FREE Debt Thermometer Printable: An Easy Way to Stay Motivated While Paying Off Debt


You’re ready to pay off debt and you’re looking for a free debt thermometer to track your progress and keep you motivated.

You’re on the right track. Setting a clear financial goal then tracking your progress is a proven strategy to create your own debt-free success story.

Since paying off nearly $60,000 in student loans on teacher salaries completely changed our lives, I love creating tools and solutions to help others who are overwhelmed with debt and ready to pay it off!

Enter the debt thermometer printable PDF.

Free Debt Thermometer Printable PDF

Printable goal thermometers are a classic way to meet goals. Personal, professional, fitness and financial goals alike.

There’s something so motivating when you have a debt payoff visual to keep you going even when it gets tough.

It’s tempting to splurge on something when you’ve worked hard, especially when the finish line seems so far away.

However, filling in a debt-free chart like this one line at a time as you reach each milestone is super rewarding. It shows you that you’re on the right track, you’re making progress, and you really are getting closer to your big goal!


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More Debt Payoff Goal Resources

In addition to setting goals and tracking your progress, some of the other keys to paying off debt are:

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