Best Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers


Looking for some cute and unique easter basket ideas for toddlers?

This is just what you need to make an Easter basket full of fun gifts toddlers will love.

You’ll find plenty of unique and non-candy ideas to fill your child’s Easter basket.

In This List of Easter Gift Ideas You Will Find:

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers Who Love Cars and Trucks

Pool Noodle and Beach Towel Easter Basket Idea

Umbrella Easter Basket Idea

Rain Boots Easter Basket Idea

Potty Seat Easter Basket Idea

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers Who Love Crafts

Shopping Cart No Candy Food Easter Basket Ideas

best easter basket gift ideas for toddlers unique simple

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Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers Who Love Wheels

Here are Easter basket ideas and gift ideas for toddlers who love trucks, trains, construction vehicles, and all things with wheels.

1. Dump Truck Paw Patrol Easter Basket


If your toddler boy or girl loves dump trucks, fill the back with some of his or her favorite things! This Paw Patrol Easter truck included bubbles, a stuffed animal, figurine, bubble bath, a backpack, and some snacks.

This unique Easter basket idea came from TheKeeperOfTheCheerios.

How to make it:

Get a Tonka Dump Truck for the Easter basket.

  • Built Tonka tough with sturdy steel construction
  • Movable steel bed for dumping
  • Fill with Easter basket goodies your toddler loves
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Fill Truck with Fun Easter Basket Fillers

Here are six toddler-approved Paw Patrol Easter basket filler ideas:

If Paw Patrol isn’t your kids’ thing, here are more Easter basket ideas for toddler boys who love trucks and wheels that will sure to bring him a smile on Easter.

Build Me Set of 3 Construction Trucks

My toddler boy and girl love these take-apart construction truck set that includes a dump truck, excavator, and concrete cement mixer. They have so much fun building with the drill and screwdriver, that they don’t even know this is a STEM toy excellent for fine-motor skills too.

Pull-Back Mini Construction Trucks

Imagine the look on his face when he finds these eggs filled with pull-back construction vehicles! The Easter Egg Hunt just got way more fun!

Remote Control Car for Toddlers

Perfect for 18 months and up — this fun and fast remote control car with honking sounds, music, flashing headlights and three different drivers is perfect for any toddler who loves remote controls and things that go.

2. Beach Towel & Pool Noodle Easter Basket


Here’s another cute, non-candy Easter basket idea for toddlers that will get everyone ready for some beach fun!

This pool noodle Easter basket idea was from Down Home Inspiration.

How to make it:

Get a pool noodle and a large beach towel like the one below to create this fun Easter basket.

  • This premium beach towel absorbs 5x more water than cotton
  • Large enough to use as a picnic blanket
  • Soft and thick, perfect for pool, beach or lake
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Fill with Beach Easter Basket Gift Ideas:

Make sure he has a swimsuit that fits like this Rashguard Swimsuit for toddler boys.

Or this cute 2-piece Swim Set for toddler girls.

If you don’t have a Puddle Jumper Life Jacket yet, they’re perfect for keeping toddlers safe in the water.

More Swim-Related Easter Gift Ideas:

3. Umbrella Easter Basket


Another creative Easter basket idea for kids to is this upside-down umbrella filled with Easter goodies. Perfect for rainy spring days.

This Umbrella Easter Basket Idea came from

How to make it:

Get a cute Kids Bubble Umbrella for the Easter basket.

  • lightweight and easy-grip handle
  • windproof and rainproof
  • choose from 6 cute designs
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Flip Umbrella upside down and fill with Easter gifts.

This lightweight dinosaur rain jacket will keep your toddler boy or girl happy and dry on rainy spring days.

Add a rainy day American Girl Doll outfit that includes an umbrella, jacket, hat, shirt, and boots.

Keep his hands and mind busy with a new LEGO set, such as this Easter egg hunt building kit.

More Umbrella Easter Basket Filler Ideas:

4. Rain Boot Easter Basket

Another cute spring Easter basket idea is to use a new pair of rain boots as your Easter basket. Not only is this a practicaly Easter gift idea, but it’s super cute and your toddler will be excited to stomp on the puddles.

This toddler Easter basket idea is from iheartartsncrafs.

How to make it:

Get Cool Rain Boots for the Easter basket.

If you have a little girl, these unicorn rain boots are as cool as it gets: sparkly, pink and purple, light-up unicorn and rainbows. These boots can make every rainy day brighter.

Or for toddler boys, grab these cool construction light-up rain boots. There are many other styles too, like dinosaurs, sharks, airplanes, race cars, and more.

Fill boots with fun Easter gift ideas like these:

5. Potty Seat Easter Basket


Your toddler will be potty training sooner or later. Consider using a cute potty seat as a practical Easter basket to get them excited about the idea.

This Potty Seat Easter Basket Idea came from

How to make it:

Get a Frog Potty Seat for the Easter Basket.

  • Comes in Pink or Blue
  • 2-in-1 can be used as is or put the frog seat on a standard toilet as child grows
  • sealable lid and splash shield for cleaner potty training
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Fill the Potty Seat with Easter gift ideas like these.

These frog training underwear are perfect to go with the frog potty seat. They can be worn by toddler boys or girls.

Add a fun book like this Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Potty Time book that plays sounds and music.

More Easter Basket Stuffers for Toddlers:

6. Creative Crafty Easter Basket


What’s better than a bucket or school bag filled with colorful crafts for a toddler who loves making new creations?

The craft Easter basket idea pictured above is from Clumsy Crafter.

How to make it:

Get a craft organizer or even a regular Easter basket.

A more traditional Easter basket will work or a canvas caddy with pockets to organize the new craft supplies can work even better.

Fill it with new craft items.

Create fun Easter cards, crafts, and pictures with these 15 different egg stampers in 7 different colors and Easter designs.

Let your toddler be creative and work on fine motor skills through painting without a ton of worry and cleanup for mom with is a good art smock. Long sleeves and a waterproof material mean easier cleanupt with these art smocks for 2-to-6-year olds.

More Crafty Easter Basket Filler Ideas:

7. Shopping Cart Easter Basket


I found this Easter basket idea with a shopping cart and thought it’d be great for toddlers who love shopping and pretend play.

Whether you want to fill it with new clothes or food-related gifts, your toddler will love having their own shopping cart.

How to make it:

Get a Shopping Cart for the Easter basket.

  • Sturdy with a deep basket to hold lots of goodies
  • Favorite stuffed animal or baby can ride in the front seat
  • Choose from blue or pink color design
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Add Easter basket filler gifts to the shopping cart.

She will be cute and comfortable in a new pair of bunny pajamas. There are so many cute designs to pick from!

A new lunch or snack container like these Bento boxes are well-loved by toddlers and parents alike. The small sections encourage toddlers to eat vegetables and a variety of food groups.

A new durable stainless steel water bottle to encourage toddlers to drink water all day by choosing one with a favorite character or design. From Paw Patrol to Frozen, there are many fun colors and designs to choose from.

More No Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Shopping Cart:

Have Fun Making Your Toddler Easter Basket

Easter baskets don’t have to be boring or filled with candy. Get creative with one of these unique and cute Easter basket ideas for toddlers.

Whether you go with a dump truck, umbrella, potty seat or pool noodles, remember to slow down and enjoy the day making memories with your family.

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