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Are you considering ordering a pair of eyeglasses from Zenni Optical but not sure it’s a good idea?

I get it. I badly needed new eyeglasses after avoiding the eye doctor for too long, but I dread shopping for glasses as much as I dread going to the eye doctor! I’m an avid reviewer and always try to be wise with my money (hence, the Common Cents Club…).

Ultimately, I gave it a try due to their outrageously low prices and ended up ordering not one, but two pairs of glasses! So for those of you who want a real mom’s real experience, here’s my personal review of Zenni.

Is Zenni Optical Trustworthy?

First of all, Zenni Optical is a trustworthy place where customers can shop for and purchase legitimate eyeglasses for reasonable prices.

I’ve heard from numerous family members and friends who have successfully ordered glasses from Zenni, and I tested it myself in order to write this Zenni review.

What is Zenni Optical’s BBB Rating?

At the time of writing this, Zenni Optical’s BBB Rating is A+.

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Zenni Optical has been in business for 19 years and they’ve been accredited since February 26, 2010. This adds to the point that Zenni is a trustworthy company to order eyeglasses from online.

Pros of Ordering Glasses From Zenni Optical

1. Ordering from the Comfort of Home

Going to a store (or multiple stores) to try on 50-100 different pairs of glasses with other people around is always something I dreaded.

So the ability to order glasses by myself from the comfort of my home was the first Zenni pro.

2. Easy to Use the Try On Feature

There’s no way I would have picked out glasses based on how they look on someone else’s face though. Because of Zenni’s Try On Feature, you can use the camera on your computer, tablet, or phone to get an image of your face. It has you your head side-to-side, which allows you to see how the glasses will look from the side, as well as the front.

I found this tool to be easy to use and pretty accurate.

3. Blue-Light Blocking Option

Unfortunately, my lines of work have me looking at a computer screen or phone for quite a few hours per day. Even though I have blue-light-blocking glasses I ordered on Amazon, I don’t want to wear two pairs of glasses to see and block the harmful blue rays!

So I appreciate the options for the different blue-light-blocking lenses to be added to my prescription glasses.

4. Transition Lens Option

I’ve never had transition lenses before and never really thought about getting them. So this was one of those upgrade options at the end that I kind of fell into.

Needing glasses to see and wanting sunglasses on sunny days has always been a bit of a pain. So when I saw the option of transition lenses on the glasses I picked out, I decided to give it a try. I appreciate that option and know others who like transitional lenses will appreciate it too.

5. Readers, Progressives, Bifocals, Sunglasses, Active Eyewear

Although I didn’t need of any of these options, these are options you can find with glasses on Zenni Optical. So if you need readers, progressive lenses, bifocals, active eyewear, or prescription sunglasses, it’s worth checking out Zenni’s options.

5. Many Frame Options

From traditional to trendy, I was surprised by the number of frame options.

You can pick classic rectangle and oval frames, or you can get oversized circles or funky cat-eye frames. There are plastic and metal frames, and lots of different color options.

6. Good Communication

After my order was submitted, I found Zenni had good communication about the status of my order.

I received an email confirmation after my order was submitted, another one to let me know they were in the process of being manufactured, and another one to let me know the glasses had shipped.

7. Free Shipping

I ordered my glasses on a Saturday and they shipped five days later. They say glasses usually take 7-14 days to arrive, but I’m pretty sure mine arrived sooner. This was the free standard shipping option.

If you want your glasses faster, you can pay for a 2-3 business days delivery for certain glasses (currently this costs $19).

8. Price. Price. Price!

Perhaps the biggest pro for Zenni Optical glasses is the price. You can get glasses from Zenni for really cheap.

When it came time to pick my lens options though, I added several upgrades, which made the cost increase.

  • Pair 1 – Photochromic Transition Lenses, Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Pair 2 – Blokz High-Index, Super Hydrophobic Anti-Reflective Coating (water resistant, easy to clean)

Even with the lens upgrades, the price was still much lower than all the glasses I’ve ordered from traditional brick-and-mortar eyeglasses stores over the years.

9. Extra 10% Zenni Discount for Teachers, Students, First Responders, Military, Nurses, Medical Professionals

If you’re a teacher, student, first responder, medical professional, nurse, or an active or retired military member, you can score an extra 10% off your Zenni order!

Cons of Ordering Glasses From Zenni Optical

1. Can’t Tell Exactly How the Glasses Will Look

The biggest and only real con I found with ordering glasses on Zenni Optical, was the online tool gave me a pretty good idea of how the glasses would look. However, when I received them, they looked a little different than I expected.

If I had picked them out in person, I would have known exactly what the glasses looked like.

Honestly, that’s all I could come up with…

Should I Order Glasses From Zenni Optical?

If you cannot handle any bit of surprise or uncertainty about how your glasses will look, you’re probably better off going to a traditional eyeglasses store and picking them out in person.

However, if you are ok with getting a pretty good idea of how they’ll look, using the Try Them On Feature in order to order from the comfort of your home and save a lot of money, then Zenni is definitely worth considering for your next pair of eyeglasses.

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