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Your Goodie Is Headed To Your Inbox Right Now.

But first, I want to WELCOME you to The Common Cents Club!

Here you can expect motivating and easy-to-understand money advice that will:

  • Empower you to dig into your finances & build your confidence with money
  • Teach you strategies to build wealth and security for your family
  • Bust the myth that money has to be complicated or intimidating
  • Show you how to use money as a tool so you are free to do more of what you love

Please know that newbies to personal finance and working from home will be totally at home here!

For 3 EASY wins you can do today, sign up and start using the apps below for FREE $10 Gift Cards and FREE cash back on things you already buy.

  1. Join EBATES for cash back on almost all your online shopping (I’ve earned hundreds of dollars through ebates…here’s my totally honest review and how it works. Make sure you’re using the Chrome Extension…it’s the ONLY way I can remember to use it!)
  2. Join IBOTTA for rebates and coupons on your groceries and household items…Crackers or TP anyone?
  3. Join SWAGBUCKS to earn free gift cards for doing super easy things like answering questions. You can totally do these while binging on Netflix.

After you sign up & make your first qualifying purchase, you get a $10 BONUS for EACH one. Hello, free Starbucks!

Can you tell I like free…and coffee? Hope you do too. We’ll make great friends.

Welcome to The Club,