You’re ready to finally get started as a virtual assistant but you need to know what the best virtual assistant training is.

Not long ago, I wanted to find a flexible way to make money from home so I could stay home with my kids and provide for them financially too . Thankfully, I came across freelancing and virtual assistant work, started earning $1,000-$3,000 per month working part-time from home on my own schedule.

In this article, I’ll show you what I’ve learned and which training that can help you get started making money as a virtual assistant too.

In this review of virtual assistant courses, you’ll learn:

  • the best free virtual assistant training to figure out if being a VA is a good fit for you
  • how to determine what skills you have that you can offer as a virtual assistant (even if you think you have no experience)
  • how much money virtual assistants make
  • the very best virtual assistant course and coaching program to fast-track your success
make money work at home

Are Virtual Assistant Courses Really Worth It?

When I first started trying to figure out if making money at home was legitimate, I was super skeptical and was scared to spend money on something that might not work out.

Especially after all the student loan debt I racked up to get degrees I no longer wanted to use.B

But after just a few months of trying to DIY it myself with blog posts, free email courses, podcasts and video trainings, I was overwhelmed. I needed someone to lay it out for me step-by-step.

Courses were the answer for me and I resigned from my stressful job (even though I was the breadwinner of our family) and have been a work-from-home mom ever since. Virtual assistant work was how I’ve earned a majority of my income, and I can’t wait for you to get started as a VA too!

This post may contain affiliate links. So at no cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase through a link below.

Do You Need Free or Paid Virtual Assistant Training?

Whether you need paid or free virtual assistant training depends on two things:

  1. How serious are you about becoming a virtual assistant
  2. How fast do you want results

More than likely, you fall in one of the following three groups: A, B, or C

become a virtual assistant fast

Group A: You Are Serious and Want Fast Results

If you are serious about becoming a virtual assistant, working from home, and you want results fast – 100% invest in a course today. Every day you postpone is another day wasted. Life’s too short, my friend. All the hard work has already been done for you because I reviewed entire courses and shared the results for you below!

Group B: You Are Serious but Don’t Need Fast Results

If you are serious about becoming a virtual assistant but you don’t need fast results, it’s up to you. Invest in the course now and take your time getting through it at your leisure (you have lifetime access and they are all self-paced). Or start with the free training, decide which teacher you like best, and invest in the course training when you’re ready.

Group C: You Are Not Serious or Not Sure

If you are not serious or are not sure if becoming a virtual assistant is a good fit for you yet, start with the free video training below to figure that it. If it’s not for you, move on…now you know. If it is for you, welcome to the VA world! πŸ˜‰

Best Virtual Assistant Training to Learn How to Become a Virtual Assistant

I wholeheartedly admire both Micala Quinn and Gina Horkey, who have turned their own desire for flexible freelance work into passionate life-changing missions to teach others how to do the same. As moms and online business owners, I have the utmost respect for their courses, training, and virtual communities.

Since there are many virtual assistant trainings to choose from, you might be wondering which one is best? Well, here is a head-to-head comparison of two of the best courses to learn how to become a virtual assistant available today.

Paid Virtual Assistant Training Course Reviews

There are virtual assistant training courses that will take you from no experience to a thriving business fast – typically 6 months or less. If you already have some administrative support or experience, you’re way ahead of the game.

Micala and Gina have been there, done that. They’ve been unhappy in their jobs, desperately wanted to be stay-at-home moms, and craved the freedom and flexibility that working at home offers. Now they’ve both built successful online businesses and are using their gifts, mistakes, and successes to show you how virtual assistance works.

  1. Overwhelmed to Overbooked by Micala Quinn of The Live Free, Mama
  2. 30 Days to Virtual Assistant Success by Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook

These courses are step-by-step, just follow the directions and you will succeed, including:

  • WHAT you need to do to become a virtual assistant in achievable baby steps
  • WHEN to do the steps, and
  • HOW to do them to get the best results

While there are more courses out there, these are the most highly recommended by past students that I found. Both courses cover the basic core material but with unique perspectives, bonus materials, teaching styles, price tag, method of delivering the information, post-course support and training.

Whenever Comparing Courses, I Keep These Things In Mind:

  • Value: What quality and How much information are you getting?
  • Proof: Why are they qualified to teach you?
  • Teaching Style: Who do you connect with and how is the material delivered?
  • Price: What is the investment?
  • Support: What support do you get during and after the course?

Let’s dive into course #1.

1. Virtual Assistant Course: OVERWHELMED TO OVERBOOKED

Micala Quinn went from zero experienceshe was a high school teacher – to working with BIG names (like Dana Malstaff THE Boss Mom) and earning way more from home than she ever did teaching. Her reason for leaving schools? To be a stay-at-home mom after her first baby. Ohh, how I can so relate.

Here are some stats from (mostly) moms in the course: 

  • 4 weeks on average until they land their first client 
  • 2 weeks on average to complete the course 
  • moms are earning anywhere from $500 – $5K+ per month

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And here’s an overview of what you’d gain access to from this virtual assistant training.

Overwhelmed to Overbooked Overview:

  • 7+ hours of video course training
  • Templates, workbooks, scripts and guides to show you how to complete every step of the way
  • Group Coaching with Micala every week! Ask anything, troubleshoot where you’re stuck, and understand what you need to do next based on your unique situation. Watch later if you can’t attend the live call.
  • Private Facebook Mastermind for incredible ongoing support, monthly expert training and professional development, and exclusive job leads from all of Micala’s connections
  • Lifetime access to course materials & all future updates
  • Extremely Active & Supportive Private Facebook Mastermind with Micala and other super helpful women and students. I have been so impressed by the value of this group…and I am in like 100 Facebook groups. This group is ‘da bomb and it’s included when you join as a student of her course.
  • Investment of 6 payments of $166 or one payment of $797
Check It Out!

Overwhelmed to Overbooked Pros

The perks of being a virtual assistant are obvious and easy to promote by all of us who work from home. But I love how Micala is also upfront about the parts that were hard for her on her journey to becoming a virtual assistant and work-at-home mom.

She’s realistic that it will take time and effort, but that you definitely should see an ROI within 6 months tops (I agree and would even say less time). This all depends on how much time and effort you put in. But she removes all the guesswork about what you should do at any stage of the game. Either it’s answered in her course or she answers it in the Facebook group.

Micala also gives you free options for any tools that will help you get started. She even shows you how to use everything so you can start making money as a virtual assistant ASAP without spending any more money.

And no, that’s not all. I’ve seen gorgeous mugs and stickers being sent in the mail to new students too…seriously.

This is just one example and way I can show you how well she takes care of her students and stands out from the pack of virtual assistant trainers.

Check It Out!

 Overwhelmed to Overbooked Cons

Although Overwhelmed to Overbooked is an amazing VA training, there are two things I wish were included:

  • how to set up a website
  • bookkeeping basics

Neither are dealbreakers. In truth, I am being pretty nitpicky here.

To be fair, Micala shows how you can start with a Facebook Page for your business instead of a website. As for bookkeeping, she has an expert training already scheduled and she gives you a basic spreadsheet template so you can track your expenses and income.

Overwhelmed to Overbooked Review Grade


Overall, I loved this course.

If you invest in this course and follow her steps, I have full faith you will successfully earn your money back plus turn a profit as a VA within 3 months. On top of that, you will have marketable and in-demand skills, important connections, and knowledge to keep growing and earn more money.

Overwhelmed to Overbooked is the best video-based course that completely removes the guesswork of how to become a Virtual Assistant with a step-by-step, comprehensive and enjoyable course with an amazing tribe of supportive moms.

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virtual assistant training with gina horkey

Gina Horkey started freelance writing and working as a virtual assistant when she was sick and tired of her job in the financial industry. She started earning $4,000 per month within just a few months and eventually left her soul-sucking job to work from home. She’s created two courses (30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success and 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success) to show others exactly how to leave a job you don’t like and start freelancing.

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success Overview:

  • 13 modules of primarily text-based training
  • Templates and scripts for pitching clients and getting testimonials
  • How to set up and optimize a Website to get hired
  • Video interview with her first VA client shows a unique perspective and how cold pitching works
  • Quizzes and a Final Exam to check your understanding
  • Lifetime access to course materials and all future updates
  • 90 days FREE access to Private Facebook community for job leads and ask Gina anything
  • Investment of $397
Check It Out!

30 DOL to Virtual Assistant Success Pros

Gina’s course to learn how to become a virtual assistant gives you the nuts and bolts of choosing the services you’ll offer, setting up your new business, and finding clients with a low price tag.

I love copy-and-paste scripts and you will get lots of those so you know exactly what to say to get hired and receive great testimonials, which are key to getting more work and earning higher pay. The video with the first guy who hired her to do virtual assistant work was insightful to hear his perspective and why her cold pitch worked.

You’ll get quizzes to make sure you’re learning everything you need to know at the end of each module. And you get 90 days of free access to her VA Leads Community, which is an extra service she offers to connect those who want to hire virtual assistants with virtual assistants who want more work.

I love that you get checklists and step-by-step information so you know how to set up a website and what to include on each website page to increase your chances of getting hired. While I don’t believe you NEED a website to get hired and start working as a virtual assistant, and I know how much time it can take to set up (especially for others who are not so tech savvy like me), BUT I also have firsthand experience of how many strangers reached out to me when I was freelance editing and mentioned in the initial email that they “loved my website” or were “impressed” by it.

This course also offers unique information about using your website or blog not only to get hired as a virtual assistant but also to set yourself up to possibly grow your own platform and earn passive income someday with your own email list of followers.

30 DOL to VA Success Cons

Since I write as if I’m talking to my BFF, there are a few potential downsides I experienced in my 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success review.

Before you buy 30 DOL to Virtual Assistant Success, you should know:

  • it is almost all text
  • you must pay in full
  • you must pay extra for a few things, like a contract template, access to her Virtual Assistant Job Leads group, and ongoing training

With that being said, it’s hard to find a video-based course for less than $400 these days. I have invested in and learned what I needed to from several text-based courses. As a money nerd who hustled to get out of debt, I can’t really complain about someone requiring payment in full (and Gina has a financial background, so she’s kind of a money nerd too). She is slowly adding videos to update the course over time, so I would expect the number of videos to increase.

30 DOL to VA Success Review Grade


Overall, I love Gina, and I really liked this course.

I believe if you take 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success and follow her steps, you will earn your money back and then some within 6 months. In the next 30 days, I’d say it’s likely you could be through the course and have a solid game plan for what services you’ll offer, where you can find your first few clients, and know exactly what to say to them to land the job and start making money.

30 days or less to virtual assistant success reviews

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant success is the best course to become a VA for under $300. Besides Gina, the coolest thing about this course is it will only take landing one part-time client to earn your money back. And as she will show you, there are potential clients lurking everywhere. πŸ˜‰

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Free Virtual Assistant Training & Resources

free virtual assistant training and courses

While the best information is always laid out nicely paid courses, there are some awesome resources where you can get a feel for if virtual administrative assistance is a good fit for you and what an instructor is like before investing in a course or coaching later on.

So if you’re not ready to invest in a comprehensive course just yet, here are the best free virtual assistant training and resources, which you can get sent to your email today.

3. Freebies for Virtual Assistant Training in My Resource Library

If you want to work from home but aren’t sure what you could do or how to get started, you need to check out the resources in my Freebie Library.

  1. What you Need to Do to Get Started as a Freelance Virtual Assistant (checklist of the first steps I took)
  2. Clarify your Most Important Goals so You’re Most likely to Succeed Working from Home
  3. The Crazy Simple Test to Discover Which VA Services Would be a Good Fit for You
  4. 8 Places to Find your First Clients (Even if You Don’t Have Experience)

The strategies used in these free resources are exactly what I did go from knowing nothing about making money online–or even what a virtual assistant does–to having more clients than I knew what to do with.

Sign up below to access the library.

4. Free Virtual Assistant Training – What Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

Gina Horkey from Horkey Handbook organized a LIST OF 150+ SERVICES VAs CAN OFFER to help you figure out what tasks, projects, or services people hire Virtual Assistants to do. This guide is an excellent first step if you’re just starting to figure out what a virtual assistant is and what a virtual assistant does.

Discover what a virtual assistant does by downloading Gina’s list below.

Download It Now!

Free Virtual Assistant Video Training

Below are virtual assistant training videos that you can sign up for and watch anytime. In videos like these, you can quickly tell if you connect with the teacher’s style, personality, strategies, background, core beliefs and if they seem to know their stuff.

6. Virtual Assistant Training – How Gina Earns $100 Per Hour

free virtual assistant training by gina horkey

Gina of Horkey Handbook also has a one-hour free webinar that covers:

  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
  • What does a Virtual Assistant do?
  • Is there really a need for Virtual Assistants?
  • How to get started and become a Virtual Assistant?
  • Which industries are most secure to get into?
  • Which tasks earn $20 per hour versus $100 per hour?
  • and more!

You will be impressed to see that Gina reveals the first 3 steps to getting started, including a simple but effective script and strategy for finding your first client.

Sign up and see how Gina has helped thousands of newbies break into virtual assistant careers.

Watch It Now!

7. How to Become a Work at Home Mom

micala quinn free virtual assistant training 2

Micala Quinn of Live Free, Mama also has a free workshop that’s two hours of valuable content and questions answered.

NOTE: Micala JUST updated her course material and price, so the end of this training has OLD information about her course. Check out her course page and my info above for the latest course information. Yes, she is working on updating it…it takes time.

Watch this free training video and you will understand:

  • Why freelancing is such a hot industry
  • the services you can offer for $20-$100+ per hour
  • narrow down which services you should offer
  • 5 things you need to focus on (and what you should not focus on)
  • 3 different goals you need to start your virtual assistant journey
  • tools you will need
  • how to find clients without spending anything on advertising
  • and how you can replace your income within 6-12 months from now
  • build confidence so you take action and stop letting fear hold you back from your dream

Sign up and see how virtually any background can turn into services you can offer to earn a full-time income as a virtual assistant.

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Minimum Things A Worthwhile Virtual Assistant Training Will Cover

As an avid course taker and experienced reviewer, I’ve seen the ins and outs of a lot of courses.

From my experience, these are the things at a minimum you will want to ensure a worthwhile training for virtual assistants will cover:

  • How to identify your virtual assistant niche and which service(s) you will offer
  • What equipment and tools you will need to start
  • How to market your new virtual assistant business
  • How to find and land your first client
  • Contract requirements
  • Templates and scripts for how to pitch clients and get testimonials
  • Basic business startup for a freelance business
  • Common mistakes and struggles of virtual assistants

Top Things To Know About Your Virtual Assistant Course & Teacher

As for the teacher, these are things you should keep in mind to know you’re in good hands:

  • Why are they qualified to teach you?
  • How long have they been working as a virtual administrative assistant?
  • Do they have an active website and social media presence?
  • Is there a Private Mastermind Included where you can get answers to your questions?
  • Do you get any help finding virtual assistant job opportunities?
  • Are there any extra expenses or is everything included in the course price?
  • Do you have access to the teacher during or after the course?
  • How long do you have access to the course materials?
  • Are course updates included?

Uh Oh! Virtual Assistant Training Mistakes

One thing to take note of as you’re learning how to become a virtual assistant with no experience is what country the course creator is located. Some virtual assistant training provides contract templates to help you get started with your first VA clients, but you won’t want to use a contract based on UK law if you’re a US citizen. So while the Society of Virtual Assistants for UK VAs is a great resource for those in the UK, it’s not the place I recommend for aspiring virtual assistants from the U.S.

Start Your Virtual Assistant Training Now

If you are frustrated with your current situation and you’re looking for a job that can be flexible and pays well, a career as a Virtual Assistant could change your life (like it changed mine and thousands of others). My virtual assistant income was key to providing the extra money my family needed so I could be a stay-at-home mom.

If you’re trying to figure out if virtual assistant work is a good fit for you, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for Micala’s free video training to see how a teacher and anyone else can turn their experience into VA services
  2. Sign up for Gina’s workshop to find out where and how to find your first client
  3. Grab Gina’s list of 150+ services to see what a virtual assistant does
  4. Sign up below for My Work At Home Resources to see tools for how to get started as a virtual assistant

If you know you want to become a virtual assistant and you need someone to tell you what to do:

Please do not put this off another day. If you know it’s in your gut to check it out, just do it. If you try and don’t like it, so be it. But if you don’t try and give it your all, you’ll always wonder what if?

Use the training above with these proven mentors and you will have your own thriving virtual assistant business working from home within the next 3-6 months. Being a VA has changed my entire family’s life, and I can’t wait to hear how it changes yours.

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