Are iRobot Roombas Worth It?

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You heard someone say they loved their Roomba robot vacuum, and now you are wondering: Are iRobot Roombas worth it? Well, if you read my post: I May Be Frugal, But These Things Were Worth The Splurge, you know I splurged on a Roomba when I was struggling to keep up with our little ones and keep the floors clean.

In short, the iRobot Roomba robot vacuums are worth it for most people. They clean hardwood, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, tile, and carpet floors with the simple push of a button. You don’t even have to be home in order for your floors to get clean.

So while that spoils the secret that I think Roombas are worth it for many, there are some people who robot vacuums would NOT be good for. Hence, why you need to read the rest of this Roomba vacuum review.


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In this iRobot Roomba review, you will learn:

  • Who robot vacuums are good for — and who they are not
  • What you need to know before you buy a Roomba
  • Where to find the best deals on Robot Vacuums

iRobot Roomba Pros

These robot vacuums are great because they:

  • Clean hardwood, vinyl, and carpet floors
  • Transition seamlessly from one flooring type to the next
  • You can push the button and it will clean your floors while you do something more fun or important
  • Newer models are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • You can clean and schedule it from anywhere with the iRobot Home App
  • It’s much cheaper in the long run than hiring a cleaning service
  • Little kids can be amused for hours watching it and chasing it (while not important to cleaning, this has been useful as a busy work-at-home mom)

iRobot Roomba Cons

These downsides of iRobot Roomba vacuums are:

  • You have to have the floor space picked up or the vacuum will get tangled in stuff like clothes
  • They don’t work well on long, shaggy carpet
  • They are loud enough that you can’t enjoyably watch TV if it’s vacuuming near you
  • My docking station can be glitchy and I sometimes need to prop the station at a different angle for it to charge

You can see my iRobot Roomba in action in the video below. I show the docking station, the virtual wall, and how it cleans the hardwood floors in my kitchen.

The Robot Vacuum I Bought – iRobot Roomba 650

After moving to a bigger house with double the floor space to enjoy–and clean–I heard a friend who said she loved her Roomba. At first, I thought really?! I thought those were kind of ridiculous, but alas, after 6 months in our new house, I was tired of sweeping and vacuuming the floors.

So I did my Google research thing, read lots of robot vacuum reviews, and ultimately purchased the iRobot Roomba 650. It’s an older model without a remote or wi-fi capability. Most of the models for sale now include both. You can see how the Roomba did in my kitchen at the end of the second video below.

Since the 650 is no longer widely available, you’re probably wondering which is the best Roomba to buy now.

Inexpensive Roomba With Wi-Fi and Great Reviews – iRobot Roomba 675

Budget Pick
iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Self-Charging
  • Works with Alexa
  • Good for Pet Hair
  • Works on Carpets + Hard Floors,
Order on Amazon
02/18/2024 05:47 pm GMT

iRobot Roomba 675– If you want a budget-friendly Roomba compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, then the Roomba 675 is the way to go.

With personal recommendations from my friends and readers, plus over 76,000 reviews with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this model will be a great fit in your home.

Roomba Vacuum & Mop Combo

iRobot Roomba Combo j7 – If you want a robot vacuum & mop combo, the Roomba Combo j7 is a popular choice.

On Sale on Amazon
Roomba Combo j7+ Robot Vacuum & Mop
  • Automatically Vacuums and Mops
  • Fully Retractable Mop pad
  • Identifies & Avoids Obstacles
  • Smart Mapping
  • Alexa
  • Ideal for Pets
Order on Amazon Order on
02/19/2024 04:38 am GMT

This Roomba robot vacuum has 4.5 star rating on iRobot, 97% would recommend it to a friend, and over 1,000 people have invested in this one from Amazon the past month. It works with Alexa and Google and it’s self-emptying!

See The iRobot Roomba In Action

One year after buying my first robot vacuum, an iRobot Roomba, this is what I’ve learned, what I wish I knew before I bought it, and you can watch to see if the rug in my kitchen actually got clean.

Who Is An iRobot Roomba Good For?

An iRobot Roomba is good for you if:

  • You are ok with your floors being good, not perfect
  • You have other things you’d rather do than clean the floors
  • You have bigger open floor areas
  • You have hard floors and normal-medium length carpets

So far, I’ve only heard great things from those who end up buying a Roomba. However, they are not for everyone.

A Roomba is NOT for You if:

  • You have long, shaggy carpet
  • You are a control freak or need your floors cleaned perfectly
  • You have lots of furniture, toys, or clothes covering your floors
  • You regularly have things like messy food, kid slime, or animal poop on the floor (a robot vacuum will just make a bigger mess out of these…no fun)

So if you’ve determined a Roomba might be a good fit for you based on the above criteria, here are a few more things you need to know before you buy a Roomba.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Robot Vacuum

The top 3 things you need to know before you buy your Roomba:

  • You need to pick up the area for the robot vacuum to clean without getting stuck (ex. clothes and cords)
  • You need to put something in front of stairways (ex. if you have an opening to stairs that go down, the robot vacuum can fall down the stairs). A vacuum that comes with a “wall” works great, as can a tote or box.
  • You will use it and love it so much, it will be like a pet in your family and you will name it

In Summary, Are iRobot Roombas Worth It?

Personally, I love my iRobot Roomba. I bought the iRobot Roomba 650 on Amazon during Black Friday and it is a purchase I would make again in a heartbeat.

My favorite features of the Roomba vacuum are:

  • I get to push a button, walk away, and do something much more enjoyable (usually it’s going for a walk with my kids or doing some virtual assistant work)
  • It cleans all my hardwood, carpet, and vinyl floors really well (everything except one long, shaggy carpet)
  • It doesn’t involve hard labor or messing with cords
  • The virtual wall gives you more control over what vacuuming will work best in your home layout
  • Little kids get a kick out of it

If you’re not a complete control freak, you have hardwood, vinyl, and average (not shaggy) carpet, and you want to save time doing housework, a Roomba vacuum would be worth it for you too.

The Roomba vacuums I recommend are:

More on The Common Cents Club:

Cheers to living happy, saving time, saving money, and crushing goals.

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