Hawk Crawler Deer Cart Review


If you’re considering a new deer cart, read this Hawk Crawler Review first!

After helping my husband drag a 160-pound buck for over a mile, I decided a deer cart would be the perfect Christmas gift. Now as an avid reviewer, I read many reviews, watched many videos, and decided the Hawk Crawler Deer Cart was the best option.


Hawk Crawler Deer Cart Pros

When I first told my husband this, he was uncertain noting that Hawk doesn’t have the best reputation for quality products, so he dove into his own research. At the end, he was surprised by the other Hawk Crawler Deer Cart reviews stating the product was high-quality, and we both came to the conclusion that the Hawk cart was the best choice for us.

Here’s why…


We have a smaller vehicle, so it was important to us that the deer cart can fold for more compact storage and transportation. The Hawk Crawler cart does that.

Hawk Crawler Deer and Multi Use Cart, Black, one Size (HWK-HA3420)

Four Wheels with Pivoting Axels

We didn’t find any other deer cart with four wheels and pivoting anxels. The Hawk cart wheels seem durable for hauling things over branches and rough terrain better than the carts with two wheels.

DuraMesh Sling

The cart is primarily for hauling game, but the DuraMesh sling can be used to easily haul gear, equipment, firewood, brush, and other materials too.

Hawk Crawler Deer and Multi Use Cart, Black, one Size (HWK-HA3420)

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

We didn’t want something cheap that would break easily. The Hawk Crawler has a durable heavy-duty steel frame that will last a long time.

Ergonomic Handle

The reviews on some cheaper carts talked about the handle being awkward or uncomfortable. After helping my husband drag the buck with a sled, I knew a comfortable handlebar would be worth it.

So Easy Kids Can Use It


This cart came in handy when our little guys’ legs got tired on a hike with Mr. Common Cents Club. Our small 7-year-old daughter could handle it on the path just fine.

So the Hawk Crawler Cart is definitely user-friendly to maneuver!


I was watching the Hawk Crawler cart price for weeks to get the best price.

When I was shopping for the Hawk cart, it was the most expensive directly from the Hawk website. The second best price was at Midway USA, but with shipping it cost just as much as getting it from Hawk.

Surprisingly, the best price to buy the Hawk Crawler Deer Cart was on Amazon. It was about $100 cheaper than the other options at the time!

Hawk Crawler Cart Assembly Tip

You’ll need a 10mm and 13mm socket wrench and an adjustable crescent wrench for assembly.

Mr. Common Cents Club

Our Review & Experience With the Hawk Crawler Cart So Far

We ordered from Amazon, and the cart shipped and arrived in good condition.

Hawk Crawler Assembly

Assembly was “fairly easy” according to my hunter husband. It took him and our very young son about 30 minutes to assemble the Hawk Crawler deer cart.

My husband’s assembly tip is that you’ll need a 10mm and 13mm socket wrench and an adjustable crescent wrench.

Hawk Crawler Cart Specifics

  • Wheel size: 3”W x 14”H
  • Folded size: 42”L x 31”W
  • Overall size: 71”L x 31”W
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Weight Rating: 500 lbs

Hawk Crawler First Impressions

My husband’s first impression is that it seems like good quality. He put our 40-pound son in the cart and easily drove him around the house.

We will update this review after we use it to haul a deer…hopefully soon!

So far we are very happy with choosing the Hawk Crawler Deer Cart. It was a perfect Christmas gift idea for my hunting husband. I think it will save both of our backs many times over the next 10+ years.

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