Mr. Rebates Review: Legit or Scam? Plus $5 Sign Up Bonus & Hacks for More Cash Back


Looking for the best cashback offers and wondering if Mr. Rebates is legit or a scam?

It can be tricky to know which cashback websites are best, so this Mr. Rebates review will show you the pros and cons so you can decide if signing up for Mr. Rebates is right for you.

In this Mr. Rebates Review you will learn:

  • What is Mr. Rebates and how does it work?
  • Is there a sign up bonus?
  • Is there a mobile app?
  • How do the cashback offers compare Mr. Rebates vs Ebates?
  • Should you sign up for Mr. Rebates?

Spoiler Alert: Mr. Rebates is legit and it is not a scam. So keep reading…

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What is Mr. Rebates?

Mr. Rebates is a cash back site. It works a lot like Ebates and Swagbucks, which you may be familiar with.

When you make a purchase when shopping through a site like Mr. Rebates, they earn an affiliate commission for referring you. Cash back sites split the cash with you.

You might be wondering what the process looks like and how Mr. Rebates compares to Ebates so let’s take a look.

How Does Mr. Rebates Work?

Using Mr. Rebates is simple even if you’re not super techie. Here’s a sneak peek at the website:


Here’s how to start using Mr. Rebates to earn money back for free:

  1. After you sign up, find a store you want to shop at.
  2. Click the yellow “Shop Now” button and buy as you normally do.
  3. Your cash back will show up in your account.
  4. Withdraw your money.

Your online shopping is not affected in any way except that you get a portion of your money. It’s a no-brainer really.

How Does Mr. Rebates Pay You?

Here are some key things to know about how Mr. Rebates works:

  • Payout Methods. You get to choose between checks, gift cards, or PayPal deposits.
  • 1-3 Days Waiting Period. Your account will usually be credited in 1-3 days after your order or shipment.
  • $10 Minimum Payout Threshold. Your “Available Rebates” balance must be at least $10 before you can withdraw your cash.
  • Payout frequency. You can redeem money every month long as you hit your minimum.
  • 90 Day Pending. Your rebate will be “Pending” for 90 days before it switches to an “Available” rebate that you can withdraw.

So while earning cash back with Mr. Rebates is super simple, it does require a little bit of patience.

How Does Mr. Rebates Make Money?

Mr. Rebates makes money by getting an affiliate commission from the online stores they direct traffic to. They need shoppers like you to earn money, so they don’t mind sharing the commission with you. And you wouldn’t get any money back on your purchase at all if it weren’t for them, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Mr. Rebates $5 Sign Up Bonus


The sign up bonus for Mr. Rebates is $5 after your first purchase. Cashback sites usually offer sign-up bonuses. This gives you an incentive to sign up and start using your account.

Mr. Rebates vs Ebates – How Do They Compare?

Ebates is one of the most popular cash back websites. But Mr. Rebates has some notable benefits you can’t ignore. So which cash back website is better?

mrrebates vs ebates review

Let’s see how Ebates stacks up to Mr. Rebates in a side-by-side comparison chart:

In a nutshell, Ebates vs Mr. Rebates goes like this:

  • Both are legitimate cash back websites. Neither are a scam.
  • Ebates offers a $10 sign up bonus vs. Mr. Rebates welcome bonus is $5.
  • Ebates has no minimum reward balance but they only payout once per quarter.
  • Mr. Rebates will pay out every month as long as you have $10 in available rewards.
  • Both offer mobile apps.
  • Both have over 2,000 qualifying online retailers.
  • Both offer refer-a-friend programs.

So do you have to pick only one?

Can You Use Both Ebates and Mr. Rebates?

YES! You can sign up and use both accounts. However, for each online purchase, you can only earn cash back from ONE website. It will be whichever link you clicked last before making a purchase.

So you can join Mr. Rebates in less than a minute then compare offers before you shop to see which one will give you a higher percentage of your money back.

Mr. Rebates vs Ebates vs Swagbucks Cashback Offers

At the time of writing, here are the payouts offered for Mr. Rebates, Ebates, and Swagbucks at thirteen popular online stores.

As you can see, the payout percentages vary greatly. They may be different the day you’re reading this too.

Thus, if you’re looking to get the best cash back deals, you should sign up for Mr. Rebates, Ebates, and Swagbucks then compare the payout percentages before you shop to see where you can get the most from your money.

Mr. Rebates Referral Program – Hack to Earn More Money


Mr. Rebates has a referral program that is worth your time.

While some cashback sites offer a one-time bonus for referring a friend, Mr. Rebates referral bonus allows you to make extra money for years to come. Once you refer a friend to join Mr. Rebates, you get 20 percent of their lifetime earnings.

So after the initial referral, you do not have to do anything more yet you will still earn money. This source of passive income is a win-win because you will not only help your friends and family save money, but you’ll make money at the same time.

Mr. Rebates Pros

  • Mr. Rebates offers a $5 sign up bonus
  • You can request payout every month as long as you have $10
  • Mr. Rebates stores have consistent cashback offers, which can really add up on big purchases or a bunch of small purchases
  • They have a great referral program and opportunity to earn passive income

Mr. Rebates Cons

  • You have to remember to manually request your rebate
  • The website design is not quite as appealing as other sites
  • There’s no credit card offer or in-store offer like Ebates
  • There’s no alternative ways to earn money like taking surveys or watching videos like Swagbucks offers

Is Ebates or Mr. Rebates Better?

After using Ebates for years and writing a complete Ebates Review, I knew I needed to dig deep and discover how Mr. Rebates compared. So which one is better?

Truthfully, it depends.

The cash back they offer varies day by day. The Ebates referral program is better up front (currently it’s $25 for each new friend you refer) but the Mr. Rebates referral program is better if you have a lot of friends, family, and other connections who use a lot in the long run.

Either way these cash back websites are offering you free money just by clicking a button, so my honest recommendation is to sign up for both and check each payout offer before shopping to see which has the higher payout.

Is Mr. Rebates Legit or a Scam?

With all the scammers out there, it’s legitimate to question if Mr. Rebates is a scam.

But rest assured Mr. Rebates is not a scam. The Better Business Bureau gives it an A+.

Hopefully, now you understand Mr. Rebates is a legit cashback site, you get how it works and understand why they give you money. If you have any issues with your account they have a great FAQ page where you can also contact support.

Without using cash back programs, you are leaving easy money on the table with almost every purchase.

Mr. Rebates Review: Is It Worth It?


While you won’t be able to quit your job with the rebate money you earn, would you really turn down easy money in the form of checks, gift cards, or PayPal cash?

Me either. So here’s how to get started:

  1. Create a Mr. Rebates account
  2. Shop at an online store by clicking the yellow “Shop Now” button
  3. Access your Mr. Rebates cash back money after 90 days

If you were planning to make a purchase anyway, why not get some of your money back?

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