Looking for some cute easter basket ideas for toddlers?

Use these ideas to inspire you to create an easter basket full of Easter gifts your toddler will love.

It includes unique ideas for Easter baskets as well as creative and non-candy gifts to fill your child’s Easter basket.

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In This Article You Will Find:

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers Who Love Cars and Trucks

Pool Noodle and Beach Towel Easter Basket Idea

Umbrella Easter Basket Idea

Rain Boots Easter Basket Idea

Potty Seat Easter Basket Idea

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers Who Love Crafts

Shopping Cart No Candy Food Easter Basket Ideas

Easter and Spring Books for Book-Loving Toddlers

Easter and Spring Games for Toddlers Who Love Games

Easter Gift Ideas for 1-Year-Olds

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers Who Love Wheels

Here are Easter basket ideas and gift ideas for toddlers who love trucks, trains, construction vehicles and all things with wheels.

1. Dump Truck Paw Patrol Easter Basket Idea


If your toddler boy or girl loves dump trucks, here’s a unique Easter basket idea that themed around Paw Patrol. This Easter basket includes bubbles, stuffed animal and water bottles, which were all ideas from above. Insert your child’s favorite character if Paw Patrol isn’t his thing. This idea came from TheKeeperOfTheCheerios.

Tonka Dump Truck

  • Built Tonka tough with sturdy steel construction
  • Movable steel bed for dumping
  • Fill with Easter basket goodies your toddler loves

Fill Truck with Easter Basket Fillers

Fill your dump truck with more Easter basket goodies like these.

Pull-Back Mini Construction Trucks

These eggs filled with pull-back construction vehicles will be a favorite Easter basket filler.

Remote Control Car for Toddlers

Perfect for 18 months and up — this fun and fast remote control car with honking sounds, music, flashing headlights and three different drivers is perfect for any toddler who loves things that go..

More Easter Basket Gift Ideas

2. Beach Towel & Pool Noodle Easter Basket Idea

Here’s a great Easter basket ideas for toddlers to get ready for fun summer swimming adventures. New swimsuit and beach toys can get your toddler ready for fun in the sun.


In addition to a cheap pool noodle, you’ll need a large beach towel to create the above Easter basket idea. Then fill it with fun Easter and gifts for the pool.

Beach Towel

  • Absorbs 5x more water than cotton
  • Large enough to use as a picnic blanket
  • Soft and thick, perfect for pool, beach or lake

Beach Easter Basket Filler Ideas

After you get your main Easter basket with a large beach towel and pool noodle, you can add fun beach gift ideas like these to your basket.

New Swimsuit for Toddler Boys

Your little one could probably use a new swimming suit, so why not add it to their Easter basket? I love rash guards to protect their skin from the sun and fewer sunscreen battles.

Here’s a cute and super affordable swimsuit for toddler boys that’s perfect for a swimming or beach themed Easter basket idea.

New Swimsuit for Toddler Girls

And here’s a cute swimsuit with rash guard for toddler girls that has lots of excellent reviews from moms.

Puddle Jumper Life Jacket

A comfortable and cute life jacket like this is an easy way to keep your toddler safe in the water. We take ours every time we go swimming.

More Beach Easter Basket Gift Ideas:

3. Umbrella Easter Basket Idea for Toddlers

Another creative Easter basket idea for kids to is this upside down umbrella filled with Easter goodies. Perfect for rainy spring days.


Cute Child Size Umbrella

Of course, you’ll need a cute umbrella to fill for this Easter basket idea. This is the one Primal Dish used above.

Unicorn Umbrella

Another cute umbrella that could be flipped upside as an Easter basket for a unicorn lover is this one.

Fill the Umbrella with Easter Gifts

An umbrella leaves lots of space to fill with more gifts. Here are a few practical and cute Easter ideas for toddlers.

Rain Jacket for Toddler Boy or Girl

This lightweight dinosaur jacket will keep your toddler happy and dry on rainy spring days.

More Umbrella Easter Basket Filler Ideas:

4. Rain Boot Easter Basket for Toddlers

Another cute spring Easter basket idea is to use a new pair of rain boots as your Easter basket.

Using rain boots is a unique and practical Easter basket idea for toddlers to get ready to stomp in the springtime rain puddles. Here are a few pairs that are cute, fun, affordable and have 100+ excellent reviews from parents.

Light Up Unicorn Rain Boots

These purple unicorn and rainbow rain boots can make even rain days a little brighter with their cute design and light up style.

Dinosaur Light Up Rain Boots

With red lights and dinosaur shapes, this is another style of rain boots your toddler may love as an Easter basket gift.

Rain Boot Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Toddlers:

5. Potty Seat Easter Basket Idea for 2 or 3-Year-Olds

Your toddler will be potty training sooner or later. So consider using a cute potty seat as a practical Easter basket to get him excited about the idea.


Frog Potty Seat Easter Basket

We have and like the Froggy Potty Seat pictured above, but it’s pricey on Amazon right now, so the similar seat below and the Penguin Potty Seat at Target are cheaper alternatives to make this Easter basket idea happen.

Easter Basket Fillers for the Frog Potty Seat

What should you put in your potty seat Easter basket? Here are some gift ideas perfect for toddlers.

Potty Training Underwear

Frog underwear would be perfect to go with the frog potty seat and they can be worn by boys or girls. Here’s a two-pack that can get your toddler excited about wearing big boy or girl undies.

Potty Training Book

Elmo and life-the-flaps make help make potty training toddlers easier and more fun.

Easter Bunny Ears Headbands

Adjustable bunny ears headbands can fit almost anyone, from infant to adult. They’ll make for some super cute Easter pictures too.

More Easter Basket Stuffers for Toddlers

Easter basket fillers can be simple, fun, and inexpensive. Here are some toddler favorites:

6. Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers Who Love Crafts

What’s better than a bucket or school bag filled with crafts for a toddler who loves being creative?


Craft Organizer Easter Bakset

Ignite the creative side of your toddler by adding new markers, stampers, paints, and glitter to an Easter basket that keeps it all organized.

Easter Egg Stampers

Create fun Easter cards, crafts and pictures with these 15 different egg stampers in 7 different colors and Easter designs.

No-Spill Paint Cups

Let your little Picasso paint with less cleanup. Get 10 different cups with airtight lids and color-coordinated brushes for painting without the mess.

Art Smocks (Pack of 2)

Another key for letting your toddler be creative and work on fine motor skills of painting (without a ton of worry and cleanup for mom) is a good art smock. Long sleeves and a waterproof material makes these smocks for 2-to-6-year olds easy to clean.

More Craft Easter Basket Fillers

7. Shopping Cart No Candy Easter Basket

I found this Easter basket idea with a shopping cart and thought it’d be great for toddlers who love food, pretend play, and cooking too.


Easter gifts can be about food even if you want to create a no candy Easter basket. A durable shopping cart can be used for pretend play and filled with food-related gifts and snacks.

Shopping Cart Basket

  • Sturdy with a deep basket to hold lots of goodies
  • Favorite stuffed animal or baby can ride in the front seat
  • Made in the USA with over 1,000 raving reviews

Shopping Cart Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Here are some more ideas of things to fill your shopping cart Easter basket.

2-Pack Bento Snack and Lunch Box

Another way to make packing and eating easier is using a food portion container that’s leak-proof like the Bento box. The small sections encourage toddlers to eat vegetables and a variety of food groups.

Thermos Funtainer Water Bottle

Straws in a durable stainless steel water bottle makes meal time and snacks on the go more fun. Plus, it encourages toddlers to drink water all day by having a cute and easy-to-use water bottle like this.

Thermos Funtainer Food Jar

A food jar that’s vacuum insulated can make meals on the go much easier as it keeps food hot or cold for 5-7 hours. Since this one has higher ratings and is less expensive, this would be a great non-candy but food-related gift for toddlers.

Dinosaur Toddler Plate

You can make meals at home easier too. Grabbing a cute dinosaur plate that’s safe in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher and oven can make feeding your toddler more fun and less work.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Sort & Slice Eggs

These wooden eggs that help toddlers safely practice cutting are a fun gift idea that encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition and imaginative play.

More No Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Shopping Cart

More Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Toddler Girls


Whether you fill a traditional Easter basket or a shopping cart, here’s some inspiration for creating an Easter basket for your toddler daughter.

Blooming Flower Wall Decals

  • Colorful wall stickers look like beautiful flowers or fireworks
  • Perfect decor for little girl’s bedroom or playroom
  • 28 pieces in 4 different sizes and 4 colors (purple, green, blue, pink)

Easter Pajamas

She will be cute and comfortable in a new pair of bunny pajamas.

Easter Dress American Girl Doll

This adorable American Girl doll is wearing a beautiful Easter dress with a white hat.

Raincoat, Umbrella, Boots and Bunny

This American Girl doll with a raincoat, umbrella, boots and bunny is ready for springtime.

Rain Jacket, Umbrella, Boots, Hats, Pants and Shirt

Another American Girl Doll option with cute pink umbrella, jacket, and boots.

Easter Bunny Slippers for American Girl Dolls

Accessorize your toddler’s American Girl Doll this Easter with cute bunny slippers.

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers Who Love Books

Books are a perfect gift idea to add to any basket for any occasion, including Easter! A cute backpack filled with books can be a unique toddler Easter basket idea.

Toddler Backpack

This insulated toddler backpack is adorable, easy to clean, and has a safety harness included. With over 565 reviews and a 4.7 rating, this is one of the best backpacks for toddlers on Amazon.

Best Easter Books for Toddlers

Here are some of the top books for toddlers with Easter, bunny, and springtime themes.

Happy Easter, Mouse! (From If You Give…)

Count on the Easter Pups! (Paw Patrol)

Llama Llama Easter Egg

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure

God Gave Us Easter

You can get more Easter book ideas for toddlers with a summary of each story over here.

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers Who Like Games

play blocks toddlers babies kids

A game is another gift idea that will have your toddler hopping for joy on Easter. Here are some of the best Easter games for little kids.

Easter Bingo Game for Kids

  • Fun and easy party game
  • Perfect Easter activity for school, church, daycare or family
  • 24 player cards and chips included

Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Educational Game

  • Help Hoppy Floppy hunt for carrots in this fun and easy board game
  • Recommended for ages 3-6
  • Tweezers, spinner, and 16 carrots help develop social skills, taking turns, and hand-eye coordination in a fun family game

Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny

  • Fun party game for Easter or springtime
  • Classroom, daycare, or at home activity for Easter
  • Blindfold and 12 tails included

Bunny Bedtime Make a Choice Game

  • Perfect game for you and your two-year-old
  • Players help bunny make choices about her bedtime routine
  • Children learn about matching colors and shapes, making choices, problem solving and social-emotional skills through play

Easter Basket Ideas for 1 Year Olds


Here are gift ideas your one-year-old will love in his or her first Easter basket.

TOMY Hide & Squeak Eggs

  • Encourages fine motor skills, shape and color recognition
  • Press down gently on chicks’ head to hear adorable cheeps
  • Babies will love the squeak while older toddlers can enjoy matching the shapes and funny faces

Melissa and Doug Bunny Stuffed Animal

  • floppy plush sitting bunny perfect for snuggling
  • fuzzy coat and velvety ears
  • wooden crate also included to keep eggs organized!

Cuddly Bunny Lovie Blanket

This soft security blanket comes in many adorable animals, including a bunny, bear, fox, and puppy. Both my 1-year-old and 3-year-old still love these snuggly blankies.

To Sum It Up: Unique and Simple Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Most of these items can be found at dollar stores, Walmart, Target, and Kohls. But if you’re wanting something delivered to your door fast from Amazon, this list of Easter basket gifts with great reviews from parents and grandparents will make your Easter shopping fun and easy.

Sign up for your Free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime to get any of the above Easter gift ideas shipped to your door fast.

Happy common ‘cents’ shopping!

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