Looking for the best cashback offers and wondering if Mr. Rebates is any good?

I’ve been a fan of Ebates for a long time. When I heard of Mr. Rebates, I had to dive in and compare them side-by-side to find which one is better.

In true Common Cents Club fashion, I know you only want to spend your time on the best tools that will save you the most money.

So this Mr. Rebates Review compares Mr.Rebates vs Ebates to answer your big question:

Which Cashback Site is Best For You?

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please check out my full disclosure for more info.

In this cashback review of Mr. Rebates you will learn:

  • Is there a signup bonus for Mr. Rebates?
  • Which cashback site is easier to use?
  • Which site has better cashback deals?
  • How many stores does Mr.Rebates have compared to Ebates?
  • Is there a mobile app for Mr. Rebates?
mrrebates vs ebates review

Mr. Rebates vs Ebates – How Do They Compare?

Let’s jump right into how Ebates stacks up next to Mr. Rebates in this chart.

Mr. Rebates vs Ebates Features Mr. Rebates EBATES
Sign Up Bonus $5 (we'll still take it) $10
% Cash Back Great Excellent
User-Friendly Good Excellent
# of Stores 2,000+ 2,500+
Days for Offer to Show in Account 1-3 days 1 day
Minimum Balance to Get Rebate $10 $5
Automatic or Manual Payment Manual Automatic
Payment Options Check
Rebate Frequency Every month Every 3 months
Credit Card Offer No Yes
Join Mr. RebatesJoin Ebates

What is Mr. Rebates?

Mr. Rebates is a referral program and coupon site. When you click their coupon or discount then make a purchase, they earn money for referring you. As a “thank you,” Mr.Rebates gives you a slice your money back.

I’ve been a happy user of the cash back site Ebates for a long time and have earned over $300 back on my online shopping. But I’m not afraid of trying something new if it is going to save me time, money, or stress. You shouldn’t be either.

So I decided to dig deep and see how Mr. Rebates compares to Ebates so I could figure out which rebate site is better.

How Does Mr. Rebates Work?


Mr. Rebates looks and works almost identical to Ebates. If you click the cash back banner or browser button to log in to Mr. Rebates, you can shop at one of their thousands of participating stores and make an online purchase like usual. Your online shopping is not affected in any way EXCEPT you will get a portion of your money back a few months later.

Here’s how to start getting your money back for free:

  1. Create a Mr. Rebates account with your name, email, and address
  2. Shop at one of their retailers by clicking “Shop Now”
  3. Access your Mr. Rebates cash back money after 90 days

Can you use both Ebates and Mr. Rebates?

You can sign up for both and use both.

However, for each individual purchase, you can only earn cashback from ONE. That will be whichever you clicked last.

So you can create your Mr. Rebates account in about a minute (and create your Ebates account too if you don’t have one yet too). Then simply compare both before you shop to see which one will give you a higher percentage of your money back.

When Ebates has a better deal on Zulily, use Ebates. When Mr. Rebates has a better deal on Target, use Mr. Rebates.

Mr. Rebates vs Ebates Cashback Offers

At the time of this writing, I compared the cash back percentages for eight different popular stores. Here are the results:


  • Mr. Rebates – 3%
  • Ebates – 5%


  • Mr. Rebates – 2%
  • Ebates – 10%


  • Mr. Rebates – up to 8%
  • Ebates – up to 5%


  • Mr. Rebates – 5%
  • Ebates – 6%


  • Mr. Rebates – 6%
  • Ebates – 3%


  • Mr. Rebates – 6%
  • Ebates – 6%


  • Mr. Rebates – 1%
  • Ebates – 2%


  • Mr. Rebates – 2%
  • Ebates – 3%


  • Mr. Rebates – 2%
  • Ebates – 1%


  • Mr. Rebates – 2%
  • Ebates – 7%

Mr. Rebates Pros

  • Mr. Rebates offers a $5 sign up bonus*
  • You can request payout every month with Mr. Rebates*
  • Mr. Rebates stores sometimes have better cash back deals
  • They have a cool referral program

Mr. Rebates Cons

  • You get a lower cashback percentage with Mr.Rebates in general
  • You have to wait longer for the rebate to show up in your account with Mr. Rebates
  • You have to remember to manually request your rebate with Mr. Rebates
  • You have to wait twice as long for your rebate to become available to cash in with Mr. Rebates
  • The website design and ease of use is lower on the Mr. Rebates website
  • Your minimum balance before you can actually get your rebate is double with Mr. Rebates
  • There is a credit card offer through Ebates with the opportunity to earn even more cash back

The Final Verdict – Is Ebates or Mr. Rewards Better?

After using Ebates for years and writing a complete Ebates Review encouraging you to use Ebates, I knew I needed to do my research to find if Ebates was really the BEST cash back site before recommending it to you.

So after my head-to-head comparison of Mr. Rebates vs Ebates, here’s the scoop:

If I had to choose only one, I choose Ebates…BUT since YOU CAN USE BOTH, why not?!

Mr. Rebates $5 Sign Up Bonus

Mr. Rebates will give you a FREE welcome bonus of $5 after you make your first purchase through their “Shop Now” buttons.

Ebates $10 Sign Up Bonus

Ebates gives you a FREE welcome bonus of $10 after your 1st purchase through their “Shop Now” button or app.

Mr. Rebates Review – Is it a Scam?

If you have not started using Mr. Rebates and Ebates yet, you are missing out on free money with almost every online purchase you make.

Here’s what a friend recently told me who I finally convinced to start using Ebates almost a year into our friendship:

Oh my gosh, I love it! I wish I had started using it years ago! It would have saved me HUNDREDS of dollars. I thought it was a scam but now I love it and it’s so easy to use!

Seriously, use your common ‘cents’ and get free money back. Ebates and Mr. Rebates are not scams. They are both legit and now you understand how these sites work and why they give you money.

Conclusion – Is Mr. Rebates Worth It?

While you won’t be able to quit your job with the rebate money you earn, why would you turn down a $50 rebate check here and there? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Create a Mr. Rebates account with your name, email, and address
  2. Shop at an online store by clicking the yellow “Shop Now”
  3. Access your Mr. Rebates cash back money after 90 days


Cheers To More Money In Your Pocket,


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mrrebates vs ebates review

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