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Here is your one-stop-shop for the best money tools, books, apps, and programs to follow the simple rules to win with money:

  1. Know Your Numbers.
  2. Earn More Money.
  3. Spend On What You Love.
  4. Pay Off Debt.
  5. Create Your Best Life.

Personal finance is so personal that it takes a little trial and error to see what works for you. Bookmark this so you can find it when you’re ready to try something new. If there’s a tool you love for saving money or growing your income that I missed, send me an email and I’ll check it out.

Disclosure: This page has some affiliate links, which means I get a small bonus if you purchase something using my link. This supports my coffee habit so I have enough energy to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn and share my best personal finance tips with you before my early rising kiddos wake for the day. It doesn’t cost you anything… in most cases, it saves you money. These are all legit things I use and love or heavily researched after being recommended by other wise money people I trust.


Best Cash Back, Coupon & Rebate Tools



Ebates is THE BEST cashback app. You can earn 1-40% cash back for something you’re already doing–shopping online. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars over the years and it is SO easyIf you sign up now, you’ll GET A FREE $10 GIFT CARD. I’m not a fan of jumping through a bunch of hoops to save 25¢, so believe me when I say this one is super simple. Watch my video and check out my full Ebates Review for everything you need to know about this simple money-saving app.




Ibotta is another cash back app where you find lots of rebates, snap a picture of your receipt, then earn cash back. This is an app I recently started using since my friends swear it’s a simple way of saving money. So far I’ve earned $25 in the first two weeks. It requires more work than Ebates but has better rebate offers too. You can get money back for buying groceries, toilet paper, diapers, cleaning supplies, beer, wine, just about anything! Plus, You Can Get $10 Welcome BONUS From Ibotta! Check out the savings for new moms I recently found below.


ibotta coupons for pregnant women and baby stuff


My Personal Budget Template

Knowing where your money goes is crucial for using money to achieve your goals. Budgeting is the only way my husband and I were able to dig ourselves out of debt, build savings to buy a new car with cash, put a down payment on our home, and travel while earning a modest income. If you’d like, you can get access to my personal budgeting template as part of the Smart Money Toolkit. Just click the button below.

Mint Budgeting App

With a free Mint account you can track + pay bills, budget, see your credit scores, and track your investments and progress toward your financial goals. You connect easily all of your money accounts to make tracking your spending and progress less of a hassle.

EveryDollar Budgeting App

If you’re looking for an alternative to Mint, the next best budgeting app I’ve found is EveryDollar, which was created by the Dave Ramsey team.The free version is good, but the premium version allows for easier tracking because it connects to your bank account. You can try the Premium version for free for 15 day to see if it makes tracking spending easier for you.


Loan Calculator

When I design Custom Debt Repayment Plans, I use a loan repayment calculator. A calculator like this is how I figured out I could save over $30,000 on my student loans. When you put in your loan amount, interest rate, and length of the loan or monthly payment, you can see how much you will repay in total (principal + interest) as well as how many months it will take you to pay off that debt.


This is similar to a loan calculator in that you insert your debt principal, interest rate, and minimum payment. I like Unbury Me though because I’m a visual person and it gives you an awesome visual of when you will pay off your debt, how much interest you will pay, and how much you will repay total. You can play with debt avalanche versus debt snowball methods as well as extra monthly payment amounts to see how that affects your debt payoff and find the best method for your situation.


Pay Your Student Loans Fast by Val Breit

This is the book I wrote to show you how real people who earn modest income unbury themselves from debt. I share my personal journey tackling college debt on a teacher’s salary, but the majority of the book focuses on the proven action steps you can take to tackle any debt–and the most common costly mistakes to avoid.If you like quick reads full of easy-to-understand information and inspiration, then you’ll love this book.

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Here is Dave Ramsey’s book about getting financially fit. He went from bankrupt to millionaire and helps people dig out of debt and plan for the future every day through his books, financial classes, and podcast (The Dave Ramsey Show). If you want a longer book from someone who has helped thousands of people clean up financial messes, then check out The Total Money Makover from your local library or order it from Amazon.

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