Lucky Enough To Get?

You can help your new graduate start off on the right foot financially by giving them:

Let me know in the comments what you are gifting or the best college gift you received!

More College + Student Loan Resources

For even more help for repaying student loans and making smart money choices in college, check out these top resources below:

Cheers to all the grads becoming student loan debt free faster.

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